The X-Files: Season One


With the return of The X-Files I’ve re-discovered something I love and not just the television series but all the conspiracy and paranormal stories that influence each episode and the mythos that runs throughout the entirety of the show. I feel re-invigorated, not that I needed re-invigorating, I’ve got to admit I’m pretty darn pleased with myself, my life, and everything right at the moment, happier than a pig in shit, happier than Larry, I have no idea if pigs are happy and who the hell is Larry?

To derive happiness from a television series to find perfect golden moments from a theme tune to be over the Moon about tales of conspiracies and the paranormal might be a condition of whatever psychosis I suffer from. I figure most of us have mental health issues it’s the price we pay for our comfortable lifestyle’s and living in this fake human world we call civilisation instead of living in the real world and living off the land in communities amongst people we love, trust and enjoy spending all day every day with.

But enough of truth. The purpose of this blog post is so I can share, and discuss, my favourite episodes from The X-Files season one.

My Favourite Episodes

Pilot: I assume the first episode is titled Pilot because it’s the pilot episode, but I could be wrong, the second episode of the first season would be better titled Pilot rather than Deep Throat but that’s just in my opinion.

When I originally watched this very first episode of The X-Files I can remember that it literally blew my socks off, they flew across the room and Ninja, my pet Doberman ate them, I wouldn’t have minded too much but I was (still am) poor and they were my only socks unable to afford another pair until pay day I was forced to tie newspaper to my feet before placing them inside a battered pair of Doc Martin’s.

The scene that caused such trauma in my poor little life was the moment Mulder and his new partner the sceptical Scully experienced a moment straight out of the UFO myth. The pair are driving along at night when the electronics in their car go crazy, Mulder notes the time on his watch, the car breaks down there’s a bright light from above and Mulder insists they’re missing time. The entire missing time part of the UFO mythos was first recorded by Betty and Barney Hill during their alleged abduction by aliens way back in 1961, or at least I think that was the first recorded story of missing time in relation to the UFO phenomenon. In British folklore encounters with Faerie Folk always led to people losing huge chunks of time but in those cases rather than minutes or hours missing years and decades vanished in a very short time.

Being a cynical dick I just can’t accept the things people tell me, the things I hear via the TV, or the things I read and in the case of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction I’m greatly sceptical of the so called Star Map the alien visitors showed Betty. It was a pull down map drawn on some kind of material, now why would an advanced alien species that can traverse vast, almost impossible, distances of outer space need a Star Map? It’s ridiculous. For one thing travelling from one star system to another would require a spacecraft to travel faster than the speed of light, navigation by stars would be plain daft, and today right now we stupid humans are leaving behind our reliance on paper, on books, we’re using personal phones, tablets, computers, satellite navigation to get out and about. We gave up centuries ago navigation by the stars to imagine aliens require Star Maps was something limited by the times in the Sixties no one, other than Futurists and science fiction writers, could imagine that computers and small handheld devices would feature so prominently in our societies it’s the lack of imagining on the part of believers that limits the fantastical in UFO and paranormal encounters such encounters seem to me bland, mundane and boring I consider the majority of them made up by people without much in the way of imagination.

Deep Throat: Is titled thus because it introduces a character who works for Shadowy parts of the United States government, we the viewer, and indeed Fox Mulder, don’t learn of his origins or who he is but we do find out, by his own admission or lies, that he has in the past executed survivors from crashed UFO’s and a decision was made in a secret meeting between the U.S. Russia France both Germany’s (this was before the Berlin Wall fell) and Britain that if and when alien spacecraft fall in their territories like minded men, from the military or intelligence services, should be selected to terminate any survivors. Governments can’t allow their slaves to have access to knowledge a well informed slave is dangerous a stupid slave easily manipulated and will believe in anything no matter how preposterous.

This episode is less about UFO’s being alien in origin than it is some UFO’s being military aircraft built using back engineered UFO technology. In the late Eighties and early Nineties on a crisp clear Winter’s night a person could find themselves looking up at the stars and see all kinds of strange flying vehicles zipping about my local area. In 1987 people in a nearby town, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, to my home, Mansfield, were woken by a loud explosion, those night owls already awake reported problems with their electrics. Something fell from the dark night sky blew out windows, smashed roof tops, and crashed, conveniently, in local woods. Further reports claimed that several objects crashed over a wide area from Mansfield to Blidworth to Kirkby to Huthwaite the official report was that out of a clear cloudless night a thunderbolt rained down from the heavens, unofficially eyewitness reports claim that a strange aircraft was zig-zagging over the Mansfield area performing all kinds of out of this world manoeuvres as this vehicle performed its manoeuvres two other fast moving objects approached and crashed into the first object causing it to splinter into several pieces and crash causing the damage people experienced to their homes.

