OHMYGOD! They Killed Chuck


Supernatural season eleven final episode. It’s the story to end all stories God is dead. Last episode God/Chuck, the Winchester’s, Crowley, Castiel/Lucifer, the Angelic Host, the Hordes of Hell and Rowena and through her a powerful witches coven tried to destroy Amara, the sister of God and for a time it looked like they were going to succeed until Amara/The Darkness killed God/Chuck.

Not killed Him outright but smacked Him hard enough that He won’t survive for long.

Amara’s plan to kill God/Chuck affects all of creation, Earth’s sun breaks and begins to die with the slow death of the sun all life on Earth will suffer and eventually die. In London, England at a posh house a young mysterious woman witnesses the end of the World and begins to act. She has, for some reason, an entire wall devoted to the Winchester brothers.

At the Men of Letters bunker the Scooby Gang, or whatever we’re supposed to call them, rest on their loser laurels except for Sam who wants to figure out a way to kill The Darkness. Sam figures if God/Chuck, the light, dies this will cause a cosmic imbalance and the universe will fall apart so Sam figures kill The Darkness, with God/Chuck dying the universe will be in balance light and dark gone forever.

God/Chuck let’s it known that the only way to kill The Darkness is with a lot of light, one hundred million suns, or some outrageous amount. But with God/Chuck dying there’s no way for him to create such a thing so Castiel suggests souls might better take the place of stars.

Sam and Dean go to capture lots of ghosts. Castiel seeks Heavens help. Crowley heads for Hell while Rowena claims she can build a bomb using the souls as the energy force and this mystical bomb will end The Darkness.

Sam and Dean, after a brief battle, capture some ghosts, but as they leave a Reaper spies upon them. Castiel claims that Heaven won’t help. Crowley reveals his stash of souls has been raided. At the bunker the Reaper, Billy, appears and offers to help with the collection of souls.

The Darkness in the meantime sits about with an old woman and watches her feed pigeons. The old woman offers insight into how we love family no matter how much we might also hate them. Billy loads up the bomb with hundreds of thousands of lost souls and Dean Winchester is volunteered to blow up the dark immortal bitch but it requires him to explode killing himself and Amara Dean agrees to the plan.

The mysterious English woman flies to America on her private jet and a chauffeur driven SUV transports her to Kansas.

With time ticking away Sam and Dean have one last moment at the grave of their mother. God/Chuck confesses He doesn’t want His sister dead but with no alternative it’s the only way.

At The Lazy Shag, a public house, the rest of the Scooby Gang settle down for one final piss-up while Dean confronts Amara. The Darkness reveals that when God/Chuck dies the entire universe will die with Him including Amara. Dean lets The Darkness know God/Chuck doesn’t want her dead because she’s family.


The Darkness and The Light, God/Chuck, have a heart to heart and Amara heals God and through Him the entirety of creation and it is absolutely fucking beautiful. I loved it. Every single moment of it.

With God healed the sun is healed with the sun healed the Earth is saved.


Sam arrives back at the bunker to be confronted by the English lady she banishes Castiel and decides she’s taking Sam to London, she represents the British order of the Men of Letters an organisation that thus far has remained secret. She shoots Sam, or so it seems. Dean, lost, finds his mother Mary a parting gift from Amara and the episode comes to an end.


Oh and Chuck they didn’t kill Chuck I just liked the combination of words, OHMYGOD! They killed Chuck, enough to use them as a title.


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