The X-Files: UFO Mythos Season Two

Little Green Men


This episode begins with Fox Mulder making commentary about both Voyager spacecraft zigzagging their way out of the Solar System even as we speak. It’s hard to know if they’ve burst through the Heliosphere and exited our star system we’re not really sure how far our system extends is there a real quantifiable end to our space? The Voyager craft began their journeys back in 1977 and are proving to be the most wondrous machines ever designed and built by Man. Voyager 1, according to the NASA website, entered interstellar space, the spaces between stars, in 2012. Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to have explored both Uranus and Neptune, these are remarkable, almost impossible, machines special machines that should be celebrated often. In the episode the music included on the Golden Record is returned as a message to Earth and picked up by a defunct NASA project at Arecibo, in Puerto Rico.

Due to the x-files having been closed at the end of the first season this episode features Fox Mulder working a mundane job a job that’s destroying his soul. We’re offered another glimpse into the abduction of Mulder’s sister and implies that Mulder was present when Little Green (grey) Men took his sister up and out into space for reasons unknown. This memory of Mulder’s is important in reference to future episodes that touch upon the abduction of Samantha.

The episode includes mention of SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, which has thus far failed to determine if there exists anywhere in our Universe intelligent aliens but the Universe is massive, unbelievably so, and it could take generations before evidence of an intelligent civilisation is discovered. It’s entirely possible the human race will die out before discovering evidence of other civilisations in the Universe.

One such piece of evidence was once considered the WOW! signal and it is mentioned in this episode but what isn’t mentioned is the fact WOW! is considered to be a signal from Earth, maybe of military origin the area of space the signal seemed to have been beamed from contains no stars or planets and attempts at locating the signal again have failed. It’s certainly something strange and highly unusual but not evidence of alien life.

The existence of intelligent life outside of our own planet is something ‘I Want To Believe’ but without any real evidence I can’t.

Duane Barry

For me a dull episode until Scully uses a supermarket price scanner on a small metallic device removed from Duane Barry. A device that might be used as a means for aliens, and the shadow government, to track abductees.

This phenomenon within the wider UFO phenomenon was made popular by the author, of horror fiction, Whitley Streiber he recorded his own abduction experiences in a number of his books, whether these stories are fictional in nature and a means to increase the author’s popularity and thus wealth is something a sceptical person could ask and perhaps answer. In some, if not all, cases these implants once surgically removed prove to be regular materials for example glass, little pieces of metal, nothing alien about them and certainly not advanced computer chips.

The episode ends with Scully’s abduction at the crazy hands of Duane Barry.


Scully’s been abducted by Duane Barry he’s hoping to exchange her for himself it’s an attempt to avoid the brutal experiments the superior aliens carry out on the inferior humans. Fox Mulder’s life is thrown into further turmoil, The X-Files at this point still haven’t been re-opened and Mulder’s finds himself stuck with a rookie agent Alex Krycek, who unbeknown to Mulder works for elements of the shadow government. It’s implied members of the shadow government conspired to have Duane Barry abduct Scully.

So far in this series it’s hard to figure out if aliens are actually behind all the so called alien abductions in some cases it seems the abductions are carried out by government/military forces. From the evidence of real life alien abductions are people’s stories evidence of alien abduction? Or abduction by sinister human forces? Or imaginary tales?

Alien abduction scenarios greatly mimic older tales from various cultures tales that involve humans encountering supernatural beings and being taken away from their homes by these creatures. Abduction by demons especially mimics the alien abduction scenarios and these stories of abduction by demons have existed for thousands of years. Naturally believers in UFO’s would argue that ancient stories of encounters with supernatural beings are actual stories about aliens just filtered through a person’s belief system and cultural background but the reverse could be argued.

Modern day tales of alien abduction could be far too influenced by popular culture via science fiction movies and novels it’s entirely possible, if these abduction stories are true, that people are encountering supernatural entities and not beings from outer space. We wouldn’t know especially in terms of stories about UFO’s and alien abductions/encounters the books, magazines and internet websites that report such stories edit witnesses stories to match their belief that aliens are visiting the planet anything absurd, like abductees being offered food, animals, particularly owls, being onboard spacecraft are sinisterly edited out of the book, magazine and website reports in an effort to create and promote an idea that we are not alone and that we are being visited by more intelligent, more advanced, and more wise beings from elsewhere in the Universe.


This episode begins with Mulder close to death but he’s quite happy at his near death experience because he’s had all his theories confirmed alien civilisations do exist and beings from at least one civilisation are visiting Earth, conspiring with governments, and abducting humans.

In fact these aliens are doing more than just visiting, they’re colonising the Earth, they’re aware that humans are close, a century maybe less, from killing themselves and they, the aliens, will inherit an entire world, one they plan on treating far better than the native intelligent species, though to be fair that wouldn’t be difficult.

This tale features for the first time an alien bounty hunter, he’s a shapeshifter and very Terminator like, an unstoppable killing machine with super strength. The story centres around this bounty hunter killing off various individual males all of whom look identical a CIA agent informs Mulder and Scully that these murder victims are in fact Russian agents, clones, hidden in the United States in medical profession positions and in the advent of war between the US and Russia the clones would contaminate blood supplies. Mulder is sceptical of the man’s claims, Scully wholly believing.

