Crime Fighters

During time at my place of employ I was making mention that I believe if my nation, any nation, adopted a policy of feeding its prisoners and well known criminals, both street level scum and corporate/government level assholes, feet first into industrial sized wood chippers, or meat grinders, the nation would be a much better place.

Imagine living in a nation that murdered violently, and gloriously, all of its criminals and its scum surely life for non-criminals would improve almost immediately. People would be able to leave their cars and homes unlocked, kids could safely play outside, drunken women with no fear of rape roam town and city centres.

My idea of murder on a massive scale of my nations bad guys proved controversial I was compared to Adolf Hitler, yet my idea doesn’t advocate the industrial scale murder of people due to religious belief or skin pigmentation I didn’t find the comparison offensive too be honest I’ve heard it all before and been called much worse.

I’ve noticed, here in Britain, British people, mainly English, are, know, socialise with, have relationships with criminal scum and this criminal scum rather than be hated and condemned is instead admired and defended.

British political parties hardly ever condemn criminals and neither does the mass media. During political debates issues range from education and health and especially focuses upon immigration. If one was to form an opinion based solely on the media and words from our criminal politicians one would have the opinion that immigrants are a blight on society, that they commit all crimes while leeching off the Welfare State no one ever seems to express an opinion that a lot wrong with, any given, society is the native scum it produces.

Maybe it’s just me. I’ve grown up immersed daily in worlds of superheroes and dark vigilantes such worlds offer the idea that criminals, bad guys, require a good kick in the ass, a swift crunching fist to the chin, followed by a heavy boot to their brain dead heads. Or better yet machine gunned to death, their indecent vile little shit bodies riddled with hot lead, or their ugly fucking heads parted from their necks.

If my opinion is in some way fascist then I happily embrace fascism. Proudly claim myself a fascist. I’d sooner be a fascist and absolutely have nothing but fucking hate for criminals than worship the complete wastes of skin. I’d sooner be The Batman or The Punisher than The Joker or The Kingpin.


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