Storytelling Shenanigans

I’ve been teaching myself to write stories of a fictional nature for the past four weeks. I have in the past made attempts to write fiction I’ve created ideas for tales and managed to write a lot of words but mostly my writing has been pretty poor, or so I have decided, certainly not good enough to be published.

Writing fiction, good fiction at least, is harder than one can imagine. I figured that because I can recognise bad fiction, or fiction I dislike, that I’d be able to avoid making the same plot and narrative mistakes I notice elsewhere.

Writing a book series, ham fisted tales of fiction, is something I’ve tasked myself with after altering my priorities this year. Originally I’d tasked myself with travelling around Britain, and maybe America, my two favourite nations the one’s that have had the most influence on my life. One of those nations, Britain, is my homeland, and the other, America, a fantasy play land.

A few days ago I thought long and hard about my priorities, interests and ambitions coming to the conclusion that I would sooner, through hard work and struggle, commit my spare time to finishing my webcomic, Kung-Fu SuperNerd, and starting and completing two novels, Paranormal Mystery Police and Hell Streets Blues.

Kung-Fu SuperNerd is based partly on myself the main character, John Bland, is in his forties, he works in the Care Industry and lives in his hometown of Mansfield. He has super powers but so do ten per cent of the global population of humans. Bland’s super powers are complete knowledge of all forms of Kung Fu and how to effectively use those fighting martial arts, but Bland is a self confessed wimp and coward and usually runs away from fighting or uses pacifist fighting techniques to defend himself and defeat bad guys. This webcomic builds a world of super people, a world where most super powered people do not put on costumes and fight or commit crimes. As this work of fiction is planned as a webcomic series means I also have to illustrate the darn thing and providing illustrations for the story is more difficult than the actual writing.

Paranormal Mystery Police is set in the United States of America and centres around super powered people working for a specialised unit within the F.B.I. the super powered agents of this story are tasked with not only investigating crimes committed by super powered people but also by supernatural entities.

Hell Streets Blues is also set in the same world as Kung-Fu SuperNerd and centres around super powered cops in Los Angeles. It’s a cop procedural series dealing with the chaos of Satan relocating Hell to Los Angeles.

My ideas are hardly original and I seriously doubt the end product will be worth reading but by creating these tales they keep me off the streets and out of trouble.


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