Preacher Two Point Six

Preacher 1

What a fucking episode. Now this is good TV, forget your Walking Dead’s, and spin-offs, and your Game of Thrones, and eventual spin-offs, they’re shit but this, Preacher, this is what good looks like.

In my opinion, unpopular obviously, this TV show, Preacher, is much, much better than The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones but there doesn’t seem to be any buzz about Preacher. No one seems that arsed about it, no one seems to be pissed off with it and I like that. Most, if not all, of the TV shows I enjoy prove unpopular and as a person who is disinclined to popularity it’s nice that, in America at least, unpopular shows that I can enjoy still keep on kicking.

This episode begins with desperate people prepared to sell anything they can to survive one more day in paradise. Naturally paradise, or Earth, ain’t much of a paradise crapsack world is a more accurate description.

A strange company, Japanese it seems, buys a commodity from poor desperate people and pays what appears to be a decent price, hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the commodity they buy they sell to wealthy people for millions robbing the rich to pay the poor but keeping most of the wealth for themselves. A good business strategy, obviously in our real crapsack world the reverse is true robbing the poor to benefit the wealthy.

As a fan of the Preacher comic book and of Steve Dillon’s artistry for as long as I can remember I like that he’s still given credit as an executive producer I know we’re never going to see new artwork from one of my favourite artists ever again but it’s nice to be reminded he was once here.

Preacher 2

The Saint of Killers kills his way closer and closer to our heroes, although I’m not sure if the main characters can actually be considered heroic sure they’re the main characters of the show but that doesn’t mean they’re heroes if it was possible to meet folk just like them we’d probably think of them as villains.

As comic book geek I was filled with joy when a comic page appeared on screen a page from the Saint of Killers mini-series that featured his origin story first published way back in the mid-Nineties.

Preacher 3

Jesse Custer meets the Saint of Killers.

Preacher 4

So does Tulip.

Preacher 5

Custer claims he can get something the Saint of Killers wants but he needs the Japanese to help him.

Preacher 7

And the episode ends with victory of a sort.

Preacher Two Point Five


I like Preacher the TV series because like the comic books it’s not politically correct, I get the entire PC thing we can’t go having minorities, and women, abused physically, mentally and verbally it’s just not nice but at the same time as a white heterosexual male I’m opposed to all this horseshit that makes claim that I as a white heterosexual male should feel ashamed or some kind of guilt.

Fuck that I’m happy to be white heterosexual and male and it sure beats all the fucking alternatives, I don’t know if you’ve also noticed but, and this seems like a fact, in predominantly white society everyone who isn’t white heterosexual and male sure seems fucking miserable, they’re always fucking bitching and whining, never fucking happy, they’ve always got something to cry about. It’s quite sad, as in pathetic, that they just can’t be happy being themselves and because they can’t be happy they go out of their way to try and make white heterosexual males unhappy.

Fucking cunts.



It’s flashback time in this new episode of Preacher, the adventures of Tulip and Jesse when they were a criminal duo, a criminal duo that decided to give up a life of crime Tulip reluctantly Jesse with slacker enthusiasm.

The Tulip O’Hare character, originally female in the comic books, held together the first season of Preacher and her character binds together, and drives forward, this season. Ain’t that nice, a female character always intended to be female being the driving force of a TV show that also features two strong male characters. How refreshing.

Tulip’s life, upon losing her unborn child, became really depressed, forced into a life of an ordinary wage slave, forced into putting up with a boyfriend who was a slacker, forced into boring shagging sessions as a means of replacing her lost unborn baby with a new baby. It can be an unhappy life, if we want it to be and Tulip in these flashback moments obviously wanted her life to be unhappy as punishment for losing her unborn child?

These flashback moments capture perfectly the mundane nature of human life we pretty much go through most of our lives, especially as adults, doing the same things day in day out until, sometimes tragically, we die. It’s insane that we decide to live the way that we do and it’s down to a lack of imagination and too much laziness that we can’t find alternatives. These flashbacks also reveal Jesse’s turning to God for help much to Tulip’s shock and horror.


