Reboot, Recharge, Reinvigorate

I read, from time to time, the blog of Wil Wheaton and he’s been making comment about his attempts to reboot his life. They’re interesting blog posts I like the idea that people shake up their lives whether that shake up is big, travelling the world, fighting evil, or small hitting the gym and eating healthier. I’m sure everyone, occasionally, needs to get out of a rut and make attempts at something new so I stole Wil Wheaton’s idea and kept a journal of my attempts at a reboot.

I began on May 1st, a Sunday, the start of a new month seemed like a good time to reboot. I made a list of things I could do to improve my daily existence:

Consume Less Sugar: Most people consume vast amounts of sugar, especially in fizzy drinks, it’s not good for people in fact it’s a potential health hazard. I cut out, almost completely, sugary drinks and managed to avoid consuming sugar, in any form, completely for eleven days of the thirty-one, which wasn’t bad I suppose.

Read More: I LOVE reading and I have a big pile of unread books and comic books that I’m wanting to read but don’t make the time. There were four days in the month I didn’t read anything, probably because I was at work all day on those occasions. At the moment I’m reading lots of comic books and The Journey To The West volume one, English translation, and it’s a damn fine read.

Create: Being creative is important to me and I’d sooner spend my spare time writing or drawing rather than socialising. Throughout May I’ve wrote in my journal every day and began writing blog posts, like this one, again. I’m also in the midst of finishing off a drawing of Monkey Magic and sketching out a page featuring Freddy versus Jason versus Michael Myers versus Ash versus The Evil Dead with hapless teenagers caught in the middle as victims.

Watch More Stuff: I managed to watch a lot of movies, more than thirty, throughout May and also watch the footie, finish off the third season of Millennium, start the seventh season of The X-Files, watch the latest episodes of Archer, Person of Interest, Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Wynonna Earp, Castle, Elementary and episodes of Monkey for the purpose of creating blog posts.

Get Better Sleep: My sleep pattern is usually dreadful I can hit the sack at 22:00 wake at 0:00 and be completely refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Two hours sleep does eventually catch up with me and then I end up sleeping on the bus home from work. I have improved my sleep pattern recently staying asleep to 02:00 or 03:00 I’m aiming to be able to sleep through to 04:00 and no later than 05:00.

Eat Better Food: My food habits aren’t that bad I very rarely eat at fast food joints because the food doesn’t interest me but I can then buy pizzas from the shop and have three in a seven day period. I’ve cut back on carbs and began eating more protein and the effects on my physique are beginning to show.

Exercise Daily: I manage a good thirty minutes every day even if it’s only walking at pace. Daily exercise is important to maintain good health, I’ve never been ill, without the assistance of beer, my entire adult life and I’m forty-four now feeling fucking great/amazing every day.


I’ve managed to be determined, productive and disciplined in my attempts at simple reboots to my simple/basic little life and I’ve got to admit I’m pretty damn well pleased with my efforts and myself this being pleased with myself hasn’t led to smugness, because that would just be stupid, but I have been in a better mood throughout May and happier so I guess a reboot, simple though it is, works. My new found love for the television series Monkey as led me to start reading The Journey To The West a book series I had been meaning to make the purchase and reading of for several years and every day for the past few I’ve either been singing, to myself when home alone, the Monkey theme song or the England FC song Three Lions. The imminent European International tournament has, for some unknown reason, got me interested in supporting the England football team for the first time this century. Everything old is new again and it feels great, it feels fun, it feels cheery and happy and you can’t beat that.


Movie Madness


One of the reasons I started a blog was so I could express an opinion about the movies I watch. At the start of the year I had plans to blog about my monthly movie viewing but then I fell out of watching movies and blogging. Now seems a good opportunity, it being the end of May, to play catch-up. Having mentioned that it’s the end of May boggles my mind how is it the end of May already? How has the year passed by so fast? It’s a mystery.

The last blog post I wrote about my monthly movie viewing was back in February and I had planned on watching at least twenty movies a month things didn’t turn out the way I had planned.

March Movies

1 Ghosts of Mars

2 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2

3 Bichunmoo

4 Street Fighter (Sonny Chiba)

5 Royal Warriors

6 Ip Man 3

7 Fast Five

8 Return of the One Armed Swordsman

9 Doghouse

10 Pedicab Driver

Of the above movies my favourite was Ip Man 3 and my least favourite is a tie Fast Five and Doghouse both are dogshit in my opinion.

