Brexit: I’m Loving It Part One

I had planned on writing two blog posts about Brexit, 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, but events have been far worst than I imagined. Instead I’ll share my Facebook status updates concerning Brexit, I only have six Facebook friends for two reasons the first is I don’t like people and the second is I don’t know anyone (not really) because I don’t like people. It’s probably a good idea that I don’t like or know anyone and that I only have six Facebook friends if had more I’d probably be dead right now because I’ve got to be honest I am being a dick about Brexit and I’m loving it. Before Brexit I had no love for the British peoples, especially the Little Englanders, people who knew me from school to work to family and friends knew me for one reason I was the nob head always being highly critical of Little Englanders and naming (correctly as it now seems) them stupid fucking racist cunts. In my hometown of Mansfield seventy per cent of voters decided to Vote Leave, SEVENTY PER CENT, they did so because they are xenophobic, they did so because they are bigots, they did so because they are racists, they did so because they have shit for brains.

Anyhow here are my posts from Saturday 25th June until today I didn’t save my Friday 24th status update because I was super angry:


Yesterday was quite possibly the angriest I’ve ever been. I was still full of piss and thunder when I retired to my bed just before 22:00 so much piss and thunder I couldn’t settle I was up at 0:00 and again just after 02:00 and I finally made the effort to rise at about 05:30. But now it’s late in the morning (for me) and all my hate and anger, all that piss and thunder, as disappeared leaving behind a sense of bemusement at people who backed Vote Leave and a feeling of amusement.

Brexit is over for me. I’m done. I backed Vote Remain and lost like the perpetual loser that I am and I’m kinda glad because whatever happens here in Britain next is naught to do with me. I lost this isn’t my Britain, this isn’t the Britain I wanted to live in, this is a racist xenophobic Britain because that’s how Vote Leave won.

But have the voters who backed Vote Leave won anything? They’ll replace one toff Tory Boy with another toff Tory Boy, so no victory there. If there’s an early General Election due to Brexit I imagine the Tory Boys will win, so no victory there. As far as I’m aware the £350 million pounds a week promised to the NHS, education, jobs and housing never existed it was fictional and the money Britain used to pay for EU membership was probably borrowed anyway. And as for immigration (the reason seventeen million people plus decided to Brexit) it’s not going to go away anytime soon, if ever, Vote Leave admitted yesterday that immigration will still happen regardless of whether Vote Leave ‘Takes Back Control’ and Boris Johnson (future unelected Prime Minister?) said that immigrants aren’t going to be deported.

So what did supporters of Vote Leave win? If the promised EU money doesn’t exist and immigrants aren’t going to be forced home and future immigrants aren’t going to be prevented from entering the country what did those who backed Vote Leave vote for?

Like I said for me this entire Brexit is over I’m a loser (puts thumb and index finger up to forehead forming a L shape and voices, aloud, the word LOSER over and over again) but what do the Vote Leave winners do now? For them it’s only just begun and if nothing at all changes, everything pre-Brexit remains the same, what’s their next move?


Aww! Poor Northern Ireland out of Europe, against it’s wishes, twice in two days. At first I HATED Brexit now I’m loving it. Best thing that’s ever happened to Britain NOT because we’re out of the EU, we’re not yet, we might not ever be, and even if we are we’re still going to have to do a deal with the EU which basically means we never left.

I’m loving it that I was right Vote Leave lied and it’s supporters are morons. The experts said Brexit was bad for Britain the economy was fucked on Day One (Friday) but briefly saved by the Bank of England (a private organisation) loaning Britain £250 billion quid, yes we have to pay that back (with interest) the Bank of England must have been laughing into its already fat coffers.

I’m loving it that some, a lot so it seems, of Vote Leave supporters didn’t know what they were voting for, didn’t know what the EU was, or what Brexit meant. Morons.

I’m loving it that Nigel Farage lied and Boris Johnson lied and Michael Gove lied and that my fellow Brits believed them.

I’m loving it that immigrants are NOT going to be kicked out of Britain and that immigration is NOT going to be tackled. Vote Leave already admitting the day after the vote and the day after they were saying ‘Take Back Control’ that they’re NOT going to have control.