Mulder sceptical convictions are made real when he’s called away by his father and told to visit his family home, upon arrival at his childhood home he meets his sister, now all grown up. It’s a big, big moment for us fans of The X-Files and even though I was aware of what was going to happen the moment the Samantha Mulder clone said ‘Fox’ my socks exploded from my feet. It’s TV moments like this that make my geek life worth living.

End Game

Involves Dana Scully being abducted again this time by an alien bounty hunter, she’d only recently returned to work after her alien abduction and experimentation and was also abducted in Irresistible and now again in End Game.

Mulder loses his sister once again, but was she a clone? The answer is of course yes. Mulder discovers multiple versions of his sister, but this then beggars the question are they clones of his sister? It unfolds that they are not but one of the clones, the alleged original, claims they know where Mulder’s sister is, when Mulder confesses to not believing her she asks him how would they know so much about Samantha and her early life without actually knowing her.

Even for an episode of The X-Files it’s over the top, completely foregoing any grounding in reality shape shifting alien bounty hunters, alien human hybrid clones, Mulder going way out into the Arctic wilderness and finding a partially submerged U.S. Military submarine. It’s an enjoyable science fiction romp but I did enjoy the season one UFO stories more episodes in which Mulder and Scully floundered about without finding anything fantastical or uncovering anything in relation to the mysteries they’re investigating. In season two every mystery is in your face it’s impossible for even sceptical Scully not to believe.

Fearful Symmetry

Is a tale about various animals, other than humans, being abducted by aliens experimented upon and then returned to Earth invisible to the naked eye. It’s mad barmy and insane but also a whole lot of fun.

It led me to consider, and research, whether other animals besides us humans have been reported as being abducted by aliens.

The only evidence I could uncover of animal abductions is of the mutilations of non-human animals reported globally cattle are the most well known of these victims but there have been reports of dogs and cats having been found brutally mutilated and no evidence to proof humans carried out such heinous actions.

There’s also Mulder’s questioning of humanity’s insanity our non-stop appetite for destruction we, mad as it seems, are hellbent on killing every wild animal on the planet and every natural habitat for our own selfish consumption. We seem to be under the impression, because we’re the dominant species, that all this wonder, all this natural beauty is ours for the ruining.

We are supposed to be intelligent and wise, indeed Homo Sapiens means Wise Man but from all the evidence of us collectively and as individuals I don’t see any of it proving we are intelligent or wise. Stupid, insane, selfish, greedy, yes. Perhaps we have the potential to be intelligent, sane, altruistic, wise but so far we’ve not shown any inclinations to be so.


The final episode of season two goes all Native American taking place on a Navajo reservation. Apparently, and I don’t know how accurate this is, Navajo people have tales about beings from beyond the spaces we know visiting here and mucking about with us Earth people.

Star People supposedly feature in many legends.

This episode also features the return of Krycek after his betrayal of Mulder and uncovering as a plant within the FBI. It’s an episode that mentions Majestic 12 an idea forwarded by Stanton Friedman a well known UFO writer and enthusiast, and we, the fans, discover that Cancer Man knew Mulder’s father.

Over the last few episodes Fox Mulder seems to have been breaking down, he’s been unkempt and dishevelled failing to shave for example, in this episode he’s not been sleeping, feels a little ill and ends up swinging punches at Assistant Director Skinner. It’s not clear what’s happening to him but one could assume he’s suffering from stress, perhaps a kind of PTSD. Considering the work he does for the FBI and the bizarre things he’s witnessed suffering a mental breakdown would be in keeping with the fragility of the human psyche.

Mulder discovers that his father was connected to all things concerning UFO’s and alien occupants of why his sister, Samantha, was abducted by either non-terrestrial entities or very human conspirators in the biggest secret in the world. Before Mulder’s father can reveal anything to his son Krycek murders him a bullet to his noggin not a shot powerful enough to kill him outright Mulder’s father clings onto life long enough to ask of his son forgiveness, Mulder doesn’t know why he should forgive.

With the aftermath of his father’s death and Scully’s on investigations and stumbling across truths it becomes evident that Mulder’s increasing, escalating, paranoia, anger and irrational behaviour is down to the fact he’s slowly been poisoned in his own home, LSD added to the water supply that’s not only affected Mulder but also caused one of his neighbour’s a little old lady to shoot to death her husband.

With Mulder prepared to kill Krycek Scully shoots Mulder but only in the shoulder. The secrets Mulder’s trying to uncover might be experiments on US citizens rather than evidence of aliens visiting planet Earth, it’s not unbelievable to believe that the US government would experiment on its citizens it has been doing so for decades MKUltra, releasing the whooping cough virus, syphilis experiments on black patients in Tuskegee, Alabama, there are more, many more, and makes me wonder if so called epidemics and pandemics are the work of evil government/military forces.

The title of this episode refers to the Navajo tale of the Anasazi disappearing without a trace but who might have been abducted by visitors from outer space who visit here still. The Navajo word Anasazi allegedly means ancestors of enemies and is considered an offensive word by the peoples who claim descent from the Anasazi and rather than just disappear these peoples migrated to other areas of the United States and continued to live, love and breed.

In the final moments of this season two finale Mulder it seems finds himself fire bombed out of existence, but his he dead? Season three will reveal all.


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