April Movies

1 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension

2 Iron Man

3 The Incredible Hulk

4 Iron Man 2

5 Thor

6 Captain America

7 Captain America: Civil War

April saw my first, and thus far only, visit to the cinema this year. Captain America: Civil War proved worth the visit an enjoyable popcorn escapism movie with another action sequences to sate my greedy needs.

May Movies

1 The Avengers

2 Iron Man 3

3 Thor: The Dark World

4 Guardians of the Galaxy

5 Captain America: Winter Soldier

6 Avengers: Age of Ultron

7 Star Wars

8 The Empire Strikes Back

9 Return of the Jedi

10 The Force Awakens

11 This Is The End

12 Cloverfield

13 Hitman

14 Batman versus Superman

15 Deadpool

16 10 Cloverfield Lane

17 River Of No Return

18 Posse From Hell

19 The Quick Gun

20 Krampus

21 Encounters of the Spooky Kind

22 Heroic Trio

23 The Executioners

24 Kill Zone 2

25 Ong Bak

26 Ong Bak 2

27 Mr Vampire 2

28 A Chinese Odyssey Part One

29 A Chinese Odyssey Part Two

30 Journey To The West: Conquering the Demons

31 Monkey King 2

32 Scream

33 A Nightmare On Elm Street

34 Freddy versus Jason

Krampus was a big disappointment and having recently re-watched A Nightmare On Elm Street I’ve got to say, ‘boy that movie is a fucking mess’, Freddy throughout the movie able to operate outside of a dream reality unless of course it’s all a dream without any resolution. I didn’t expect to enjoy Batman versus Superman but I ended up loving it. Monkey King 2 is my favourite new movie of the year so far and it’s going to take some beating as I found every aspect of the movie extremely enjoyable.

I watched quite a few movies in May part of my plan to watch as much as is possible while also making time to pursue little projects I’ve created for myself and which are perhaps beyond my ability to perform adequately or productively complete.

Monkey S01 E04

Monkey Swallows The Universe

Monkey six heads

Monkey and his fellow pilgrims continue ever onwards to their far away destination. The three supernatural beings smell something awful and Tripitaka spies human bones and evidence that a priest has been eaten.

Monkey runs down and captures a poor peasant who cries not to be eaten, Monkey confesses to be a vegetarian and releases the captured man, he informs Monkey that a nearby mountain is occupied by man eating demons the man names the leaders of these demons as a married couple Golden Horn and Silver Horn.

Monkey plans to leave behind the other pilgrims to fight the demon cannibals Pigsy believes Monkey lies about what’s up the mountain and so Monkey decides to trick Pigsy into searching the mountain for what he believes are pretty ladies. Tripitaka admonishes Monkey for tricking Pigsy and putting his friend in danger.

Horny Pigsy

Pigsy on his adventure for sexy ladies does so in comedy fashion, bumbling along feeling horny and with an empty belly Pigsy finds a pretty young lady out in the middle of nowhere. The young lady tempts Pigsy further with her womanly ways and it transpires that the sexy young lady is really an evil demon Silver Horn a demon of great magical powers.

The horny Pigsy finds himself easily captured by the cackling Silver Horn while Monkey tries to sleep Tripitaka worries about Pigsy and eventually persuades, well coerces, Monkey to go search for the lost pig demon. Pigsy is being beaten at the court of the cannibalistic demons, Golden Horn and Silver Horn watch his beating as a form of entertainment and find it most amusing these evil, hungry, demons plot to eat Tripitaka.

Tripitaka and his companions search for the missing Pigsy and stumble across a decrepit crone who pleads for the questing heroes to help her, Monkey ignores the crone but Tripitaka takes pity and asks Monkey to carry the crone back to her home, something Monkey had already figured would happen.

With Pigsy captured and Monkey set to help the crone Sandy discusses with his master that they’re probably walking into a trap and with only Sandy to protect Tripitaka. Monkey complains to the crone about her heavy weight before Monkey can figure out he’s been tricked he’s buried under a heavy stone. The old crone revealed to be Silver Horn disguised by magic.

Tripitaka comes under attack from the greedy demons and though Sandy valiantly fights he’s outnumbered and Tripitaka taken hostage. Sandy surrenders and he, like Pigsy, is beaten and captured. Tripitaka and Sandy are tied up alongside the hapless Pigsy.