I’m loving it that there’s not £350 million quid a week for the NHS and education and jobs and houses. It was a Vote Leave lie.

I’m loving it that Britain is fucked and it’s been fucked by all those people who claim to love it the most. I’ve always HATED Britain, England especially, and now I’ve kinda gotten what I’ve always wanted a fucked Britain, a Britain in inner turmoil, a Britain that can’t blame the EU or foreigners for its current and future predicament because the fault lies with those Brits who supported Vote Leave.

I’m loving it and I’d like to thank Vote Leave you’ve made my dreams come true so THANKS! In the space of a few days I’ve gone from anger to laughing like a loon, I might be bi-polar or maybe, just maybe reality has begun to sink in and it’s as grim as I imagined 28 Days Later indeed.


I’m not (EVER) going to shut up about Brexit. I’m forty four now I might (maybe? possibly?) live for another forty four years and I’m going to go on and on about Brexit every day for those forty four years.

Some people from Vote Leave and Vote Remain claim that we’re now all in it together, didn’t sound like that before Brexit, in fact Brexit is all about being an isolationist and as a person who sensibly based on truthful information backed Vote Remain I can happily say I refuse to be in this together, I’m choosing being an isolationist.

And I believe that this is the truth:

PEOPLE WHO VOTED LEAVE ARE BIGOTS AND IDIOTS and I also believe that this new Britain outside of the EU (well not yet outside and maybe, just maybe, never outside) is nothing to do with me everything bad that’s happening leading to a ruined economy, a loss of jobs, an increase in food prices, a broken political union and on and on almost endlessly is NOTHING to do with me I engaged my brain and backed Vote Remain.

I have never believed Britain is great, it’s never, in my opinion, been great, it will never, during my lifetime at least (which might, hopefully, be well shorter than forty four years) be great.

The EU Referendum was (from my point of view) a British Civil War, but without all the violence, Vote Remain lost I’m a metaphorical corpse on a battlefield this new Britain ain’t nothing to do with me my Britain died Friday morning. This new Britain is Vote Leave’s Britain and they’re welcome to it. I believe this is what’s known as a pyrrhic victory Vote Leave defeated it’s enemies but inherited a burnt out war zone.


Little Englander (Vote Leave supporter) Mother and Father: “No son/daughter you can’t go to McDonalds.”

Son/Daughter: “But why Mater and Pater?”

Little Englander Mother and Father: “Because Mater and Pater backed Brexit.”

Son/Daughter: “What does that mean?”

Little Englander Mother and Father: “We don’t know, Mater and Pater have shit for brains, but we do know we don’t have any money and we do know you kids have no future. You’ll have to sell your ass, cock, pussy on the streets of a foreign land or stay here in Little England eat shit and be poor like Mater and Pater.”

Son/Daughter: “Will we have shit for brains when we grow up?”

Little Englander Mother and Father: “Most likely son/daughter most, if not all, Little Englanders do.”


No I’m really, really, really not going to shut the fuck up about Brexit so here goes another Facebook status update.

It has been claimed Nigel Farage is THE most important British politician since Winston Churchill. It has been claimed Nigel Farage is a Little England Hitler. How ironic.

And, I’ve just remembered, due to the fact I have the season finale of Game of Thrones to watch tomorrow, that House Lannister won the EU Referendum. GEE WHIZZ NERDS!

Apparently two-thirds of nerds backed Vote Leave. Apparently. I’m not sure how anyone knows wasn’t the vote anonymous?


Little England:

First they came for the immigrants. Then they came for those of Asian, African and Caribbean descent. Then they came for the fatties, the gays and the ginger’s.

Apparently two-thirds of British people of Asian, African and Caribbean descent along with two-thirds of fatties, gays and ginger’s voted for Brexit.

No the irony isn’t lost on me.


With the FTSE crashing (and no end in sight) and the pound worth less than a peanut will recession bring mass unemployment? And with Poland’s economy being one of the fastest growing in Europe will millions of Brits have to go to Poland to find work? Funny a nation of people who HATE immigrants might themselves become immigrants. Oh the irony.