Within hours the British military was on the scene, roads were cordoned off and something, or somethings, were removed from several wooded areas by military personnel and transported out of the area on flatbed trucks. It would seem my humble little home town area, a former mining community thanks to the evil Tory government led by the Witch Queen Margaret Thatcher, had its very own Roswell incident. Naturally this being Britain and not America no one cared, not even locals, life went on homes were repaired, beers were sunk, drugs imbibed and a lot of shagging, some of it inbred, has led to an increased population of twats throughout the entire area. Sigh! Twats giving birth to twats, someone should put an end to that.

Conduit: Is an episode about the abduction, by aliens, of a teenage girl and her pre-teen brother becoming a conduit for the aliens to communicate through. Due to Mulder’s uncanny experience when he was a youngster and the abduction by aliens, well maybe, of his sister this one case means a lot to the troubled F.B.I. agent.

It becomes clear in this episode that Mulder is suffering from some kind of trauma, related to the disappearance of his sister, this trauma has affected his judgement and his ability to operate in a world that doesn’t believe in UFO’s and government conspiracies. A smart non traumatised person would be able to bend the world to do his own bidding as he tries to find the truth but not Mulder instead he believes in everyone’s daft stories and he’s happy to tell the truth rather than lie even though lies could save lives.

Fallen Angel: In this episode Mulder, and sinister military operatives are on the hunt for an alien crashed in the wild areas of America. I’ve read, in books by Bill Bryson, that in some place in America, New Hampshire for example, a person can drive for hours and hours on some roads without coming across other traffic, or homes, or people and that people can go camping in woods and never be seen again, light aircraft crash in wild areas and not be recovered or seen from the air. The United States of America is a massive area vastly under populated especially in comparison to my home nation Britain that’s small and over populated.

The alien in this episode is a hostile creature more Predator than it is E.T.

E.B.E: This episode concerns itself with the shooting down of a UFO over Iraq by an Iraqi airforce pilot and the UFO crashes nearby a U.S. military base on the border of Iraq and Turkey, the survivor of the crash is then transported to the United States and across country in the back of one of those huge American trucks. Why it’s transported in such a way is beyond me, why not just airlift the E.B.E. from the Iraq/Turkey border straight to a base in the U.S.A.?

The truck is followed by aliens and by Mulder and Scully and Fox Mulder learns that alien survivors have been murdered by government forces since 1947. It should be a big deal finding out that aliens are alive and real visiting Earth and being murdered but by the next episode such a revelation has been happily ignored. I guess no matter how big a deal something is, an event, news story, personal experience life just doesn’t stop it just goes on and on and a person can either go with the flow or stop and feel sorry for themselves as they enter a world of depression, misery, alcoholism and drug addiction. And as everyone knows that’s no way to live a life.

Shapes: A werewolf story though with the Native American element it leans more towards being a Manitou story or a tale of skin walkers. A lot of U.S. drama eventually gets round to telling a story set in a Native American settlement I don’t know why this is so, maybe it’s some kind of apologetic note to the people who lived in the land long before Europeans arrived and ruined their lives forever.

In the first season I enjoyed the UFO related episodes more than I did the ‘Monster of the Week’ episodes only Shapes made my list because I do love werewolf stories. We have a few of our own here in the U.K. particularly in regards to an area of England referred to as Cannock Chase.

The Erlenmeyer Flask: In the first season we’re led to believe that when militaries shoot down alien space vehicles and there are alien survivors someone, or many someone’s, then execute the survivors. It’s both an awful and a great idea and in keeping with our natures as humans, we’re hardly renowned for our ability to get along with each other very well, other animal species we treat abhorrently, and I’m sure if we came across people from other worlds our first response would be to kill them, if it turned out too difficult to kill them we’d either pretend to befriend them until we found a way to kill ‘em or join them follow their lead invade other worlds and kill other peoples just so we could be on the winning side. We’re like the school yard bully, we bully those weaker than ourselves but if someone comes along stronger rather than stand up to them we join them.

This episode involves the use of alien DNA in creating human/alien hybrids. I’m not exactly sure how DNA works but I imagine if you spliced alien DNA into a human’s DNA you wouldn’t create a hybrid you’d probably just kill the poor sod being experimented upon.

This episode features the death of Deep Throat and in his dying breath he warns Dana Scully, “trust no one.”

At the very end of the episode we the viewer discover, via Fox Mulder, that the F.B.I. have closed the X-Files and thus the show finished on one really good season. Oh, wait no, I’ve just checked my big box set there are further seasons, how strange, I shall have to investigate further and maybe write a few posts in regards to such.


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