Sandy and Pigsy argue

Pigsy and Sandy quarrel ceaselessly until Tripitaka loses his temper and shouts at the bickering pig demon and water monster.

The evil demon bitch Silver Horn plots to have Monkey captured inside a gourd like a Djinn from The Arabian Nights. Demon underlings are sent on their way to capture Monkey but he’s already escaped from beneath the heavy rock and uses his magical powers to disguise himself as an old man to have the stupid demons reveal their plan. Monkey uses further magic to trick the demons into handing over the mighty powerful gourd.

Having acquired the demons magic gourd Monkey tries to figure out how to use its power while the two stupid demons Monkey tricked return to their lair and are beaten to death by their comrades as punishment for losing the gourd. The evil demons make evil plans, that involve another evil demon, but Monkey disguised at first as a wasp and then an evil demon tricks more evil demons knocks them out and steals one of their bodies.

Monkey invites an old lady evil demon to eat at a banquet to consume Tripitaka. Monkey tricks the old demon to hand over a magic rope. The evil old demon lady arrives at the home of Golden Horn and Silver Horn and asks to be given a viewing of those she’s going to eat showing particular interest in tucking greedily into Pigsy, this naturally causes Pigsy to burst into tears.

Pigsy crying

Sandy notices that the old demon lady isn’t that she is actually Monkey in disguise but Monkey is found out and he’s forced to fight. Monkey is too powerful for the demon hordes but he’s defeated by Silver Horn’s magic and tied up with his companions.

Monkey escapes but Silver Horn manages to trap him inside the magical gourd but this imprisonment doesn’t last long Monkey’s magic affords him another escape while the evil demons sleep Monkey sneaks back into their lair pretending to be Monkey’s brother Silver Horn tries to trap him inside the gourd but because Monkey is claiming to be someone else the gourd fails to work and a huge fight explodes a fight Monkey wins.

Monkey fighting

Victorious Monkey frees his companions and they continue on their journey to the West.

The Journey continues


Pigsy’s lusts lead to disaster, almost, for the travelling companions and if not for Monkey’s martial arts prowess and magic tricks Tripitaka, Pigsy and Sandy would have been eaten.

It’s another fun filled episode featuring great interaction and bickering from the main characters and a slight bit of sorrow when the evil demon lady loses her lover to Monkey’s trickery.

Marvel 2-in-1

Marvel 2-in-1.2

The Thing was/is in my top three favourite Marvel Comics characters, Thor and Spidey, being the other two. Back in the day I used to LOVE reading Marvel 2-in-1 the above image is my attempt at recreating the cover for issue 83 the original can be seen below.


It’s a great issue The Thing in battle against Alpha Flight’s Sasquatch. It’s these kind of stories I want to read, I want a big, EPIC, comic book series that features, for whatever reason, all the strongest, and by strongest I mean physically, comic book characters from Marvel and DC duking it out to see who is the strongest one there is.

Plot and story wouldn’t matter employ THE very best comic book artists to illustrate the series, artists that would enjoy drawing Superman in battle against Juggernaut and Thor against Captain Marvel (Shazam). There have been over the years a few comic book creators who could conjure forth truly great fight scenes Jack Kirby, John Byrne and Erik Larsen leap immediately to mind.

There aren’t many things in life I wish for but I do have a list, reproduced here:

1 World Peace

2 One World Government

3 Time, effort and money pumped furiously into a global space exploration project

4 A Zombie Apocalypse

5 A comic book series featuring super strong characters kicking seven shades of bejesus out of one another

Hellboy THIS! and Hellboy THAT!


I’ve enjoyed posting images of some of my illustrations. It’s not been done out of ego, mine’s very small because I think so little of myself, I’m an insect, less than an insect, in my own mind. These past few posts have been created not out of ego, or vanity, but out of cheery joy. I know I’m no great, or good, or even competent illustrator but I do like drawing, when I have/make the time, and I’ve enjoyed creating a few blog posts featuring a few of my attempts at drawing cartoony images. Stuff should be fun, otherwise (once again), what’s the fucking point?

Mike Mignola’s Hellboy is a revelation, an amazing piece of design, one of the few comic book characters to be created in the modern age to stand on equal footing with those created in the 1930’s and 1940’s and the later Marvel creations of Kirby and Ditko.