Something else, I’ve noticed, Little Englanders all my life have been full of HATE paki this and nigger that and whenever they’ve been criticised for such their response has been “it’s only banter” funny to me now that Little Englanders are incapable of taking HATE right back at ’em. Hey it’s only banter, for a country of people to constantly use banter as a means to express themselves I find it funny that since Brexit they’ve done nothing but cry about being called morons, idiots, bigots, xenophobes and racists. If Little Englanders can’t take it they should never have doled it out.

At my place of work my job is to support people with Learning Disabilities I’ve realised, with recent events, that’s all I’ve been doing my entire life.


Brexit the gift that keeps on giving. Future Little England (after Great Britain becomes sadly no more) top government officials:

Prime Minister = Nigel Farage. If Brexiteer supporters want a Prime Minister who speaks for them he’s the only man for the job.

Chancellor of the Exchequer = A Potato. Because potatoes will be worth more than the pound.


Whatever happened to Britain’s Independence Day? Boris Johnson pre-Brexit declared we’d be independent but so far no big parties of celebration no events organised for this Friday to celebrate one week out of the EU.

Was Independence Day yet another lie?

Oh, and while I’m here, Vote Leave, and UKip, claimed that out of the EU meant out of the single market, that the single market has hampered British business and prosperity for decades.

Today campaigners from Vote Leave plead with the EU to allow Britain access to the single market because reality dawns and now it seems the rest of the world isn’t such an attractive economic prospect.

Oh dear Brexit, things can only get better, or worst depending on perspective and one’s own hopes and dreams.


Since Friday I’ve noticed that Mansfield (and the surrounding areas) smells like shit at first I thought it must be manure from farmer’s fields this morning I’ve realised that it’s the brains of Little Englanders that I can smell.


Having placed my Euromillions bet can anyone expect any millions tonight? Or is top price a turnip and a pint of sour milk?

You know if I was this full of myself over Brexit and England crashing out of Euro 2016 at work I figure someone would probably stab me in the face. Or if I actually liked people and knew more than a dozen people I’d probably find myself stabbed in the face.

Good job I’m a misanthrope and anthrophobe.


I’ve been thinking (because I can unlike most people in Mansfield and Little England) that this new Brexit land I now inhabit needs a new flag. I have a few ideas:


The Sun Newspaper and Brexit

The Sun newspaper is owned by a wealthy Australian who as American citizenship it seems to dominate British politics. The newspaper urged it’s readership to back Vote Leave and now some of those who did aren’t happy.–WySvafrAVZ?utm_source=indy&utm_medium=top5&utm_campaign=i100

Maybe if you’re daft enough to base your own opinions on those of the media you’re daft enough to make a decision you later regret.

Vote Leave: What Happens To The Vote Leavers?

Brit for Brit

Contrary to some of the majority, those who have decided upon Brexit, the Vote Leave WAS racist and xenophobic they can deny it all they want but the truth is IT WAS! But what happens now?

Immigrants aren’t going to be sent packing, they’re not going to be forced to leave Britain also immigration into the U.K. is still going to be far too high for the racist xenophobes who have caused Brexit.

So what happens next?

I’m going to imagine for a moment that I’m a racist, a bigot, a person filled with hatred for anyone not like me white and British, white and English to be even more specific. Now I’ve just helped cause Brexit and I did so because I hate Eastern Europeans in my hometown of Mansfield, I hate that they have a job, I hate that they’re hard working, I hate that their homes are nicer than mine, I want them gone because they make me feel small and I don’t like to feel small.

But the cause I voted for Leave now admits that immigration won’t be dealt with any time soon, if at all, so I’m left even more angry than I was before Brexit. What the fuck was the point of my vote if immigrants aren’t going to be kicked out of Britain? What the fuck was the point of my vote if immigrants are going to continue to flood into Britain?

I can’t be angry with the EU anymore because we’re out, we are Brexit, who can I aim my anger at? Do I, and my equally angry family and friends target individual immigrants and cause them intimidation and violence? I could but that’s not going to solve the problem I have with immigrants I can’t fight them all. Do I aim my anger at those in government, the Brexit government? But how do I do that? Protest and riot in London?

