Marvel 2-in-1

Marvel 2-in-1.2

The Thing was/is in my top three favourite Marvel Comics characters, Thor and Spidey, being the other two. Back in the day I used to LOVE reading Marvel 2-in-1 the above image is my attempt at recreating the cover for issue 83 the original can be seen below.


It’s a great issue The Thing in battle against Alpha Flight’s Sasquatch. It’s these kind of stories I want to read, I want a big, EPIC, comic book series that features, for whatever reason, all the strongest, and by strongest I mean physically, comic book characters from Marvel and DC duking it out to see who is the strongest one there is.

Plot and story wouldn’t matter employ THE very best comic book artists to illustrate the series, artists that would enjoy drawing Superman in battle against Juggernaut and Thor against Captain Marvel (Shazam). There have been over the years a few comic book creators who could conjure forth truly great fight scenes Jack Kirby, John Byrne and Erik Larsen leap immediately to mind.

There aren’t many things in life I wish for but I do have a list, reproduced here:

1 World Peace

2 One World Government

3 Time, effort and money pumped furiously into a global space exploration project

4 A Zombie Apocalypse

5 A comic book series featuring super strong characters kicking seven shades of bejesus out of one another


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