I created the above illustration back in the day, most of my illustrations are old, older than the 21st century. The above only existed in black and white ink for most of that time until more recently, last year I think, I decided to hand colour the damnable thing.

When I originally inked the pencilled version of the above I, of course, mucked up Hellboy’s big stone right hand that’s why it’s bathed in blackness to hide my lack of artistic skill.


The above illustration didn’t turn out as well as I saw it in my mind’s eye, or whatever,  it features Hellboy in battle with a really evil dude who calls himself Doctor Demon Dragon-Head for reasons unknown.

Mike Mignola’s Hellboy series features everything I love in fiction there’s fighting, monsters, Lovecraftian dark gods that want nothing more than to consume humanity and let them digest, still alive, in their bellies for a thousand years and there’s a good guy monster with a bloody big stone hand. AWESOME! Right?

Of course it’s AWESOME! How could it be anything else?

Aliens versus Terminator


I LOVE/ADORE/OBSESS ABOUT Eighties movies, for me it was THE best period in time for movies I watch more Eighties movies throughout a calendar year than I do new movies and movies from any other decade. Obviously I keep re-watching the same movies over and over again and you know I never get bored of them.

The above illustration is something I created back in the 1990’s but hand-coloured more recently I wanted to create a comic book tale featuring the two movie icons beating seven shades of shit out of one another. It seemed like a good idea and went a little like this:

In the far future human kind created artificial intelligence and named it SkyNet unlike in the Terminator movies rather than wishing to wipe out humanity SkyNet worked with humans to improve the world and to venture out into the depths of space to be both explorers and adventurers. SkyNet’s lust for new worlds and new species was as great as human kind’s imagination of such things.

On a human colonised world a small population of thirty three thousand disappeared almost overnight SkyNet having a presence on all colonised Earth worlds and all spacecraft informed the parent, on Earth, via quantum tunnelling, the only way to communicate quickly across ridiculously vast distances of space/time, that the colony had come under attack by a mysterious unknown alien force. SkyNet sent the nearest military vessel to investigate. Onboard the vessel was a military force numbering 128, and based on the armies of Sparta, the 128 were divided into four units of 32 each unit comprising one Hunter/Killer T-800.

The story itself was based on the idea that everything we humans do in life, no matter how long or short that life is, is but a story like a novel if we live long enough there’s a beginning a middle and an end and various moments throughout a human life can be broken down into chapters and given headings. With this idea in mind I based the structure of the plot around one unit of 32 and the story was seen through the electronic eyes of the Terminator. Though the story would feature a lot of action, horror, violence and blood it would also be terribly human as the Terminator observed, coldly and logically, the humans in its unit.

If you think about it, and I often do, we’re a crazy animal, our behaviour, actions, social structures and civilisation itself seems hellbent on personal and collective destruction. We take rather than give. We’re hateful and full of love. We’re lazy, cruel, spiteful, mardy (a local term here in the Middle of England), judgemental, stupid and insane but we’re a fascinating creature that against all odds pulled itself up by its bootstraps and sent men to the moon, the most amazing achievement in human history. We’re tribalistic and we seem, at the moment, only capable of blaming all our individual nations social problems on the influx of foreigners when the truth is we the natives are to blame.

So anyway the story was seen through the eyes of a Terminator as it tried to understand how and why humans bicker with people they love, why humans can be hateful about a person behind their backs but nice to their face, why humans feel so lonely and empty even though they’re constantly surrounded by family and friends, and I wanted to examine other aspects of humanity that wouldn’t make much sense to a Terminator like ego, vanity, pride and envy.

The Xenomorphs on the other hand had none of the basic silliness that makes a human I saw them, within my story and see them in the movies, as something the universe shat out to keep life in check. The universe is for me something that maintains a balance between life and death, it seems we live in a reality that operates on a dualistic system life/death, day/night, young/old, male/female. The Aliens/Xenomorphs are death, I see them the same way Galactus, a character from Marvel Comics, was always presented in stories he featured in a force of nature that brought death to worlds that needed to die to keep the cosmic balance in equilibrium.

With space-faring civilisations spreading out from their home systems across the universe bringing life to worlds devoid of the universe would respond with a unstoppable force to return those worlds to their original dead state.