Back to being me.

Those racist xenophobes so angry at foreigners have now got to decide what they do next, what they do if immigrants aren’t sent packing in their millions, what do they do if immigration isn’t tackled by the Brexit government?

Brexit might just have been round one and this battle isn’t yet over, as a person who backed Vote Remain I’m out of the war, I lost, but those who backed Vote Leave haven’t won anything not yet not until all the immigrants are sent home and more are prevented from arriving on British shores and from my own perspective I just can’t see either of those things ever happening.

Hmm, I Wish I’d Voted Leave


I’d be a winner instead of a loser today, sigh, perennial loser I never ever win anything. Double sigh!

Once out of the EU not one Briton anywhere in the world can blame the EU for Britain’s problems it will be the Brits to blame so that’s a positive outcome of Brexit owning up to one’s own problems.

Here’s what I want from the soon to be Vote Leave government:

The £350 million pounds promised to the NHS, schools and housing EVERY WEEK I want to see spent on those important things to all Britons.

But hold on, Nigel Farage claimed this morning on live TV that the £350 million pounds a week was a mistake. Doesn’t that money actually exist? Was that Vote Leave claim a lie? I don’t know. No one seems to know.

Britain should now, or soon, be in charge of its borders. So we can roll back immigration, limit the amount of foreigners entering. I don’t personally care if immigrants chose to live here, good for them Britain’s a pretty sweet place to live but now Vote Leave wants them out, or at least not entering to begin with.

Britain can control immigration having now decided on Brexit. But can it? Britain already had control of immigration from outside the EU but didn’t.

We’ll be free to trade with the rest of the world but will the rest of the world want to trade with us? Does that free trade mean Britain will buy more stuff from non-EU nations? Does Britain manufacture a huge amount of goods the rest of the world wants?

We can make our own laws. I won’t have a say in those laws so it’s the British elites who will decide those laws and that doesn’t necessarily mean those laws will benefit most Britons.

So that’s it. Let’s see what happens next. Strange times. Unsettling times. Maybe, just maybe, everything will either remain the same or things will improve.



I kinda figured weeks ago Brexit would be a reality this morning. I’m most amused as well as pissing anger, it’s squirting from every pore, but I do have two future blog posts out of this entire bad mistake they’re both based on the assumption Britain is now doomed and are titled Brexit: 28 Days Later (to be written twenty eight days from now and based of course on the British post apocalypse movie) and Brexit: 28 Weeks Later.

It might seem overly dramatic to claim that Britain is now doomed but imagine this Britain is now a nation that’s future has been decided by all of its worst people. The Vote Leave campaign was supported by racists and bigots, what right-minded decent person wants to live in a world in which racists and bigots determine its future?

Preacher One Point Four


I’ve finally managed to watch the damned episode what with working eight night shifts on the bounce, watching Euro 2016 and designing a comic book I’ve been too busy to play TV catch-up.

Until now.

The latest episode begins in similar fashion to a great deal of horror tales scantily clad young woman trying to escape an evil man/monster only in the case of Preacher it seems like this horror tale is actually a bit of (weird) paint balling fun until something horror like unfolds. I do question why women feed the wants/needs of men, why they massage men’s ego’s and demean themselves. This world is a battlefield from the moment you’re born to the time of your death, we’re at war with ourselves, each other, everything else and reality itself.

Jesse Custer struggles with his faith, I would imagine most, if not, all preachers have moments where they struggle with their faith after all no one can definitively know there is a God or that what they’re doing is meaningful. It must be extremely difficult to spend one’s life devoted to a cause like the worship of God when no one can be sure the Almighty exists. Faith must only take someone so far we’re an inquisitive, supposedly intelligent, animal species that asks questions of everything and nothing. Especially if you’re a man of God who was whipped as a child by his own father who was a man of God, wouldn’t a put upon whipped child question the very existence of God and Jesus? Imagine a kid beaten by their father who served God, preached God’s love and God’s mercy, wouldn’t that kid think hold on where’s God’s love and mercy when I need it? Am I unworthy? Am I The Devil?

