The New X-Files Episode Four


Out of pure self interest I’m hoping The X-Files lasts until I draw my final breath, which could possibly be any day now life is fragile the day of my death might be tomorrow. Run over by a bus. Stabbed or beaten to death by your typical British dickhead. Football hooligan. Drunken cunt. Take your pick Britain’s full of dickheads. I could be torn apart by rabid dogs. Eaten alive by a Great White Shark. The methods of my death are many, a varied amount of wonderful possibilities all far more attractive than being slowly killed to death by cancer.

As witnessed in the entertainment I enjoy there’s always death. Sometimes a lot of death. This episode of The X-Files is no exception as it features a creature of unknown origins being transported about in a garbage truck driven by unknown persons and this creature, Trash-Man, being of a supernatural type brutally tearing victims apart, quite graphically for an episode of The X-Files, oh how times have changed.

The first victim of the Trash-Man is a right royal asshole and his employment role as a Federal employee involves investigation by Mulder, and briefly Scully she’s given more pressing matters when she’s informed her mother is dying and off she rushes to her bedside. It was quite sad to see the end of Mother Scully, an almost ever present supporting character throughout many a season I’m watching now via the complete box set. It’s sad to see TV characters bite the big one, but I never feel sad when real life people I know, or have known, die, in some cases of death I dance a celebratory dance because I’ve got to be honest I’ve met a lot of English people I’d like to see dead.

Horrible? Perhaps, but I’ve never claimed, or pretended, to be nice.

This episode doesn’t dwell too much on the death of Scully’s mom, it’s an episode that offers, all too briefly, questions about the huge, huge gap between the Haves and Have Nots, the unequal distribution of wealth, the gentrification of our cities, the conflict, that’s perhaps looming, between rich and poor. We the poor outnumber the rich so let’s eat them.

The killer/monster of the week in this episode is neither dead or alive, it truly is a supernatural creature, the alleged creator of the Trash-Man claims the monster is a Tulpa, Buddhist thought form creation but Mulder argues that Tulpas are Theosophist nonsense a misinterpretation of the Buddhist tulkas and bear no relation to the popular culture myth developed around monsters born of thought.

But the real monster isn’t the killer of innocent victims, all of whom are asshats, no the real monster is human greed, we exist in a human world that worships greed and wealth, that hero worships greedy wealthy men and women, this culture of treating people like trash is wrongly claimed to be the only right way to live, to run and control societies and it’s reckoned to be Communist, or worst yet a Socialist, to criticise consumerism and capitalism but I’m happy to be considered either or both, or something even worst because fuck capitalism and consumerism is just plain wrong, insane and fucking stupid shove it where the Sun it don’t shine. In fact be torn apart by a thought form monster for idolising capitalists and being a voracious consumer of crap you don’t need.

In many paranormal episodes of The X-Files the investigations are largely unresolved, killer or killers still at large no truths revealed more mystery and questions than answers and this episode is no different from those paranormal tales that have preceded this one.

I’ve made claim that I love The X-Files in blog posts before but because I’m (incredibly) dull and (incredibly) boring I’ll repeat myself and make the claim once more I LOVE THE X-FILES!



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