I saw the story as very nihilistic life would of course fight to survive but the cosmic balance must be maintained and the Aliens/Xenomorphs just wouldn’t stop until life was extinguished on the worlds they’d attacked. Obviously due to the very natures of the Aliens/Xenomorphs once they’d killed all life they themselves would eventually die out because they need hosts to reproduce. I also wanted to re-introduce mystery to the Aliens/Xenomorph origins I dislike this need to explain everything, for everything, including such an iconic monster, to have an origin diminishes the power of the creatures and makes them mundane instead of keeping them exotic.

Black and White Ink


I consider myself a bit of a comic book geek/nerd. I LOVE comic books, and yes I know social convention dictates that by the time a man hits forty he should have abandoned childish things been married at least once and have at least one kid, and be rampantly obsessed with tits and pussy.

That ain’t me. It’s never been me I LOVE comic books and I’m perfectly happy spending my free time, all of it, immersed in worlds of comic book cheery, and grim, goodness. To Hell with social conventions. Marriage, children, steady relationships seem, to me, the stuff of nightmares.

I guess I’m just a mild mannered misanthrope.

The illustration at the top of the page is the cast of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show I still have great affection for, and I must get around to watching it once again, I could do with winning the jackpot on a lottery so I don’t have to go to work and have enough free time to pursue the things I enjoy, reading comic books, writing and drawing, wasting hours indoors on the hottest day of the year watching episode after episode of a TV boxset.


The above illustration is of a character named Lady Pendragon. I wanted to draw a warrior type woman in a tricky situation involving a monster that was Lovecraftian in nature.

I re-discovered these, and other, drawings only recently while managing to avoid household chores and instead flicking through a big pile of illustrations and picking a select few for the purpose of keeping up my recent return to blogging.


The above illustration was page two of a five page Marvel Team-Up story I had written with the intent of posting the finished product online as a webcomic but then I figured, along with a Marvel Two-in-One five page comic I had written, it’s probably illegal to use Marvel Comics characters in my own webcomic so I erred on the side of caution abandoning my ideas, which seemed great at the time and still seem great now.

Creating the above page was a lot of fun I really, really enjoyed drawing Spidey fighting a bunch of Mindless Ones. Stuff (i.e. everything other than illness and death) in life should be fun. Bring happy cheer. Make one smile and/or laugh. If stuff (i.e. anything we do) produces the opposite of fun/happy cheer/smiles and laughs then what’s the fucking point doing it?

OHMYGOD! They Killed Chuck


Supernatural season eleven final episode. It’s the story to end all stories God is dead. Last episode God/Chuck, the Winchester’s, Crowley, Castiel/Lucifer, the Angelic Host, the Hordes of Hell and Rowena and through her a powerful witches coven tried to destroy Amara, the sister of God and for a time it looked like they were going to succeed until Amara/The Darkness killed God/Chuck.

Not killed Him outright but smacked Him hard enough that He won’t survive for long.

Amara’s plan to kill God/Chuck affects all of creation, Earth’s sun breaks and begins to die with the slow death of the sun all life on Earth will suffer and eventually die. In London, England at a posh house a young mysterious woman witnesses the end of the World and begins to act. She has, for some reason, an entire wall devoted to the Winchester brothers.

At the Men of Letters bunker the Scooby Gang, or whatever we’re supposed to call them, rest on their loser laurels except for Sam who wants to figure out a way to kill The Darkness. Sam figures if God/Chuck, the light, dies this will cause a cosmic imbalance and the universe will fall apart so Sam figures kill The Darkness, with God/Chuck dying the universe will be in balance light and dark gone forever.

God/Chuck let’s it known that the only way to kill The Darkness is with a lot of light, one hundred million suns, or some outrageous amount. But with God/Chuck dying there’s no way for him to create such a thing so Castiel suggests souls might better take the place of stars.

Sam and Dean go to capture lots of ghosts. Castiel seeks Heavens help. Crowley heads for Hell while Rowena claims she can build a bomb using the souls as the energy force and this mystical bomb will end The Darkness.

Sam and Dean, after a brief battle, capture some ghosts, but as they leave a Reaper spies upon them. Castiel claims that Heaven won’t help. Crowley reveals his stash of souls has been raided. At the bunker the Reaper, Billy, appears and offers to help with the collection of souls.