The main thing that leaped out to me from this episode was that the actor playing Cassidy looks exactly like the comic book character. The similarity is uncanny. I found it startling and it wasn’t something I’d noticed, or paid any attention to, before.

In television shows, and movies, drug use is usually shown to be cool you’d be stupid not to be an addict everyone’s having fun and if you’re a bloke you’re gonna get blown and fucked by amazing sexy chicks but outside of my window I observe drug addicts roaming my hometown and they look like they woke up at the bottom of a rubbish heap, would be prepared to rape and kill for their next fix and the sexy chicks aren’t the least bit sexy not unless you’re the type to find zombie chicks sexy. It’s that odd difference between fiction and reality one is supposed to be the mirror of the other but that’s not the least bit true, not any more. When it’s a fantasy theme it don’t matter none physical laws can be defied, inappropriate lifestyles and behaviour made to seem cool and fun but shouldn’t some behaviours, like drug addiction, be portrayed honestly? It can’t all be fucking sexy chicks and having a right good laugh otherwise those addicts who pass by my windows wouldn’t look like death.

The overriding thing I derive from this TV show is that without the character of Tulip O’Hare and the actress expertly portraying her this series would have no drive, no passion and no heart it’s her characters specific narrative that keeps the show interesting, to me, and ticking over without her, and perhaps with a different actress, the show would be aimless and without purpose. I like strong female characters, I like badass female characters, I like female characters who don’t take shit from anyone, especially not male characters.

The world, I imagine, is a hard harsh place for females especially in the shit eating places like Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia but regardless of those kind of fucked up barbaric places it’s no Heaven on Earth here in Britain for females when they’re not being objectified or criticised for their looks or fashion sense then they’re being beaten, raped and murdered. Thank God I’m a man. Women have been historically and are traditionally treated worst than dogs by men and so it’s nice to have a female character in our fictions who can kick a man in the balls.

Vote Leave versus Vote Remain


We’re nearly there. It’s getting closer all the endless debate and outrageous lies will suddenly come to an end. Thank the stars. Not that Leave or Remain affects my awesome life, Remain means my awesome life remains the same, Leave means my awesome life might remain the same but with the added bonus of material to use to tell a ton of tall tales via this blog. I suppose a Leave vote could lead to massive negative effects on Britain negative effects I’ll use as a means to write blog posts if of course I’ve still got electricity Vote Leave could mean an end to electricity and a return to the Stone Age and won’t all Britain’s cavemen be thoroughly happy? Humans like me with our opposable thumbs will probably be hunted down and eaten alive. Fuck and bugger VOTE REMAIN!

I watched moments from the televised EU Referendum Debate and though I made my mind up on the day the Referendum was announced to Vote Remain I watched with interest the last minute arguments of both groups and it seemed to me a no-brainer Vote Remain is the only way.

Vote Leave haven’t a clue on how the British economy is going to survive Brexit campaigners keep making the point that Britain buys a lot of crap from Europe but no one, as far as I’m aware, says Europe buys a lot of crap from us. It seems like the economic talk is a one way street we buy stuff we need/want from Europe without offering Europe anything in return it’s not the EU that needs Britain but Britain that NEEDS the EU, contrary to Vote Leave’s argument. The EU could effortlessly negotiate trade agreements with other nations to cover the loss of revenue from Britain if we Britons decided not to buy crap from Europe but Britain cannot attract nations outside of Europe to buy crap we make because we don’t make enough crap. Rather than being a powerful manufacturing nation Britain is a service industry no one wants to buy that.

Vote Leave believes we don’t need immigrants but boy do we. I have first hand experience of this a decade, or less, ago I worked at a factory a factory that required new influx of staff for about a year job adverts were placed in local job centres and newspapers but the positions couldn’t be filled no one British wanted the jobs so eventually people from Eastern Europe filled those positions. This culture of British natives not wanting to fill available employment positions was/is prevalent throughout this island nation and not unique to one specific region. Immigrants do the jobs native Britons don’t want, won’t do. It’s the reality of modern day Britain. If after Brexit European immigrants leave en masse all the bigots and racists might be happy but that happiness won’t last (obviously bigots and racists can never be truly happy because they’re so full of hate) the British economy will collapse having huge effects on every man, woman and child in Britain and the only way to save Britain will be mass immigration to Britain. See how crazy Vote Leave is?

