I Love Horror Movies

I’ve always loved horror movies, as a kid growing up in the Seventies and Eighties the biggest influences on my life were American superhero comic books, 2000 A.D. (a weekly British comic), kung-fu movies and horror movies. For a large part of my childhood, and teenage years, I lived breathed horror movies in the same way people claim they live breathe the sports they’re obsessed with.

I’m no fan of all types of horror movies though, any featuring torture or a human monster don’t interest me, unless the human monster is in someway supernatural. Real life fucking sucks and I don’t need it intruding in my escapes from reality. Sure I know some people think real life is AWESOME and isn’t it great we’re all having so much fucking fun until I turn on the news and see that forty refugees fleeing real life horror drowned off the coast of Turkey and at least half of those drowned were kids. Yeah, right? Fuck real life.

For the best part of the twenty first century I turned my back on horror movies because I found I no longer enjoyed watching monsters, bad acting, great/poor visual effects, buckets of blood and fantastical imaginary tales that make you wish you didn’t have to go to the toilet in the dark of night.

But for the past year, and a bit, I’ve found renewed interest in horror movies, due to my place of employment I often find myself working night shifts and seeking entertainment on the Horror Channel, which is a piss poor channel offering very little in the way of decent horror movies but the channel inspired me to seek out reviews, usually in the form of AICN Horror, make a note of the movies with the best reviews and then go buy them on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Naturally some of those favourably reviewed movies turned out to stink but some were worthy of my time and sated my renewed horror needs. At the start of this year, and also last, I made a long list of movies to watch when I’ve got some time to kill, to bloody hack to death with a hatchet or better yet a machete. Being firmly stood well outside of mainstream culture, I don’t (often) drink alcohol, do drugs, smoke, have dramas, share my personal life, like social interaction, use mobile phones, watch soaps and reality TV, adore tattoos, visit McDonalds or other similar fast food joints. My interests lie in the realms of comic books, fantasy, science fiction, horror and kung-fu entertainment and for that reason when I meet people who share some, or all, of my interests I make sure I stick to them otherwise I’d have to turn a old sock into a puppet so I’d have someone to talk to, or alternatively write way more blog posts.

Now my choice to create lists makes me a little weird, get a fucking life and all that jazz, but it’s how I live, how I’ve always lived, how I want to live, so no thanks, life fuck it. Naturally not all movies on the list are of a horror nature but there’s a bloody long list of such movies and here’s a comprehensive list of the movies I’ll be tracking down, buying and watching throughout the year, hey it makes for a blog post pointless though this one (and all mine are) is.

The Horror List:

An American Terror

We Are Still Here

From The Dark

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Dark Was The Night

Last Shift

Science Team



They Look Like People


All Cheerleaders Die

Parasyte Part One and Two

These Final Hours

Final Girl

Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse

The Door

The Visit





He Never Died


Judas Ghost


Inner Demon

Lumberjack Man

The Incident






Some Kind Of Hate


The Last Buck Hunt

Crimson Peak


The Hexecutioners

The Inhabitants




I’m looking forward to each movie and hopefully most of them will keep me entertained especially during cold dark nights stuck at work when all is awesomely silent and I’m left alone with my own twisted imagination as my only companion.


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