Monkey S01 E04

Monkey Swallows The Universe

Monkey six heads

Monkey and his fellow pilgrims continue ever onwards to their far away destination. The three supernatural beings smell something awful and Tripitaka spies human bones and evidence that a priest has been eaten.

Monkey runs down and captures a poor peasant who cries not to be eaten, Monkey confesses to be a vegetarian and releases the captured man, he informs Monkey that a nearby mountain is occupied by man eating demons the man names the leaders of these demons as a married couple Golden Horn and Silver Horn.

Monkey plans to leave behind the other pilgrims to fight the demon cannibals Pigsy believes Monkey lies about what’s up the mountain and so Monkey decides to trick Pigsy into searching the mountain for what he believes are pretty ladies. Tripitaka admonishes Monkey for tricking Pigsy and putting his friend in danger.

Horny Pigsy

Pigsy on his adventure for sexy ladies does so in comedy fashion, bumbling along feeling horny and with an empty belly Pigsy finds a pretty young lady out in the middle of nowhere. The young lady tempts Pigsy further with her womanly ways and it transpires that the sexy young lady is really an evil demon Silver Horn a demon of great magical powers.

The horny Pigsy finds himself easily captured by the cackling Silver Horn while Monkey tries to sleep Tripitaka worries about Pigsy and eventually persuades, well coerces, Monkey to go search for the lost pig demon. Pigsy is being beaten at the court of the cannibalistic demons, Golden Horn and Silver Horn watch his beating as a form of entertainment and find it most amusing these evil, hungry, demons plot to eat Tripitaka.

Tripitaka and his companions search for the missing Pigsy and stumble across a decrepit crone who pleads for the questing heroes to help her, Monkey ignores the crone but Tripitaka takes pity and asks Monkey to carry the crone back to her home, something Monkey had already figured would happen.

With Pigsy captured and Monkey set to help the crone Sandy discusses with his master that they’re probably walking into a trap and with only Sandy to protect Tripitaka. Monkey complains to the crone about her heavy weight before Monkey can figure out he’s been tricked he’s buried under a heavy stone. The old crone revealed to be Silver Horn disguised by magic.

Tripitaka comes under attack from the greedy demons and though Sandy valiantly fights he’s outnumbered and Tripitaka taken hostage. Sandy surrenders and he, like Pigsy, is beaten and captured. Tripitaka and Sandy are tied up alongside the hapless Pigsy.

Sandy and Pigsy argue

Pigsy and Sandy quarrel ceaselessly until Tripitaka loses his temper and shouts at the bickering pig demon and water monster.

The evil demon bitch Silver Horn plots to have Monkey captured inside a gourd like a Djinn from The Arabian Nights. Demon underlings are sent on their way to capture Monkey but he’s already escaped from beneath the heavy rock and uses his magical powers to disguise himself as an old man to have the stupid demons reveal their plan. Monkey uses further magic to trick the demons into handing over the mighty powerful gourd.

Having acquired the demons magic gourd Monkey tries to figure out how to use its power while the two stupid demons Monkey tricked return to their lair and are beaten to death by their comrades as punishment for losing the gourd. The evil demons make evil plans, that involve another evil demon, but Monkey disguised at first as a wasp and then an evil demon tricks more evil demons knocks them out and steals one of their bodies.

Monkey invites an old lady evil demon to eat at a banquet to consume Tripitaka. Monkey tricks the old demon to hand over a magic rope. The evil old demon lady arrives at the home of Golden Horn and Silver Horn and asks to be given a viewing of those she’s going to eat showing particular interest in tucking greedily into Pigsy, this naturally causes Pigsy to burst into tears.

Pigsy crying

Sandy notices that the old demon lady isn’t that she is actually Monkey in disguise but Monkey is found out and he’s forced to fight. Monkey is too powerful for the demon hordes but he’s defeated by Silver Horn’s magic and tied up with his companions.

Monkey escapes but Silver Horn manages to trap him inside the magical gourd but this imprisonment doesn’t last long Monkey’s magic affords him another escape while the evil demons sleep Monkey sneaks back into their lair pretending to be Monkey’s brother Silver Horn tries to trap him inside the gourd but because Monkey is claiming to be someone else the gourd fails to work and a huge fight explodes a fight Monkey wins.

Monkey fighting

Victorious Monkey frees his companions and they continue on their journey to the West.

The Journey continues


Pigsy’s lusts lead to disaster, almost, for the travelling companions and if not for Monkey’s martial arts prowess and magic tricks Tripitaka, Pigsy and Sandy would have been eaten.

It’s another fun filled episode featuring great interaction and bickering from the main characters and a slight bit of sorrow when the evil demon lady loses her lover to Monkey’s trickery.


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