A win for Vote Leave won’t mean any of the things they’ve been campaigning for will actually be implemented because campaigners and supporters live in cloud cuckoo land. A win for Vote Remain means nothing changes life remains pretty good everyone rejoice and be happy you live in Britain not Syria.

A win for Vote Remain means Britain is still a member state of the EU but the Vote Leavers don’t want to be part of the EU so will they leave Britain? En masse becoming immigrants. Will Vote Leavers just fuck off? If they’re thinking of fucking off I think Mars is nice this time of year and once they’re gone there’s no coming back from Mars. Believe.

For me the entire EU Referendum has been like geek/nerd arguments for example in Game of Thrones hands up who supported House Stark (Vote Remain) and who supported House Lannister (Vote Leave)? Jeez, who would want to support House Lannister (Vote Leave) what a bunch of murdering bastards. Star Wars (Vote Remain) or Star Trek (Vote Leave), the Galactic Empire (Vote Leave) or the Rebellion, Han, Luke, Chewie and Leia (Vote Remain).

There’s even an argument that can be made in regards to real life Churchill (Vote Remain) or Hitler (Vote Leave). You might think that’s a tad extreme but really is it? Vote Leave hates immigrants, Hitler hated immigrants. Vote Leave drones on and on about sovereignty and patriotism, so did Hitler. Vote Leave hates Polish people, Hitler had his military invade Poland. Vote Leave hates Muslims and Jews, Hitler hated Jews, maybe not Muslims though. The parallels between Hitler and Vote Leave are obvious, for anyone with eyes to see.


Night Owl

… weird large eyes!’

I LOVE the night a lot more than I like the day. If I could I’d live the rest of my life at night and sleep during the day, I kinda could mostly if my place of employ would make me a fulltime night worker but I’m doomed, cursed, to have to endure the daylight.

The dark is when I, and the world, feels properly alive it’s a brief return to the way things used to be before scaredy cat humans built the world to suit their own selfish wants rather than maintaining a lifestyle of adaptation and evolution. Survival of the fittest? Not anymore the human race is a pathetic weak willed buffoon.

Daily day time life is mundanely the same almost every day I wake at 04:00 enjoy a few brief moments of quiet before the rest of the world wakes. Cars and motorbikes and trucks and vans and buses loudly kill the quiet with their ceaseless engines and screeching tyres. Downtrodden, heart broken, soulless humans drag themselves to work and to school, young people shout and holler, music from their phones is a nonsensical drone of rhythm and tone if only they would invest in earphones. Before noon the world around me is mostly occupied by the elderly, decent sorts, quiet and respectful but after noon the benefit cheats, the single mothers and their screaming bastards, the drug addicts and petty criminals wander the world infecting it with their brutal loudness and insane delusions. Between 15:00 and 18:00 it’s the school runs and workers speedily fleeing their places of employment.

Come the night, come the witching hours, the world returns to peaceful quiet, humans locking themselves in their self imposed prisons, hiding fearfully from the real world, a world of bloody tooth and claw. It’s a world attractive to me due its lack of humans, due to its lack of bullshit drama, due its lack of lies and exaggerations, due its lack of arrogance and ignorance, due its lack of bragging and shallow expressions of idiocy and nincompoopery, random bloke: ‘shit did you see her arse, legs, tits?’ Me: ‘I know right, I’ve never seen legs, an arse or tits before. Who would have thought females would be possessive of such things? Not I. Good spot.’

The night ‘tis a thing of beauty, the day is just full of cunts!

Apocalypse… Now!

During a night shift I can’t help but think I’m living in a post apocalyptic world. In the wee hours of the morning the world around me is almost completely silent there are no people, I’m all alone, there’s no television, there’s never anything on I’m spending my night shift drawing a horror comic book. The world appears, from my vantage point, dead.