Though Tulip is a super strong character she’s still a lesser character than Jesse Custer, she’s Jesse’s bitch when she does stuff he doesn’t like he gets super pissed at her and gives her a right good rollicking, basically he’s a bully. Personally I don’t like bullies. The way I perceive the world and people goes a little like this, though we are all different in lots of ways we’re also the same and it’s this sameness we should all focus on rather than the stuff that makes us different. Regardless of gender, age, skin colour, geographical region of birth, language spoken, religious belief, rich or poor we’re all equal. Now I know my perception is askew that’s just not how the world works, and for shame, but it’s how I operate within said world. In my own little part of the world, England, I’m considered working class scum, the only people considered lower than me are the many unemployed good for nothings and the criminal shits, of which there are many. The Royal Family, Her Madge, are perceived as better than everyone else in England and they happily lord it over the land and its people, we’re even considered royal subjects rather than citizens which tells you everything you need to know about England.

I don’t like that idea of some people being more equal than others just doesn’t sit well with me. Fucking cunts aren’t beneath me, neither are the worst members of society serial killers, mass murderers, rapists, child abusers sure it would be nice to think I’m better than such evil fucks but the truth is I ain’t. At all. For sure I’ve never killed anyone, never wanted to, and for sure I’ve never raped anyone, never wanted to, but does that make me better? It just makes me different, that’s all.


Something is revealed, that seems true, in this episode no matter how much Tulip loves Jesse or Jesse loves Tulip the truth is Jesse Custer is an asshole and treats the woman he loves like shit. I’m sure some, a lot perhaps, of women can relate.


This episode ends with the Saint of Killers laying waste to folk once again. He’s an unstoppable force. He’s a hurricane. An Act of God. Anything caught in his path… dies!

Yeah, I borrowed from the movie Blade for some of the above.

Preacher Two Point Four

Preacher Ten 3

While watching this, latest episode, I wondered, ‘whatever happened to the vampire hunters trying to kill Cassidy?’ you know the one’s from the very first episode, were they merely a means to introduce the character and now they’ve been forgotten or will they play some kind of role in events to occur sometime in the future? If indeed there is a future.

While Jesse Custer isn’t troubled that Tulip O’Hare is missing, and while we seem to know Tulip is in some kind of trouble with a badass criminal mastermind the episode focusses attention on Arseface, in Hell, meeting Adolf Hitler, I always figured if there were a Heaven and a Hell that Hitler would be in Heaven sat at the right hand of God having a good old time, like Trump and Putin recently did in Hamburg. After all God, in the Old Testament, seemed rather fond of genocide.

I’ve never liked Hitler, but then again I’ve never liked God.

Or little baby Jesus.

The search for God seems to imply an Earthly agency, The Grail perhaps? was behind the fake God that visited Annville and the episode is divided into three plots Custer’s continued quest for God, ably aided by the vampire Cassidy, Tulip’s troubles with a crime boss and Arseface’s adventures in Hell, the latter plot is the one I found the most interesting, Hell being an overcrowded underfunded prison that was built to accept a few doomed souls and the surprise of doomed souls jailers at how many doomed souls have actually ended up there.

A damning indictment on humanity, it does indeed seem possible that we, as a species and also individuals, are a piece of shit, but then you probably already knew that.

Arseface strikes up a rapport with Hitler, and discovers that Hitler isn’t such a bad chap. Hitler is portrayed in this episode as a weedy little scaredy cat, but that doesn’t make any sense to me. Hitler, before the outbreak of World War One, worked as a labourer, I imagine the work life of a labourer at the start of the 20th century wasn’t any fun, I imagine it required stamina and strength, I imagine labourers were hard men used to hard work and though he was initially deemed unfit for military service he eventually volunteered, and was accepted, to serve in the Bavarian Army. He served during the battle of Ypres and the Somme receiving two Iron Crosses, his second was very rarely given to a soldier of his lowly rank. All of his commanding officers spoke of his bravery. This wasn’t some weak, weedy, laughable Austrian Hitler was a man, if he were British, or American, people would be endlessly going on and on about how brave and heroic he was.

After the war he rebuilt Germany.