The Darkness in the meantime sits about with an old woman and watches her feed pigeons. The old woman offers insight into how we love family no matter how much we might also hate them. Billy loads up the bomb with hundreds of thousands of lost souls and Dean Winchester is volunteered to blow up the dark immortal bitch but it requires him to explode killing himself and Amara Dean agrees to the plan.

The mysterious English woman flies to America on her private jet and a chauffeur driven SUV transports her to Kansas.

With time ticking away Sam and Dean have one last moment at the grave of their mother. God/Chuck confesses He doesn’t want His sister dead but with no alternative it’s the only way.

At The Lazy Shag, a public house, the rest of the Scooby Gang settle down for one final piss-up while Dean confronts Amara. The Darkness reveals that when God/Chuck dies the entire universe will die with Him including Amara. Dean lets The Darkness know God/Chuck doesn’t want her dead because she’s family.


The Darkness and The Light, God/Chuck, have a heart to heart and Amara heals God and through Him the entirety of creation and it is absolutely fucking beautiful. I loved it. Every single moment of it.

With God healed the sun is healed with the sun healed the Earth is saved.


Sam arrives back at the bunker to be confronted by the English lady she banishes Castiel and decides she’s taking Sam to London, she represents the British order of the Men of Letters an organisation that thus far has remained secret. She shoots Sam, or so it seems. Dean, lost, finds his mother Mary a parting gift from Amara and the episode comes to an end.


Oh and Chuck they didn’t kill Chuck I just liked the combination of words, OHMYGOD! They killed Chuck, enough to use them as a title.

Monkey S01 E03: The Great Journey Begins


Monkey and Tripitaka continue on their great journey.

Monkey complains about his poor feet as he plods ever forwards to his, and his master’s, final destination, Monkey refuses to continue on the journey and so Tripitaka goes on alone until Monkey relents and continues the journey with the priest.

A crow spirit appears before the pair proving himself more powerful than Monkey the crow spirit gives advice to Tripitaka letting him know that there is evil surrounding him and evil demons, and people, will try and prevent Tripitaka from carrying out his mission many evil things do not wish for humanity to be saved from itself.

Tripitaka and Monkey arrive in a town plagued by a monster. Townsfolk reveal that a monster, the husband of Blue Orchid, has her imprisoned and does nothing but eat, drink and sleep. Monkey frees Blue Orchid from her imprisonment but when the monster returns Monkey decides to fight.

The monster in question turns out to be the greedy horrible Pigsy. Monkey and Pigsy fight for weeks until Pigsy runs for his sanctuary only to be run down and beaten by the Monkey King but the two supernatural beings become fast friends and Pigsy joins Tripitaka and Monkey on their journey to the West.

The first night of his journey with Tripitaka and Monkey Pigsy is seduced by an evil demon woman, who uses Pigsy’s lusts against him, and he Pigsy is trapped by the evil demon and her demonic daughters. The crow spirit releases Pigsy from his bonds and sets him back on his task.

Both Pigsy and Monkey complain to each other about their servitude to Tripitaka and their long journey to India to fetch the scriptures from Heaven. When trying to navigate a vast river Monkey comes across Sandy and the pair engage in underwater fisticuffs. Monkey follows Sandy to his lair where Sandy reveals his origins and joins Tripitaka, Monkey and Pigsy on their journey.

Traversing the vast river the companions of Tripitaka find themselves lost in a desert as a terrible storm rages. A violent force of Tiger Ghosts assaults Tripitaka and Sandy deep in the desert, Tripitaka is captured and delivered to the Tiger King. Eventually Monkey saves Tripitaka fighting his way through dozens of Tiger Ghosts assisted by the angry Sandy who defeats and kills the Tiger Ghost General.

Monkey 7

While Sandy and Monkey risk their lives to save Tripitaka Pigsy gorges his fat self on the vast food store of the Tiger Ghosts.


With the journey to the west slow to begin there’s still a lot of story packed into an episode. In this episode the pilgrims are forged together as a companionship and from the get go they all get along while at the same time bickering and imposing their unique personalities on proceedings.

There’s a lot of fighting, mostly Monkey attacking the Tiger Ghosts, but Sandy finds time to shine when he eliminates the Tiger Ghost General and there’s a nice exclusion of Pigsy as he, instead of assisting his companions in the rescue of Tripitaka, feeds his fat face instead.