Monkey S01 E05

The Power of Youth

In a mountain Kingdom a new King has come into power, the old Earth gods fear the King, and rightly so the King having declared himself the King of Youth has decided everything old was useless to be killed or destroyed. His armies rage across the Kingdom wiping out everything old in their path.

Into this Kingdom wanders Monkey and his fellow pilgrims. The King of Youth announces he has no use for old religions or the traditions that go hand in hand with such religious beliefs. Tripitaka’s very presence in his Kingdom makes him an enemy.

Pigsy and Sandy in argument

As always Pigsy complains about the long journey West, this break for a rest and Pigsy’s complaints, leads to the appearance of the monstrous King of Youth and his armies. Pigsy hopes there are pretty demons and monster ladies to be had in this Kingdom but Sandy expresses a disinterest in such things claiming they prevent a man/monster from thinking.

Sandy full of confidence and arrogance believes that the monsters being merely local to a specific and small region pose no threat after his bold declaration a great storm hits the pilgrims and Tripitaka is abducted. Monkey using his cloud walking magic technique meets with the old Earth gods and discovers the King of Youth is the son of King Ox an old ally of Monkey.

Monkey decides he and Pigsy will approach the throne room of the King of Youth while Sandy stays behind to look after Tripitaka’s horse. Monkey and Pigsy, being disrespectful, try their version of diplomacy to have the King of Youth return their master Tripitaka. Monkey attempts to use his old alliance with King Ox as a means to have the King of Youth return the Buddhist priest but the young King is disgusted with his own father and refuses Monkey’s request.

Monkey attempts diplomacy

The youthful king uses his magic to set Monkey and Pigsy on fire while at the same time hurling his martial forces at the pair of animal spirits thus the pig demon and the Monkey King find themselves involved in a furious battle. During the battle Sandy spies upon a sexy young lady and of course falls in love.

Monkey sends Pigsy to seek assistance from a Great Dragon King to combat fire with sea water Monkey in the meanwhile confronts the King of Youth taunting him into attacking with fire once again hoping to negate this powerful magic by having the Great Dragon King unleash an ocean from the heavens but the King of Youth is far too powerful Monkey’s plot fails leaving him falling to harm in a river below to be saved by the sexy young lady Sandy had spied upon, and who turns out to be the concubine of the King of Youth.

King of Youth and Concubine

Monkey’s mistrials and tribulations have left him as stiff as rock. Monkey recovers while Sandy swoons over the sexy young lady. Pigsy goes on an adventure to seek assistance from a goddess now in a masculine form but it’s not the goddess Pigsy has sought out it’s the King of Youth tricking the stupid pig demon by using magic to disguise himself and Pigsy is also captured by the young King.

Though still recovering from his battle against the King of Youth Monkey, in wasp form, infiltrates the King’s fortress spying on the troubled youth has he makes plans to cause further troubles. At the home of the sexy young lady the King of Youth pays a visit and reveals his plans to torture Tripitaka so that he can get the attention of Heaven and especially his neglectful father.

King Ox banquet

Sandy informs Monkey of the King of Youth’s horrible evil plan and Monkey informs his old ally King Ox. King Ox chews out his stupid young son. King Ox and his son discover the sexy young lady freeing Tripitaka and the King of Youth beats the young lady until it’s revealed that King Ox is really Monkey in disguise. Monkey takes the sexy young lady hostage and wishes for an exchange the lady for Tripitaka.

Though the King of Youth treats the sexy young lady poorly, beating her violently, he still in his own way loves her and agrees to Monkey’s terms.

The King of Youth cheats the Monkey King exchanging two stone statues disguised as Tripitaka and Pigsy the King of Youth’s gloating however disappears when the old Earth gods attack trapping the youthful King inside the ground. Tripitaka intervenes and saves the King of Youth after the sexy young lady pleads with the holy man.

Tripitaka forgives

The pilgrims return to their arduous journey and Pigsy taunts and teases Sandy for his earlier declaration of having no interest in sexy young women.

Pigsy teases Sandy


This episode, the English translation at least, presents the viewer with the ages old conflict between the young and the old. The old crave familiar traditions, stick to conservative beliefs and lifestyles the young want new and loud rock music they want to rebel to tear down everything old and create something new. The young want to believe everything they do has never been done before but the truth is nothing is new, or at least very few things are, I suppose new technologies, phones and computers, have presented the young with something new but mostly the young just rehash ideas, beliefs, themes and actions that are centuries old.

Though Monkey possesses vast magical powers they’re not, as yet, exploited very well in the early pages of The Journey To The West Monkey can conjure forth, and become, a terrible storm with very little effort he should have been able to easily defeat the King of Youth.


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