I might not like Hitler but I don’t like to think of him as someone who was cowardly and weak, a coward and a weakling wouldn’t have been able to take a nation on its knees and build it into the most feared regime of the 20th century, perhaps of all time.

Love him or hate him but don’t pretend he was weak and cowardly.


Jesse goes a little Genesis crazy when he finally discovers, towards episode end, that Tulip might be in a life-threatening situation this attempt to save Tulip leads to some measure of violence and though Jesse Custer receives a kick to the balls he keeps on fighting.

I’m always amused that in fiction a man can be kicked in the balls and stay on his feet, as a male, with balls, I can confess with honesty and experience that a kick to the balls results in so much pain it causes much tears, vomiting and an inability to remain standing, fiction it’s fake for a reason.


The Robots’ Rebellion Part 6

The Robots' Rebllion

Chapter six is titled Arabian Knights.

This chapter begins with Icke inferring that the prophet Mohammed was in contact with an alien intellect and that the Koran was a result of psychic communication with this extra-terrestrial, but that, to me, seems like nonsense, for a start the prophet Mohammed never existed though scholars and historians and experts and people far smarter than me claim he did.

The Robots’ Rebellion does enjoy going on and on about religion and I suppose religions have played a huge part in the progression, and regression, of humanity but as a happy Atheist I am of the opinion people should be who they want to be without having an ideology, book or faith dictating how they should and shouldn’t live their lives. I despise religions for the restrictions they place upon their followers and for the fact religious folk just can’t let other people of different faiths, and of no faith, just get on with their lives. Religious people are too nosy, to ready to stick their noses in other peoples business and to willing to impose their own primitive beliefs upon society. I’d be okay with religious people if they kept their religions to themselves and didn’t try and impose their way of life on other people. Wouldn’t it be a nicer world if people kept their religious beliefs private instead of being unable to shut the fuck up?

Fortunately this chapter moves on quickly from the boring nonsense that is Islam and spends some time discussing the Knights Templar, those mystery fellas of the Crusades who created a secret society that’s existence still fascinates people nearly a thousand years later and according to Icke still exists as the Knights of Malta.

A lot of nonsense has of course been written about the mystery knights Icke writes about the Templars being an organisation that knew that Jesus Christ birthed children, via Mary Magdalene’s vagina and womb, and that the Jesus bloodline became the Royal Houses of Europe and still exists in some way today, through selective breeding.

Icke like many writers links the Templars to Rennes le Chateau and the idea that Berenger Sauniere found two parchments in hollow pillars this led to Sauniere receiving vast wealth but the truth might be more mundane Sauniere might merely have committed fraud and sold parishioners mass and other Catholic nonsense accumulating wealth via criminal means rather than through some kind of supernatural means. Icke comments about the conspiracy theory promoted by Henry Lincoln popularised in Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. Naturally there’s no evidence of anything relating to Sauniere being of any mystery and the myth that has built up surrounding the long dead character has no basis in fact. The idea Sauniere found evidence that Jesus Christ bred himself a family is of course wishful thinking such a person as Jesus Christ never existed.

In my opinion at least.

Preacher Two Point Three

People’s hard luck stories don’t interest me one bit, I have no hard luck stories of my own because, I figure, life is a hard luck story so shut the fuck up going on and on about it. Life is supposed to be harsh, it’s supposed to be about day to day survival, struggle, fighting tooth and nail for one’s continued existence. I don’t do ‘snowflake’ behaviour and I don’t appreciate it in others or in the fiction I read or watch.

This episode features, at the start, teenagers enveloped in the nonsense of believing they are at the centre of the universe, everything revolving around an individual life until whoops life kicks a ‘snowflake’ in the arse.



But anyways enough of my own personal opinions the opening to this episode reveals the secret origin of Arseface, it’s a pathetic, as you might expect, origin story and informs we the fans of the show that Arseface’s hard luck story could have been less hard luck if he had let his teenage bitch friend end her own life without trying to intervene. Let people make their own decisions, right or wrong, and don’t interfere, mind one’s own business, especially seeing as Arseface was sent to Hell, by Jesse Custer, last season and spends an eternity reliving the incident over and over again.


