Destroy All Humans


There exists a fun monster movie Destroy All Monsters the title leapt to mind today when I read about the violence in Belgium. When similar violence occurs in Syria, or Iraq, or Turkey no one, I know, cares there’s no expression of sympathy, no condemnation of the perpetrators, no anger, zero hate. Things change however when it’s white Europeans, or North Americans, killed in acts of atrocity suddenly the people I know are full of thoughts of revenge naturally that revenge comes in a form of ‘KILL ‘EM ALL!’

So yeah Destroy All Humans, sure we can be tribal at times like this note the differences and oddities between us and the people that carry out the violence you know the kind of differences they’re pretty obvious due to different shade of skin, language or accent, and at these present times religious belief.

But fuck all that.

This violence is nothing new. Human history is bloody, it’s violent, it’s full of wars, invasions, massacres, genocide. Full of HATE. We’re good at hate us humans.

I’m not the type to lay blame of acts of terror on Muslims I’m sure some Muslims are dicks and I’m sure some just aren’t just like some Christians are dicks and some just aren’t.

Forget noting the differences between peoples I prefer to note the similarities and respond to situations like terror attacks, and NATO bombings of Syria or Libya in this manner:

‘oh look humans killing other humans AGAIN it’s not enough the insane bastards kill every other animal on the planet they have to go kill each other. MEH!’

It’s a good opinion to express, or so I think, better to blame us all, for being human, rather than single out a few humans due to their physical or petty pathetic differences.


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