February Movies

The Fury; Re-animator; Shaun of the Dead; The X-Files; Rio Bravo; Hot Fuzz; Con Air; Where Eagles Dare; Spectre; Dr No; Tango and Cash; Predator; Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires; Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter; Scars of Dracula; Men in Black; Men in Black 2; Men in Black 3.

I failed to watch a lot of movies in February I had planned a kung-fu movie fest but ended up watching episode after episode of both The X-Files and Millennium instead, The X-Files is a joy for me, Millennium however isn’t.

I watched all February’s movies, except Spectre, during night shifts at work, whilst performing work related duties, and also whilst sitting on my fat ass drinking tea and eating cookies.

Let’s, for the reason of a blog post, take a look at some of those movies.

Re-Animator is pure Eighties horror joy. It had been a good few years since I had last watched the movie and I really enjoyed making it’s reacquaintance it could, for me, have been far gorier but overall it’s a fine old horror flick.

Shaun of the Dead is in my opinion the best zombie movie ever made and the fact it’s British brings me great joy. Some, perhaps most, of us Brits do spend an unhealthy amount of time drinking alcohol in public houses and so the movie offers us relevant themes and familiar situations. It’s Simon Pegg’s best movie and I find his performances in Brit flicks far more interesting and engaging than his roles in movies like Mission Impossible and Star Trek.

Rio Bravo is perfection and possibly the greatest western ever made.

Hot Fuzz is Simon Pegg’s second best movie. If you’re reading this and you’re British and aware of TV shows like Midsomer Murders than you recognise the tropes of this particular movie. Midsomer Murders is a cop drama set in various English villages, every episode there is at least one murder and of the few episodes I’ve seen there are always characters with dark secrets relevant to the murder case and supernatural undertones that are revealed before the end of each episode to be fake.

Con Air is quite possibly my favourite American action movie. It’s completely insane and that’s why I enjoy it.

Where Eagles Dare is just amazing. The scene in which Clint Eastwood’s character annihilates a bunch of Nazi’s on a stairwell is joyful, just before he unleashes death upon the Nazi’s he pauses for a moment to allow them the realisation they’re going to die. I’ve always enjoyed watching Nazi’s die onscreen, they’re the most worthy of death bad guys in cinema history.

Spectre suffered from the ills most modern movies suffer from. It sucked! I think the Bond franchise should be laid to rest, everything that can be said has been said leave the character to die and rot and maybe twenty or thirty years down the line, if the world is still the same, remake the entire series.

In March I will struggle valiantly to watch more movies, though I am quite busy with work, college courses and efforts to create fiction, I don’t know about you but I find there’s not enough time in a day to fit in everything I want to do. Work, college courses, writing and illustration, exercise, reading, watching TV box sets and movies I’m glad I don’t have an active social life, a relationship or children if I did there just wouldn’t be time for personal pursuits. In life each person as to make the decision to sacrifice something so they can live life the way they want I’ve made my sacrifices friends, romance, fatherhood all three were the least important things in my life and so had to be cut out and I’ve never regretted it and I never will.


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