I Still Want To Believe


Arriving home from work this afternoon I had one of those perfect moments. I realised I’d not had anything to drink all day, 05:30 to 15:30, so I settled down into a chair with a mug of Green Tea and then I introduced myself to a new episode of The X-Files, episode two, with mug in hand and the theme tune and opening credits of The X-Files playing on my MacBook I looked up from the screen and out into my home and realised everything was perfect, I had a beverage and an iconic opening scene to a television series.

It was golden.

The day before today, which I believe was a Monday, I watched and enjoyed the first new episode of The X-Files and then went and bought the box set from a local HMV and as I compose this post I’m watching the very first episode of The X-Files via my PS4 on the big screen TV.

I can honestly admit to being in love with The X-Files, I don’t care if it’s bad, I’m blind to it’s badness I’m just happier than a pig in shit to be watching new episodes of a show I loved as a far younger adult male.

It’s perfect moments like this that make life worthwhile simple easy nothing to trouble me and me not causing anyone else trouble as a television series about the paranormal and supernatural unfolds naturally episode after episode bringing me great joy and much happiness.

Everyone needs something to make them happy I’m quite lucky I achieve happiness via TV box sets.


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