Reboot, Recharge, Reinvigorate

I read, from time to time, the blog of Wil Wheaton and he’s been making comment about his attempts to reboot his life. They’re interesting blog posts I like the idea that people shake up their lives whether that shake up is big, travelling the world, fighting evil, or small hitting the gym and eating healthier. I’m sure everyone, occasionally, needs to get out of a rut and make attempts at something new so I stole Wil Wheaton’s idea and kept a journal of my attempts at a reboot.

I began on May 1st, a Sunday, the start of a new month seemed like a good time to reboot. I made a list of things I could do to improve my daily existence:

Consume Less Sugar: Most people consume vast amounts of sugar, especially in fizzy drinks, it’s not good for people in fact it’s a potential health hazard. I cut out, almost completely, sugary drinks and managed to avoid consuming sugar, in any form, completely for eleven days of the thirty-one, which wasn’t bad I suppose.

Read More: I LOVE reading and I have a big pile of unread books and comic books that I’m wanting to read but don’t make the time. There were four days in the month I didn’t read anything, probably because I was at work all day on those occasions. At the moment I’m reading lots of comic books and The Journey To The West volume one, English translation, and it’s a damn fine read.

Create: Being creative is important to me and I’d sooner spend my spare time writing or drawing rather than socialising. Throughout May I’ve wrote in my journal every day and began writing blog posts, like this one, again. I’m also in the midst of finishing off a drawing of Monkey Magic and sketching out a page featuring Freddy versus Jason versus Michael Myers versus Ash versus The Evil Dead with hapless teenagers caught in the middle as victims.

Watch More Stuff: I managed to watch a lot of movies, more than thirty, throughout May and also watch the footie, finish off the third season of Millennium, start the seventh season of The X-Files, watch the latest episodes of Archer, Person of Interest, Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Wynonna Earp, Castle, Elementary and episodes of Monkey for the purpose of creating blog posts.

Get Better Sleep: My sleep pattern is usually dreadful I can hit the sack at 22:00 wake at 0:00 and be completely refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Two hours sleep does eventually catch up with me and then I end up sleeping on the bus home from work. I have improved my sleep pattern recently staying asleep to 02:00 or 03:00 I’m aiming to be able to sleep through to 04:00 and no later than 05:00.

Eat Better Food: My food habits aren’t that bad I very rarely eat at fast food joints because the food doesn’t interest me but I can then buy pizzas from the shop and have three in a seven day period. I’ve cut back on carbs and began eating more protein and the effects on my physique are beginning to show.

Exercise Daily: I manage a good thirty minutes every day even if it’s only walking at pace. Daily exercise is important to maintain good health, I’ve never been ill, without the assistance of beer, my entire adult life and I’m forty-four now feeling fucking great/amazing every day.


I’ve managed to be determined, productive and disciplined in my attempts at simple reboots to my simple/basic little life and I’ve got to admit I’m pretty damn well pleased with my efforts and myself this being pleased with myself hasn’t led to smugness, because that would just be stupid, but I have been in a better mood throughout May and happier so I guess a reboot, simple though it is, works. My new found love for the television series Monkey as led me to start reading The Journey To The West a book series I had been meaning to make the purchase and reading of for several years and every day for the past few I’ve either been singing, to myself when home alone, the Monkey theme song or the England FC song Three Lions. The imminent European International tournament has, for some unknown reason, got me interested in supporting the England football team for the first time this century. Everything old is new again and it feels great, it feels fun, it feels cheery and happy and you can’t beat that.


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