Robin Hood Was A Tree?

I do think having a tree play Robin Hood is a grand idea, the Sheriff of Nottingham could be played by a rock, Maid Marian a pretty flower.

Apparently in a new Robin Hood movie, sub-titled Origins, Little John is to be portrayed by Jamie Foxx, now I’m an English fella, Robin Hood is an English legend and not once, EVER, have I read of Little John, or any of the Merry Men, being of dark skin. Being English, especially back in the days of King John and Richard the Lionheart, was to be Anglo-Saxon and ALL those historic Anglo-Saxon folk, including the fictional Little John, were whiter than I am.

I suppose I shouldn’t make complaint after all Noah, Moses and Jesus have previously been portrayed as white fella’s when I figure they’d have looked more like Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and Colonel Gaddafi, and not just the way like they look now DEAD but how they looked when they were living. Hmm, maybe Noah wouldn’t look very much like Saddam Hussein isn’t Noah described in the Bible as white (glowing) with red hair making him sound Celtic in origin?

Although, and as far as I’m aware, Noah, Moses and Jesus are as fictional as Little John and I guess it doesn’t matter how fictional characters are portrayed in other fictional works Superman can be portrayed by Barack Obama, Wonder Woman by Beyoncé, the latter really does make sense weren’t Amazons in Greek Myth dark skinned?

Making comments of this type probably makes me sound like a bigot, I’ve never considered myself as such, but I am an Anglo-Saxon, an English Briton living in a nation that is pre-dominantly white and a nation in which most people I’ve met have also been English Britons and massively bigoted.

For example, the English Britons I’ve met HATE Scottish Britons, Welsh Britons, Irish Britons, they HATE just as much the French, Germans, Eastern Europeans, Spaniards, Italians, Turkish, Iraqi’s, Syrians, Libyans, Mexicans, Cubans, Americans, Canadians, and even have HATE for each other, HATE of people from other towns and counties, HATE of people who support rival football teams. There’s a lot of HATE expressed by English Britons in my experience and I’m sure a lot of them, especially here in Nottinghamshire, are spitting feathers at Little John being portrayed by Jamie Foxx, if the stories are true naturally.

Personally I don’t actually care I have no interest in watching new Robin Hood movies, I haven’t watched Prince of Thieves or Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, there are only two Robin Hood movies worth wasting one’s time watching, in my opinion, The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn and Robin and Marian starring Sean Connery, one Robin Hood Australian and the other Scottish.


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