It’s (sadly) Not A Winter Wonderland

I try to find inspiration for blog posts from stuff I read, comic books, news articles, books, and from the stuff I watch, movies and TV boxsets, and naturally personal experiences can make for interesting, to me at least, posts.


The image above is the cover of an issue of Alpha Flight, by John Byrne, if my memory serves correctly a page, several pages, featured only thought balloons and sound effects the panels completely white as the characters involved in the story fought in a snow blizzard.

John Byrne, along with Jack Kirby, is my favourite comic book artist/writer, throughout the Eighties and Nineties the stories he told thoroughly entertained me and made me very happy. They still do. I have a plan this New Year to build a large collection of Superman collected editions, though I claim that Superman, along with Sherlock Holmes, is my favourite fictional character my comic book collection sadly doesn’t reflect my claim. At X-Mas I received as a gift from family Superman bookends and I immediately had the idea that these bookends should be at either end of my Superman collected editions but I only owned John Byrne’s Superman Man of Steel volume one, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s All Star Superman, Alan Moore’s Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow? Which also contains For The Man Who Has Everything and a comic book collection titled Superman In The Seventies.

I’ve been happily increasing my collection over the past two weeks and by the end of the year it should be very healthy indeed eating up the entirety of a fairly long shelf, but with my love of John Byrne stories re-ignited I’ve also decided, in my infinite wisdom of course, to task myself with the collection of John Byrne’s Marvel and DC works, more Marvel than DC obviously as Byrne was Marvel through and through for a good long time.

My comic book ramblings, and brief nostalgia, aside the point of this post was to express my disappointment at the promised Winter Wonderland. Yesterday my fellow employees were all doom and gloom using weather apps on their phones to predict an avalanche of snow from the heavens. I myself was all happiness and joy as I love the cold and snow, it’s my favourite time of the year, venturing outside all wrapped up in a big chunky winter coat, a daft hat (I wear, but not at the same time, a R2-D2 hat, a Superman themed hat and a replica of Jayne’s hat from the TV series Firefly) gloves and long johns, along with t-shirt or shirt, jeans, underwear and winter boots. I enjoy winter because most people are miserable and I like being the cheerful one hoping for snow waist deep or a The Day After Tomorrow style apocalypse. We’ve been having, here in Britain, prophecies of snow doom for about a month now, maybe longer, prophecies of 100 days of snow, which upon further investigation turned out to be a lie perpetrated by an American Christian cult, since then however and from reputable weather sources, allegedly, we’ve had prophecies of the ‘Worst Winter For Fifty Eight Years’ and ‘This Weekend Will Be The End Of Life In Britain Forever!’ Though I may have made that last prophecy up. Conjured forth from my idiot noggin.


Is a featured article from The Telegraph, I happen to read three newspapers online every morning as part of my morning ritual, hot mug of tea, breakfast food and the daily news, I also read The Guardian and The Independent. I don’t know why I continue to read The Telegraph, it’s a horrible pro-Tory paper and some of the news headlines annoy me as I hate, with all my bitter twisted dead heart, the Tories, and their supporters.

British winters, well English winters, tend to be winterless they’re hardly Fimbulwinter’s, the Mighty Winter prelude to Ragnarok. Nope England never suffers Ragnarok and Roll and mighty blessed we are I don’t fancy fighting the weather and hordes of demons unleashed from terrible Surtur’s Muspelheim.


When it comes to the weather we the English tend to over exaggerate immensely a little snow, no deeper than ankle, can bring the land to a standstill while at the same time on our TV sets we witness, via news stories, winters in America with snows that not only dwarf motor cars but trucks and lorries as well.


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