With Arseface suffering in Hell Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy continue their quest to find God, heading to New Orleans in the belief God is chasing the best jazz in the world and probably is looking for that kind of music in the land of partying, drinking and vomiting in public.

The quest for God leads them to some weird sex thing, I confess when it comes to weird sex things I’m terribly naïve, I’ve never been to a strip joint, never wanted to, and I’ve never used a prostitute, and never will, and I’m no swinger I’m full on, and happy to be so, vanilla, so the weird sex thing wasn’t something I could get my head round, just what the fucking fuck was going on?

Dog 1

That’s all I could think about throughout the rest of the episode, what the fuck was that?

Dog 2

I did however take notice of the appearance of this misbegotten spawn:

Herr Starr


Movie Madness June 2017


 I watched most of the following movies during night shifts at my place of employ. I enjoy the fact I can watch movies while I’m at work it makes work less like work and more like being at home. Some of the folks I work with, day time staff, are under the impression that during my night shifts I get my head down and go to sleep, they don’t believe that I can happily spend an entire night watching movie after movie after movie and never get bored or tired. I’m a geek/nerd I’m never bored and very rarely feel tired.

You can’t tell people though, have you ever noticed that? Once people make the decision to believe a certain thing is fact it’s impossible, almost, to prove them wrong. People just have to have their own way and view reality through their own, sometimes narrow blinkered, eyes. I’ve given up trying to tell people, ‘I stay awake throughout the entirety of my shift watching movies, mostly horror movies from my personal collection. I have over 700, and I’m always buying more, I always have something to keep my mind occupied’.

Some people can’t see that we’re not all the same, we don’t think or behave the same. Some of us wish to be as individual as is humanly possible and not join in the sheep like herd. I enjoy watching three, sometimes four, movies during a night shift, and if I could persuade my boss to relegate me to permanent nights I’d be extremely happy, so happy I’d dance.

I never dance.

I’m starting to run out of movies to buy there aren’t enough movies out there in movie land that I can happily waste a few hours enjoying. I prefer horror movies, or action movies featuring monsters as the antagonist. I’m a sucker for monster movies and I hate when they turn out bad.

Anyways, here’s my list:

1 Wolf Guy: A movie I’d never seen before and one that I had read good things about, one reviewer claiming it was like Wolverine comic book stories when the character is in Madripoor pretending to be a character named Patch. It wasn’t, instead it’s really poor.

2 Matrix Revolutions: I enjoyed, once again, Revolutions.

3 House: I hadn’t seen this movie since the Eighties, now it’s not necessarily bad but it is a mess.

4 Surrogates: Shit!

5 Resident Evil: Not a good movie but it killed some time.

6 Resident Evil: Apocalypse: Again not good.

7 Resident Evil: Extinction: Still not good.

8 Resident Evil: Afterlife: Not getting any better.

9 Resident Evil: Retribution: Pushing in to terrible territory.

10 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter: Terrible. The movie series had potential. The first movie could have been a tight action horror movie about a squad of elite assholes, think those guys from Predator, having to fight their way out of a locked down facility full of zombies. The sequels could have focussed on the super powered Alice and been superhero versus the zombie apocalypse, but no, instead they’re just shit.

11 Hard To Kill: Awful, truly awful.

12 Out For Justice: Bad but not as bad as Hard To Kill.

13 Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang: Fun.

14 The Long Kiss Goodnight: More fun.

15 The Warriors: Classic.

16 Zulu: Entertaining and educational.

17 Planet of the Apes: The Charlton Heston original. Fantastic movie, get your stinkin’ paws off my guns you damn dirty liberal leftie assholes.

18 Jurassic World: My favourite of the Jurassic movies. I thought I’d hate it I did not.

19 War On Everyone: Pathetic.

20 Fast and Furious 7: Drive Furiouser: I’m no fan of this movie franchise. In my opinion the stories are poor, the characters weak and the acting dreadful but I do like, in the more recent additions to the series, the fact these characters have super powers. They can make their cars defy gravity and smash each other through walls with their super strength and nigh invulnerability. The fight sequences, over the top, make the Marvel and DC movies look pedestrian. In this movie Vin Diesel’s forgettable character stamps his foot during a fight with The Stath, the stamp of the foot causes the weakened floor of a car park to collapse sending The Stath plummeting to the ground far below, that stamp requires super power and The Stath’s ability to survive the fall, with huge broken blocks of concrete falling all round him, means his character had super tough skin and a healing factor.

