Paranormal Mystery Police: Beginnings

PMP 1 2

With my decision to focus most of my spare time on the creation of a webcomic I’ve been contemplating various story ideas before committing pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

I’ve decided to base the first story on a long time idea I’ve had about a group of super powered people who work for an organisation that investigates and combats paranormal perils, it’s an idea I had many years ago, back in the Nineties, and combines my love of superheroes with my love of paranormal mysteries, Fortean events, the supernatural and occult shenanigans.

So far, this morning, I’ve created all the main characters and the format for the webcomic, I’m thinking akin to an American cop procedural TV show, especially one of those quirky cop shows, he’s a famous writer she’s a cop, he’s Ichabod Crane she’s a cop, he’s immortal she’s a cop, he’s Lucifer she’s a cop, I love those kinds of shows, I’d watch more if they went something like this: he’s He-Man she’s a cop, he’s from the future she’s a cop, he’s the Martian Manhunter she’s a cop, he’s Conan the Barbarian she’s a cop, he’s a vampire she’s a cop, he’s a werewolf she’s a cop, he’s Abraham Lincoln she’s a cop, he’s Monkey (from the old TV show Monkey) she’s a cop.

They’re my favourite kind of TV shows and there are slight variations on the theme, she’s a zombie he’s a cop, he’s on a drug that enhances cognition she’s FBI, he’s Sherlock Holmes she’s a medical doctor and a drug therapist. They’re easy shows to watch episodic, a murder, or several murders, every week and then a big finale in which one, or both, of the characters appear to be dead.

Great stuff. I want more.

By creating the main characters I followed the method I read about in a book about screenwriting by the online internet personality HULK, and I created character trees for all the main characters and also created a few supporting characters who can make the move to main whenever the situation suits. There are an equal number of female characters in Paranormal Mystery Police, like in society half the people are female and I think this should be perfectly reflected in the entertainment I watch and read. One of my favourite TV shows, of all time, is Supernatural now the lack of female characters doesn’t nark me, because the main characters are so interesting, or so I find, but I do wish the female characters within the series hadn’t been killed off, there’s only Sheriff Mills and her two wards having featured so far this season and I’m sure there’s enough good material to use those three characters in a spin-off show, say nine to twelve episodes per season, sometimes twenty or more episodes kinda drag and a lot, if not all, of American TV shows feature episodes that are just padding and not progressing the main storyline or adding progressive narration to the main or supporting characters.

In addition I’ve not made all the characters white or American, there’s a Japanese character, a Canadian, two Britons and a smattering of black and Hispanic characters none of which are stereotypes, I wouldn’t know how to write stereotypical black or Hispanic Americans so I’ve just written characters instead, characters who aren’t defined by the colour of their skin, origins of their birth, or by gender instead they’re all by products of their childhoods, backgrounds, environments and experiences, like in real life, or so I imagine, I’m limited by the people I meet and living in an area like I do almost everyone is English and thus white of shade and they’re all pretty much the same with very little variation. Almost everyone is a bigot, and very anti-immigration, intelligence not highly valued and the main focus of life seems to be fucking, drinking, football, smoking, drug use, crime, bragging, revealing far too much personal information and general moaning about everything, life, decisions they’ve made continue to make, relationships, people they know, work, smoking, drinking too much, money, and especially the weather and having to do anything that requires a little hard work including walking, even if that walk is less than a mile it’s a fucking hardship to the types I’ve met and continue to meet.

I’ve kept all my characters completely different from the people I’ve met, known, no longer know, still know, acquaintances I’ve made and let go if I find myself writing about anyone, other than myself (one of the main characters is me, yeah I know how vain, but it does make sense within the wider concept of the story. Eventually.), I’ll quickly delete the characteristics that make the character seem familiar and start over.

