Movies January

One of my tasks, a New Year’s resolution, was to watch more movies this year than I did last year, I managed two hundred and sixty movies last year most of those movies I’d seen several times before and occupy space, DVDs and blu-rays, on shelves in my home. I have a fairly large movie collection and I happily enjoy spending an entire day picking movies from the shelf as my means of entertainment, I’d turn into a couch potato if I could. It’s a dream I have.

My aim at the start of the year was to watch at least twenty movies every month but this month I only managed eighteen that’s because three movies, Unnatural, Wer and Last Shift, I started watching but stopped twenty minutes in, I give all movies watched at home twenty minutes if I’m not being entertained by goodness or over the top badness I stop, I can’t see the point watching anything I don’t like, or draw some entertainment value from. One of the many things I love about being a single fella is that I only watch movies and TV shows I want to watch it’s one of the reasons I wouldn’t give up being single. For anyone.

Of the eighteen movies I watched this month eight were new movies for me and none were watched at the pictures, there’s nothing out at the moment worth viewing at the cinema in my opinion. Those eight new movies were Dragon Inn an enjoyable Taiwanese wuxia movie and though the fight scenes weren’t very fast I still enjoyed it immensely. The movie has been re-made twice, as far as I’m aware, New Dragon Gate Inn starring Maggie Cheung and Flying Swords of Dragon Gate starring Jet Li, all three versions are very entertaining. If you’re a fan of the wuxia/kung-fu genre. American Ultra had an interesting premise but some daft character narratives. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation was the most comedic of the movie series, I actually believe it was made as a comedy because surely an action movie can’t be that bad. Can it? The others were horror movies, The Visit; Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse; Wolfcop and Parasyte Part One I’ve mentioned them previously in another blog post except for He Never Died which was, for me, a great movie, it made me laugh out loud several times because the main character, the Biblical Cain, reminded me of my own anti-social tendencies.

All the other movies I’ve watched I’d seen before, several times, and they were Troll Hunter; Spider-Man 1 and 2; Prometheus; The Thing prequel; X-Men: Days of Future Past; Night of the Living Dead 1990; Mighty Joe Young the original; King Boxer (Five Fingers of Death); and Scott Pilgrim versus The World.

Of the above movies my favourites are Spider-Man 1 and 2, along with Superman 1 and 2 these movies are my favourite superhero movies. King Boxer and Scott Pilgrim versus The World were watched back to back via a British TV channel, Film4, while I was working a night shift at work. King Boxer is most excellent and Scott Pilgrim is one of my favourite movies.


Overall my movie viewing so far this year has been okay, I’m going to try and watch as many kung-fu action movies as possible throughout February most of those earmarked by myself to be watched I already own but some are going to be acquired via Amazon after a big spending spree. As a happy geek/nerd/dork/dweeb/anorak/loser I do enjoy wasting a large, to me, amount of money on movies I know I’m going to enjoy.

A person’s life should be enjoyed, we’re only here once, as far as we know, and so a person’s life should be spent doing the things they enjoy as much as possible as long as that enjoyment doesn’t include the pain and suffering of other people or living things. I’ve always been happier on my own, even as a kid, and watching movies and TV box sets causes me immense joy, if I won enough cash, on the United Kingdom’s national lottery to quit work, I’d probably become a hermit because I’ve discovered, through experience, that ‘Hell is other people’. Which I believe is a quote from the philosopher, existentialist, Jean Paul Sartre, my own philosophical leanings, yearnings, seem to be very existentialist.

Existentialism seems, to me, extremely relevant to living in the twenty first century, the attitude we existentialists have of the world around us is one of confusion, bewilderment, befuddlement (thanks Dr Leonard Hofstadter) and meaningless, we derive meaning not via others, or other people’s long established beliefs, but via our own experiences we create our own reality instead of accepting the reality already created by others and promoted by the social structures seemingly imposed upon us. It’s a rejection of not thinking and an embrace of thinking for oneself. Or so I choose to believe.


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