21 The Man From Nowhere: Excellent South Korean badassery.

22 Sword Master: Kind of a remake of Death Duel but nowhere near as good.

23 Call of Heroes: Enjoyable.

24 Push: I like the way super powers in Push don’t make a person special, there’s no tights and underwear, capes blowing in the breeze. Instead people with super powers live grungy filthy mostly criminal lives.

25 Evil Dead: The remake of the original. I hated it at the cinema didn’t mind it on blu-ray.

26 City of the Living Dead: I thought this movie was going to be gloriously gory in a mucky kind of way I was left bitterly disappointed.

27 The Beyond: See above.

28 Children of Men: This is the way I want our world to go. No more kids. End of the human world. FUCK YEAH!

29 Omega Man: I often wish I was Omega Man in a Los Angeles devoid of people.

30 Shoot ‘Em Up: Daft, but enjoyable daft.

31 Hot Tub Time Machine: If I can’t have the apocalypse can I please have going back in time and waking up in my teenage boy body? Thank you.

32 A Million Ways To Die In The West: I’m no fan of Family Guy but I really enjoyed this and I’m looking forward to The Orville.

33 Predator: What a fantastic movie.

34 Predator 2: What a good movie.

35 Predators: What a silly piece of crap, but an enjoyable piece of crap.

The Robots’ Rebellion Part 5

The Robots' Rebllion

Chapter five is titled Hell On Earth and concerns the creation of the Bible.

The show begins with Emperor Constantine I also known as Constantine the Great, have you ever noticed that all the so called greats were also great at being dicks to just about everyone they ever met? Raping, pillaging and murdering their way through the space/time continuum what a bunch of bastards, the word great should be replaced with a more accurate word description and I offer as an alternative the word cunt.

Yeah, so Constantine the Cunt became Emperor of Rome way back in 306 C.E. (Common Era) as Emperor he became tolerant of the Cult of Christ and eventually Christianity became THE religion of Rome and it still is over seventeen hundred years later, now that’s some awesome staying power, as an Atheist I’m not impressed with religious ideologies but I am impressed with the influence religions still have over people in the here and now, it just goes to show no matter how big we get for our boots, no matter how better we believe we are than people who came before us there’s still religious belief, the belief in supernatural powers and fairy tales to bring us crashing back down to Earth and assure us we are still the same and we ain’t anything special even though those self same religions billions of people blindly follow present a narrative that indeed we are.

Icke in this chapter points out a massive conceit, Christians claimed persecution before their rise to power but since gaining power over Man Christians have broke their backs persecuting as many people as they can, Christian and non-Christian alike, and though the numbers of dead Christians have killed in the name of their God is in the hundreds of millions all that murder hasn’t prevented us humans from breeding like rabbits.

We are everywhere.

A virus with shoes.

A character named Jerome becomes prominent within the pages of this chapter. Jerome was a priest, a historian and theologian and it was he who was mostly responsible for translating the Old and New Testament into Latin and choosing which books went into the Word of God, Icke claims Jerome re-wrote a lot of the stories he was translating and that the Bible is in actuality a fiction created by this enigmatic historical figure. For heathens like myself this chapter provides a wealth of information revealing an ancient conspiracy to control the stupid masses by manipulating them into believing a magic man, or men, who lives in the sky is as real as you or me. The entire concept of God, and Jesus, strikes me as bonkers I just can’t let myself believe that somewhere out there in the vast creation that is our reality there are men, and perhaps women, who have super human abilities don’t get me wrong I wish such people did exist but I can’t believe in them.

