Happiness Is A Warm Gun


The image above is from a Marvel comics mini-series Marvel Universe versus The Punisher. The Punisher is just a regular bloke, kind of, he doesn’t have super powers, he’s not a billionaire and he’s no fun AT ALL he doesn’t laugh and he doesn’t smile he’s a serial killer but that’s okay he only kills criminals.

In Marvel Universe versus The Punisher by writer Jonathan Maberry and artist Goran Parlov The Punisher causes a biological weapon to infect the populace of Manhattan, and perhaps the wider world, people especially mutants and super powered types become flesh hungry cannibals. The Punisher, real name Frank Castle, is immune to the infection and he revels in the slaughter of costumed do-gooders and bad guys, he scores some impressive scalps, well heads, Deadpool, Captain America, The Thing, Daredevil, Magneto, Cyclops, Moon Knight, Electro, the Hulk, Venom, Blob, Toad, the Kingpin and dozens more fall to Frank Castle’s punishment and at the end of this apocalyptic tale he puts an end to the miserable life of Spider-Man, poor Peter Parker the dude who never seems to catch a break.

Here in Britain we don’t have gun totting fictional characters like The Punisher because in the real world we don’t have guns Britain’s gun laws are so severe a person can’t even buy an Airsoft weapon without having a licence of being the member of a specialist club. The only time I’ve seen firearms in the U.K. have been when I’ve made journeys to London, or Heathrow airport, and seen, shockingly, police officers, members of firearms units, carrying guns. The wider British police force members aren’t issued or trained in the use of firearms it is a special group of police officers that have the training who are allowed to be armed and outside major cities, in my hometown for example, I’ve never seen the police armed.

Being British I can’t say for sure if happiness really is a warm gun, I’m sure millions of Americans believe happiness is but living in a nation in which the general public doesn’t have access to guns and a nation that obviously enjoys very few gun related deaths I can accurately make claim that my happiness isn’t directly linked to having a warm gun if anything I’m happy the British people don’t have guns we’re drunk most of the time add guns to that drunken mix and the land beyond my door would be like the Wild West.

Happiness is strange, it’s something everyone seems to want to be but then they make grand attempts to not achieve it. Speaking from experience lots of people I’ve met over the many years just didn’t seem happy. Miserable, mean, unpleasant, petulant, aggressive yes happy no.

This first month of a New Year I’ve been keeping a happiness journal every time something’s made me feel happy I’ve made note and lots of things make me feel happy, and for that happy feeling to remain with me for a while. Happiness is something that’s not guaranteed, life is supposed to be hard and harsh and perhaps we’re not supposed to be happy but for many of us, living in nations like Britain, life is relatively easy and simple, made complicated by ourselves rather than the world around us. To be British living in Britain and to have my health I find it impossible, most of the time, to be anything other than happy.

I’m not sure if a warm gun would make me even happier and fortunately, or unfortunately depending on one’s own perspective, there’s no chance I’ll ever find out.


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