Hellboy THIS! and Hellboy THAT!


I’ve enjoyed posting images of some of my illustrations. It’s not been done out of ego, mine’s very small because I think so little of myself, I’m an insect, less than an insect, in my own mind. These past few posts have been created not out of ego, or vanity, but out of cheery joy. I know I’m no great, or good, or even competent illustrator but I do like drawing, when I have/make the time, and I’ve enjoyed creating a few blog posts featuring a few of my attempts at drawing cartoony images. Stuff should be fun, otherwise (once again), what’s the fucking point?

Mike Mignola’s Hellboy is a revelation, an amazing piece of design, one of the few comic book characters to be created in the modern age to stand on equal footing with those created in the 1930’s and 1940’s and the later Marvel creations of Kirby and Ditko.

I created the above illustration back in the day, most of my illustrations are old, older than the 21st century. The above only existed in black and white ink for most of that time until more recently, last year I think, I decided to hand colour the damnable thing.

When I originally inked the pencilled version of the above I, of course, mucked up Hellboy’s big stone right hand that’s why it’s bathed in blackness to hide my lack of artistic skill.


The above illustration didn’t turn out as well as I saw it in my mind’s eye, or whatever,  it features Hellboy in battle with a really evil dude who calls himself Doctor Demon Dragon-Head for reasons unknown.

Mike Mignola’s Hellboy series features everything I love in fiction there’s fighting, monsters, Lovecraftian dark gods that want nothing more than to consume humanity and let them digest, still alive, in their bellies for a thousand years and there’s a good guy monster with a bloody big stone hand. AWESOME! Right?

Of course it’s AWESOME! How could it be anything else?


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