I don’t know how, or why, Christianity was able to dominate Europe for so long and I don’t know if the world would have been better off without Christianity, you would think a common belief would have bound people together but Christianity instead drove people apart Europe was torn asunder by religious wars between Roman Catholic Christians and Protestant Christians, two groups same God they just had different ideas of how to worship the Christ figure, they didn’t argue over whether Christ existed or not they firmly believe he did they argued over who worshipped Him the best and who worshipped Him properly.

A difference of opinion is an odd thing to fight and kill for but then Christians are odd, in my opinion. Rather than imprison yourself to a faith created by men instead be free to be who you are and who you want to be. Religious people don’t understand that kind of freedom, to just be yourself and not interfere or sit judgement on other people’s lives but as an Atheist who believes in nothing I can honestly claim that level of freedom is sweet.

What other people do is none of my business, I don’t get involved, my knickers don’t get in a twist. Oh no gay people everywhere, demanding marriage, meh! I don’t care let ’em get married. Oh sweet Hell! Pregnant women want an abortion, and? If that’s what they want why the Hell not? None of my concern. Bloody bugger! Muslims and Jews living on the same street as me, hmm, how wonderful better than being surrounded day in day out by pasty white faced Casper like Christians, more diversity please not less. Some pesky Atheists, Richard Dawkins for example, present compelling arguments for why a supernatural Jesus doesn’t exist, and have facts to back up their heathen claims, ace I embrace fact based evidence with a smile upon my face and joy in my heart completely untroubled, anger and hate non-existent, happy with a laugh ready to erupt from deep within my peaceful self.

Yeah, Christians should be the nicest most decent people on the planet, to ever have existed, but the reality is Christians start and fight wars, Christians murder and rape, Christians fuck kids, Christians aren’t any better than anyone else they’re just as fucking sick but they’re also massive hypocrites.

Better to believe in nothing, to find joy in simple pleasures, and to be free to think whatever you want to think and be who you want to be.


Preacher Two Point Two

Preacher 1

Whoa! Episode 2 followed fast on the opening episodes trail. I’m finding it difficult, once again, to stay on top of everything in my increasingly geeky little idiot life.

Jesse in an attempt to stop the Saint of Killers, a being immune to his semi-divine super power, gets a whole bunch of fuck nut gun maniacs killed. Here in  merry olde England, a place that is indeed very olde and so merry folk die laughing, we don’t have access to firearms, ALL guns are banned from the general populace, or as far as I know, ALL guns are banned. I’ve always found myself annoyed by my home nations gun laws, I want guns Goddamn it, a room full of ‘em, but at the same time I’m glad successive British governments have kept guns out of the grubby hands of this lands citizens, we’re mad and blood crazed at the best of times give us guns and I’d have been killed a decade, or more, ago.

Shot down in a blaze of anything but glory.

Now if you’ve read the comic books then you’re already aware that the Saint of Killers is a merciless badass mother, and father, fucker. He’s an unstoppable killing machine, though not an actual mechanical machine he’s some kind of supernatural beast that can, and will, kill every living thing in the universe to see that kind of badass murderous bastard in a live action TV series is really something to behold, I can tell thee, I could watch a series where the Saint of Killers, uttering barely a word, just kills his way across America and then the rest of the world, it’d be a grand idea to have someone make such a show.




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This episode is yet another great episode this is one hell of a show it combines a fine mix of comedy and action drama to produce a lot of fun entertainment. I find the quest to find God a compelling one, even though I’m an Atheist I can appreciate fictional characters trying to find another fictional character and as they travel across a land they leave behind them a slaughterhouse full of death.

Most shows have, I find, too many characters and the jump between a variety of narratives can damn the show better, in my opinion, to keep the cast of characters light to provide a tight TV show that when it moves slow it does so to build and when it moves at pace it does so at a speed that causes a viewer/fan to gasp and catch their breath.

Preacher 2

Preacher Two Point One


Preacher season two begins with a discussion about circumcision and what happens to all those itty bitty foreskins. Not something I’ve ever thought about, and circumcision here in the U.K. isn’t a thing, as far as I’m aware most of us chaps still have our foreskins just flapping about down there between our legs.

Fortunately the foreskin discussion doesn’t last too long within mere moments the terrible trio of Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare and Cassidy are trying to out run a police car while singing along to Come On Eileen on the radio.

