The X-Files Season Two: Paranormal Puff Pastry



Though assigned to the most mundane of F.B.I. tasks Mulder is still, on his own time, investigating potential X-Files and along the way discovering a new partner, Alex Krycek.

The agents become embroiled in a series of murders seemingly carried out by phantoms, dream or nightmare men, created by Augustus Cole a former Special Forces operative once included in medical experiments including lobotomies that have left Cole unable to sleep but able to use his own dreams, or nightmares, to influence the real world.

The stories involving a paranormal explanation are the least favourite of mine as they barely resolve the crimes that are being committed and I’m highly sceptical of paranormal events and claims.

At the end of this episode it’s revealed that Krycek works for the Cancer Man and he informs his superiors that Scully is a bigger problem than had been anticipated.

One Breath

Features the return of Dana Scully after her abduction by aliens, or military operatives of the U.S. government. The paranormal elements of this episode revolve around Scully as she decides whether or not to take the journey of life further out into the void or remain routed firmly on Terra Firma helping her make a decision is a nurse who doesn’t actually exist.


Concerns itself with a female police detective finding herself unexpectedly pregnant and the pregnancy kick starting a series of murders as she begins living the life of her unknown grandfather a sadistic sexual predator and murderer.

There aren’t many episodes in the second season of The X-Files that I would consider of a paranormal nature, some of the Monster of the Week episodes concern themselves with supernatural shenanigans and governmental foul play and are quite hard to categorise. In this the second season the paranormal tales tend to take inspiration from the writers imaginations rather than from actual real life reports of paranormal events and in my opinion that’s a shame I enjoyed the season one paranormal tales far more.


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