Storytelling Chimpanzee


“The anthropologists got it wrong when they named our species Homo sapiens (‘wise man’). In any case it’s an arrogant and bigheaded thing to say, wisdom being one of our least evident features. In reality, we are Pan narrans, the storytelling chimpanzee.”

I like the above Terry Pratchett quote, it makes a lot of sense. I also like the image from an issue of the Animal Man comic book written by Grant Morrison.

The idea that we are, as a species, storytellers and that the telling of tall tales is what sets us apart from other animal species intrigues me, we often refer to ourselves as something other, something superior to other animals, we think that because we’re this planets dominant species that we’re not animals, but of course we are.

This is my first post of a new blog, my last blog completely deleted, the reason behind deletion because I wanted, this being a New Year, to start over, reinvent myself if you like, some of my posts on my dead blog we’re very negative, full of hate, full of piss and thunder, and very, very sweary, in every day conversation, in the real world, I’m not very sweary at all I try to keep my swears at a bare minimum and not to swear in front of old people and children.

The tale of this blog begins in the early hours of this morning, before 06:00, I was questioning our present the way of life we now enjoy, or hate depending on perceptions and experiences. Today’s world of technological marvels and widespread connectivity means people we dislike, people from our past who we have long since discarded for whatever reason are able to, suddenly out of the blue, crowbar their way back into our lives once again if only briefly.

People we dislike, people we have no interest in, people we’ve mostly forgotten and look forward to forgetting completely suddenly there they are being negative once again reminding us of why we dislike them and why we discarded them like a dirty rag.

The world hasn’t always been this way. Before the Internet, social media and personal phones people could leave school, quit jobs, discard friends and acquaintances and go the rest of their lives without contact but now contact can be made online ex-school chums, ex-work colleagues, former friends can stalk, bully and be their rotten selves. The days before the Internet were in some ways better.

Looking back from the here and now I remember thinking that the future (our present) would offer shiny awesome things space travel for all, plasma rifles, jetpacks, teleportation and monsters with acid for blood. I couldn’t wait for the future (our present) to arrive I was especially looking forward to attempts at outsmarting monsters with acid for blood, though attempts should be attempt because if one attempt fails there wouldn’t be a chance for many more. When the future arrived there were, unfortunately, no monsters with acid for blood, the only monsters looked like us.

I always figured the future would be Blade Runner but it turned it out to be the Idiocracy.


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