So far, and heavily influenced by The X-Files, Supernatural and apparently true tales of people disappearing in and around American National Parks I’ve conjured forth the first tale of adventure, super powers and daemonic entities. I’ve based the story partially on the Supernatural episode Wendigo and also Detour an episode of The X-Files season five but I’ve incorporated stories of the Jersey Devil set the tale in the Pine Barrens area of New Jersey and used real life stories, alleged real tales that are featured within the book series Missing 411, books I don’t own or have read as they’re far too expensive via Amazon, ninety to a thousand pounds, and I’m not sure if they’re available from the author’s website maybe they are in the U.S. of A but I live in the U.K. and there’s a lot of stuff we Brits just can’t get our greedy highly un-evolved paws on.

The story starts with a young woman and her twin brother looking for their brother lost in the Pine Barrens, they’re joined by the father of another missing hiker and two park rangers, the father of the missing hiker is in his fifties but incredibly fit a former U.S. Marine, served during the Gulf War and seen action in other areas of the world, a hardcore no nonsense gentleman who knows his shit and doesn’t take shit from anyone else. Out in the woods, having located the missing hikers camp, overnight this group also disappears. Enter the F.B.I. specifically the Paranormal Mystery Police super powered Special Agents who investigate mysteries that have a whiff of the supernatural. Special Agent John Toast is lead investigator and he’s stuck with two rookies, these rookies rotate around various experienced agents as the story progresses and it’s an easy way to introduce all the main characters as seen through the eyes of people who are meeting and working with them for the first time. With two rookies in tow John Toast prepares to venture out to New Jersey but not before he’s pestered by Jake Burton, the character based upon myself, Jake’s brought in for Toast the Missing 411 series of books, but John’s not interested in reading them he asks of Jake, ‘haven’t you got your own case to fill your time and not pester me, relentlessly, with mine?” this allows Jake Burton to explain to the two rookie agents he’s working on a Cereal Killer case, he’s asked what kind of serial killer and then he has to explain that he’s investigating a series of attacks in shopping malls by a man possessing super strength who for some unknown reason, perhaps compulsion, is attacking boxes of cereals just annihilating entire rows of cereals and along the way injuring and hurting innocent bystanders. The two rookie agents are confused, naturally, what kind of weirdo attacks cereals? And they’re also a bit weirded out by Jake Burton because like me he’s a weirdo and I weird everyone I meet out, especially when I start ranting and raving about tales of the paranormal and outrageous conspiracies. I can’t help myself it’s my mental health condition, and we all have such a condition it just manifests differently from individual to individual.

Naturally it’s a daemonic creature, well creatures, that are feeding on the missing people in and around the Pine Barrens. Satan, lord of Hell, having relocated Hell to the Earthly plane all his high and low level demons have joined him. There’s no God, Jesus or angels in my stories the two rookie F.B.I. agents have it explained to them that the reality we all know was created by an insane Anti-God and that Satan is but one of his allies and underlings, Satan created the world and humans that’s why the world seems a little like Hell and nothing like Heaven, and why lots of people behave demonically, it’s a kind of dark nihilistic idea and I like it.

In the woods these low level demons, Jersey Devils, are met fought and defeated remains of their victims uncovered the evil threat to the Pine Barrens destroyed, job well done.


It’s not an original story, obviously as stated drawing inspiration from Supernatural and The X-Files and also many, many stories of missing people, because Missing 411 is so difficult to get my grubby un-evolved paws on I was left to download to Kindle on my iPad several other books dealing with missing people and strange disappearances in America and these allegedly true stories will be used as basis for the core of this story and possibly others yet to be concocted.

I do like the idea, real or imagined, that there’s a predator out there in the dark feeding on us humans I read something many years ago a big game hunter made claim that the number of people who disappear, never to be found, in America each year is in keeping with a large predator, or predators, hunting and consuming them he compared such disappearances to the feeding habits of African lions and I loved the idea and planned on using it some day in a piece of fiction, well that some day has become today and I’ve been super happy devising such an unoriginal tale. It’s kept me off the streets and out of trouble and will continue to do so for most of the year.



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