Unfortunately, after a very cool Seventies movie style police chase, our car full of idiots, whoops I meant heroes, weird that idiots and heroes kinda means the same thing, right? Anyways, our heroes are caught by the five-oh and Jesse is forced to hit the misbegotten lawmen with the Word of God, or Genesis, he takes much fun in making the poor men of law do unspeakable things to one another, like holding hands and causing some serious damage to a lawman’s gonads.

Jesse Custer seems to be enjoying his supernatural, and part divine, power having a bit of fun with what he can do and it’s a great super power, imagine being able to make people do whatever you tell them, what fun a person could have, you could be a terror to the assholes and shitbirds we all meet, and have to suffer, in life. I’d make those sorts of people shit their pants at every opportunity, just because it would be funny and very embarrassing for the asshole.

This first episode of a new season doesn’t let a fan, or random viewer, settle for a second first it’s all fun, fun, fun, and being cool and then BOOM! We get hit with ultra-fucking-violence, heads exploding, limbs being shot off, blood and guts, all the kinds of things I love about fiction, such things suck in real life but in the unreal they’re super cool.


Oh, and yep, the Saint of Killers is on the loose and he’s permanently pissed off, which must be depressing.

There is a fuck scene, it’s no hardcore full penetration job, this is TV after all, but I still didn’t like it, fake violence I LOVE fake fucking I don’t and here’s my reason why, fucking is, or should, be a very personal experience between the people who are doing the fucking, it shouldn’t be something other people watch as entertainment, violence as entertainment I’m down with, it’s fun, fucking should have stayed very personal making it a public spectacle just made lots of people really weird.

Less fake fucking more fake violence. Please.

This first in a new episode is gloriously over the top and ends with, for Steve, a tribute to the late, and great, Steve Dillon co-creator of Preacher.

Armed Forces Day


I don’t get it, and okay there are a lot of things I don’t get, to list them would make for a lengthy post, so I’ll stick to the hero worship, the adoration, of the military. I think perhaps my problem with Armed Forces Day stems from my lack of pride in my home nation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, I feel nothing for the land of my birth, absolutely nothing, it’s just the place I was lucky enough to have been born, I don’t owe it anything, I didn’t ask to be born, as far as I know. I didn’t ask to be born British, and as far as I’m aware Britain hasn’t done anything to deserve my respect or pride.

Now because I’m an anti-patriot doesn’t mean I go around kicking British babies and beating British elders or spitting and urinating in public places or littering, in fact I’m opposed to littering it’s a fucking shame so many patriotic Brits don’t share my shame, the nation looks like a fucking rubbish tip, really gets my back up.

But I digress.

Why do people feel the need to support the Armed Forces?

I just don’t understand. I’m not suggesting people should disrespect people in the Armed Forces, that wouldn’t make any sense to me either, I neither like or dislike people who have served in the Armed Forces I will admit I haven’t supported Britain in any of its recent, 21st century, military endeavours. Killing dirt poor people in Third World nations doesn’t sit well with me and I certainly wouldn’t encourage anyone to go join the military just so they can be trained to kill folk.

Why would any sane person want to kill another person?

We don’t celebrate our emergency services. We don’t celebrate the people who govern, some of us fucking hate ’em instead. We don’t celebrate people in the banking system for maintaining a stable, if you can call it that, economy, in fact we hate that they’re wealthier than us. We don’t celebrate all the people that work hard to put food on our table.

But we celebrate the Armed Forces.

What exactly do they do to demand such celebration and worship?

War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Well except wealthy individuals become wealthier and greedy corporations feed that greed, for a while.

Maybe someone is aware of why people celebrate the Armed Forces, maybe someone as a cogent argument why we should hero worship people who serve in the military and no the claim that they fight, kill and die for us isn’t a valid argument they fight, kill and die on the orders of a very small minority who have something to gain from their sacrifices but the rest of us gain nothing.

And it’s just a job some people decide to do, sure they make noble claims about wishing to serve their country but there must be a better way to serve than being taught how to kill and then going out and killing people in other lands, people who are innocent, poor and already victimised by the militaries of their own nations.