Some people have a problem with being on their own, of a world fully silent, I’m the opposite I have a problem being surrounded by people and of a world that just won’t shut the fuck up. I love being me so much I’m at my most happiest when I’m all alone the world dead silent if I could I’d live my life at night and sleep during the daylight hours all the time but I can’t and I have to accept that’s just the way it is.

With night surrounding me, penetrating my very soul, influencing my thought processes I consider a post apocalyptic world I imagine a post apocalyptic Britain if I was an American I’d imagine a devastated United States populated by survivalist types, apparently such types are popular over in the United States. Heavily armed, paranoid, delusional, Christian, racist rednecks a zombie apocalypse a pleasing world for them gone is the Federal government, gone are all those unpleasant non-white, non-Christians and all that’s left are rednecks and millions of the undead. Heaven.



Here in the U.K. I don’t think we have heavily armed, paranoid, delusional, Christian, racist rednecks but why don’t we? There are a few reasons:

1 We don’t have access to weapons. The U.K. is a friendly weaponless place us Brits aren’t allowed firearms, tasers, pepper spray, batons, knuckle dusters, combat knives anything really, anything that’s a tool used for injury or death we’re not allowed. Seems sensible.


2 We don’t seem to be as paranoid as Americans. We’re not brainwashed into thinking we’re going to be invaded, even though England was regularly invaded in historic times. We don’t seem to think that the government and the military are going to turn against us and impose some kind of tyrannical dictatorship. We seem quite sane in regards to how we view being British and our position in the world.

3 We are delusional. British delusions are mainly formed from the notion that we once were great, GREAT, not realising that the great in Great Britain is meant as a geographical measure and not a measure of Britain being greater than any other nation.


4 We’re largely a secular nation. Thank God! That wasn’t always the case, someone really smart once said: ‘England has two books, The Bible and Shakespeare. England made Shakespeare, but The Bible made England.’

5 We don’t have racist rednecks the closest we have are people from housing estates, the Chavs, Council housed and violent, they’re Britain’s answer to America’s rednecks. Our racists in Britain largely seem to be English, they make attempt at being respectable but they’re just thugs. I don’t like racists. I never will.


Considering that in the U.S.A. racist rednecks will most likely prosper post apocalypse I didn’t consider Britain’s racist Chav population to do the same but I did begin to question whether it’s possible to create an apocalypse scenario that managed to kill off all the racist rednecks and racist Chavs in one fell swoop. It’s something I want. I couldn’t think of an apocalypse that would do so but with Englishmen running riot in France I did hit upon a different idea.

What If…

… The Racists Turned Rabid?

I imagined a supernatural event of some magnitude that only affected Anglo-Saxons and only those Anglo-Saxons who were bigoted bastards so all the racists and homophobes. Suddenly, with alarming speed, Anglo-Saxons worldwide turned on non-Anglos and began beating, fucking and eating them. Kinda like the comic book series Crossed but with only bigots affected. I imagined how wonderful it would be to survive in a post apocalyptic world, think The Walking Dead, but without the prospect of being raped and murdered by your fellow survivors but then I figured other peoples, African and Asian, have their own versions of the Anglo-Saxon bigot wouldn’t they rape and murder?

Fortunately here in England the percentage of non-Anglos is very small so chances are most rapists and murderers are Anglo-Saxon and would be out viciously, and without cause, raping and murdering anyways.

I’ve already begun to turn my idea into a story, created a main character followed his movements and expressed his ideas pre-apocalypse and then BOOM he’s trapped in what seems like a crazy fucking B-movie bigoted Anglo-Saxons suddenly losing their shit and going full on cannibal, just chomping their way through England. I’m not sure if it’s an idea already conceived of before and I don’t care it’s an original idea from where I’m sitting and I like it.

Imagine the tale monstrous Anglo-Saxon bigots rampaging throughout every land where such people make their home and opposed by all non-white Anglo-Saxons and those Anglo-Saxons who don’t adhere to ideas of a bigoted nature.

Sounds a ton of fun, a ton of fun with huge doses of violence and outrageous gore someone should make it into a television series. I’d watch it.