Monkey S01 E03: The Great Journey Begins


Monkey and Tripitaka continue on their great journey.

Monkey complains about his poor feet as he plods ever forwards to his, and his master’s, final destination, Monkey refuses to continue on the journey and so Tripitaka goes on alone until Monkey relents and continues the journey with the priest.

A crow spirit appears before the pair proving himself more powerful than Monkey the crow spirit gives advice to Tripitaka letting him know that there is evil surrounding him and evil demons, and people, will try and prevent Tripitaka from carrying out his mission many evil things do not wish for humanity to be saved from itself.

Tripitaka and Monkey arrive in a town plagued by a monster. Townsfolk reveal that a monster, the husband of Blue Orchid, has her imprisoned and does nothing but eat, drink and sleep. Monkey frees Blue Orchid from her imprisonment but when the monster returns Monkey decides to fight.

The monster in question turns out to be the greedy horrible Pigsy. Monkey and Pigsy fight for weeks until Pigsy runs for his sanctuary only to be run down and beaten by the Monkey King but the two supernatural beings become fast friends and Pigsy joins Tripitaka and Monkey on their journey to the West.

The first night of his journey with Tripitaka and Monkey Pigsy is seduced by an evil demon woman, who uses Pigsy’s lusts against him, and he Pigsy is trapped by the evil demon and her demonic daughters. The crow spirit releases Pigsy from his bonds and sets him back on his task.

Both Pigsy and Monkey complain to each other about their servitude to Tripitaka and their long journey to India to fetch the scriptures from Heaven. When trying to navigate a vast river Monkey comes across Sandy and the pair engage in underwater fisticuffs. Monkey follows Sandy to his lair where Sandy reveals his origins and joins Tripitaka, Monkey and Pigsy on their journey.

Traversing the vast river the companions of Tripitaka find themselves lost in a desert as a terrible storm rages. A violent force of Tiger Ghosts assaults Tripitaka and Sandy deep in the desert, Tripitaka is captured and delivered to the Tiger King. Eventually Monkey saves Tripitaka fighting his way through dozens of Tiger Ghosts assisted by the angry Sandy who defeats and kills the Tiger Ghost General.

Monkey 7

While Sandy and Monkey risk their lives to save Tripitaka Pigsy gorges his fat self on the vast food store of the Tiger Ghosts.


With the journey to the west slow to begin there’s still a lot of story packed into an episode. In this episode the pilgrims are forged together as a companionship and from the get go they all get along while at the same time bickering and imposing their unique personalities on proceedings.

There’s a lot of fighting, mostly Monkey attacking the Tiger Ghosts, but Sandy finds time to shine when he eliminates the Tiger Ghost General and there’s a nice exclusion of Pigsy as he, instead of assisting his companions in the rescue of Tripitaka, feeds his fat face instead.



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