New X-Files: Episode One


To make claim I once loved The X-Files would be an understatement I bought and proudly/happily wore the t-shirts I bought and happily read the books and comic books. I was obsessed, not just with The X-Files but with all kinds of weird conspiracies Octopus, Alternative 3, the Aviary, New World Order, HAARP, you name it I was obsessed with it.

I’ve not watched the entirety of The X-Files, thanks to Sky, over here in good old Blighty (cold, mean spirited England) The X-Files made its debut on satellite TV, Sky One, a company partly owned by Rupert Murdoch, I’ve always had a great dislike of Murdoch but I paid for Sky because I craved movies and the footie, yeah once upon a time I lived breathed football (soccer) before money ruined the game for me.

Unfortunately Sky was/is a robber baron fees constantly increased expectations of paying an extra fee for special events I originally bought the basic Sky package and back in the Nineties this included movies and the sports channel but then some whiz kid at Sky brainstormed this brilliant idea of increasing fees and separating the movie and sports channels from the basic package deal and right then and there I cancelled my subscription and bye bye The X-Files. Yup, I’m a funny fucker if I think I’m having the piss taken out of me I’ll happily cut off my nose to spite my face.

But enough of my rambling nonsense, although I’m sure there will be more before the end of this post, onwards to the new X-Files.

The episode begins with a Mulder voiceover and a series of photos, still images from moments of the old series this advances forward to a bunch of UFO history and by the GODS I had forgot how much I love this UFO conspiracy nonsense, I used to live breathe conspiracy theories and tales of the paranormal and supernatural, but then I became a cynical little shit.

But The Truth Is Out There.

The mystery of this episode starts in 1947 with a shot down alien spacecraft and a Man In Black and from there we the viewer are re-introduced to Dana Scully, now looking oddly sculpted, and Fox Mulder, who looks dragged through a hedge backwards, they’re drawn back into the X-Files by a TV conspiracy nut job a truth seeker.

It’s a good looking episode of a new/old TV show it was probably expensive kids escaping war torn Syria need medicine, food, water, shelter, security but Hell no to that let’s waste millions of dollars on a pointless piece of entertainment, sigh the world, backwards, upside down and completely insane.

I’ve read, somewhere, that Gillian Anderson was paid less for this new series than her co-star David Duchovny, sometimes it doesn’t pay to have tits and a pussy. The world is like an amusement park if you’re a white male but kinda sucks for everyone else especially if you’re a black actor/actress in Hollywood and even more so if you’re a woman anywhere in the world and in any walk of life. And kids, jeez, I’m glad I’m a Seventies/Eighties kid who’d want to be a kid these days? Heavily medicated, addicted to electronic devices and social media, incapable of spelling the most basic of words correctly, and doomed to inherit a world that’s going to fuck them in the ass. Chauffeured to school, and everywhere else, and if they go outside a gust of wind causes their eyes to fall out of their heads.

Off an a tangent for a moment. The black actor/actress controversy. Is it racism? Well bigotry, because there’s only one race baby, the human race, but I guess because we’re told so often we’re all separated by race due to different skin shade, slight physical and biological differences, and areas of birth parentage yada yada yada that we are then one human species divided into a variety of races that are treated differently just because a minority of white people have decided so. Sheesh non-white people kill those pale skinned fuckers and start applying logic, reason and rational ideas to the world you’ll inherit, and be fucked in the ass by. But seriously, I get Hollywood it’s run, owned, ruled by white males, white males write the movies, poorly/incompetently but still, and a lot of white males find it impossible to write non-white male characters because they don’t understand them, their brains short circuit when they’re creating origins for such characters and dialogue eludes them, they fail to understand that everyone, everywhere is pretty much the same regardless of place of birth, shade of skin, gender, we all want the same things love, friends, money, food, water, alcohol, drugs, and right at this moment, and even though it’s not yet 08:30, pizza.

One of the plainly odd things I find about the fiction I love, especially science fiction, is how everyone, just about, is white and male, what happened in the future? All the women died? Non-white people stopped procreating? Because based upon the world’s present demographics white people in the future are going to be a minority, they already are now on a global scale, but typically white nations, the United States for example, is destined, or so I’ve been led to believe, to be Hispanic.

Back on topic.

This new episode of The X-Files (remember this is the point of this blog post) makes mention of many well known conspiracy themes zero point energy and element 115, alien abductions, harvesting abductees babies, alien implants, the destruction of the World Trade Centre, the U.S. government/military conspiring against the American people. Don’t all governments, and monarchies, conspire against the people they rule? That’s what we are, ruled people, the general public is ruled by wealthy white males who strive, not very hard, to deny us freedom, because none of us are free, we the little people, the plebeians, the peasants are slaves to systems and ideas created by wealthy white dudes naturally some of us have more freedom than others but that freedom is mostly just an illusion/delusion.

Within the new X-Files episode Mulder says, “we’ve never been in more danger”, he’s referring to the general public but if we’re lab rats, like this episode implies, then how can we be in danger? Lab rats by their very nature are born to be treated poorly, to be experimented upon, manipulated and killed but because we can think we believe ourselves to be special, because let’s be honest as an animal species we’ve sure got a high opinion of ourselves, we truly believe that we are special though all the evidence suggests otherwise but this egotistical belief results in us bemoaning the fact we’re treated anything but special our lives thrown into chaos mostly due to the fact we’ve not got enough money to waste on crap we don’t need.

But anyway, all the conspiracy theories of right wing second amendment rights Americans is featured within this one episode, I fail to understand why anyone holds a made up fictional right so firmly it’s not in the original Constitution, it’s an amendment not the first but the second you’d think Americans would be banging on and on and on about the actual Constitution before it started being interfered with, in fact I’ve found something way more interesting and important than the right to bear arms for all Americans to bang on and on and on about and here goes:

‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’

Wow, that’s some powerful stuff. Naturally, being an Atheist, I edited out the part about the Creator, fuck the Creator he’s fictional, a horrible character in an unpleasant book, though the New Testament’s got some important lessons to impart the Old is mostly murder and basic fucking up of people, who but the most insane can find inspiration in that?

But yeah second amendment conspiracy nut job theories spills out across my computer screen, it’s all about the takeover of America by a small wealthy elite, but, and forgive me for once again writing nonsense and not focussing upon the subject matter, why would a small group of elitists want to take over America, and then the entire world? America was created by a small group of elitists the only way right wing second amendment rights conspiracy theories could possibly be true is if there’s a new group of wealthy elitists determined to wrestle America away from the old group. Wouldn’t that be great? If all the world’s problems, all the conflicts and arguments resulted in our leaders/rulers wrestling it out WWE style one big Royal Rumble winner takes all. I’d pay Sky to watch that.

Empires, Republics, states, democracies, tyrannies have always been owned ruled run (ruined) by an elite. Kings and Queens, Emperors and Pharaohs, the most privileged of people, usually extremely wealthy, have always ruled everyone poorer than themselves I can’t, for the life of me, think of any nation throughout human history that was governed by the majority the human world has never worked like that.

Anyhow time to finish this ramble, the new episode of The X-Files received some negative reviews but I liked it, but then I’ve always been a conspiracy nut job and all this convoluted mess and nonsense appeals to my interests. The final scene features The Smoking Man sucking in tobacco from the cancer hole in his throat. Inspired by Bill Hicks?

I sure hope so.



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