I’m super excited for Euro 2016, it feels like 1996 once again. I haven’t been an England fan since the 1998 World Cup, though I am indeed English. I guess my falling out with England, almost every aspect of it including the football, was due to English people I had constant contact with being people I detested, but that’s all in the past and it’s best to forget the past, put the past behind learn from it and move on into a bright shiny future. Besides what’s the point having negative thoughts and feelings towards other people? It only makes you feel unhappy and we all have a choice we can be happy, no matter what, or unhappy and who, in their right mind, chooses to be unhappy?

I rushed home from work tonight eager to watch England versus Portugal and though I missed most of the first half I did happily watch the second. Now the commentators/pundits had the view that England were poor but I really enjoyed the game I guess it’s my renewed interest in England that I can embrace and enjoy things just for the hell of it.

Earlier today I was asked if I thought England could win the Euro’s and I answered honestly and positively of course they can it requires a little good luck and a lot of hard work but England can win the tournament.

I’ve bought, because I didn’t own any, a bunch of England related football tee’s and baseball cap, the cap I wear every work day, it’s an almost permanent fixture on my head, when I’m outside, as I mostly spend six out of seven days at work. Fortunately I have England’s opening game against Russia off work, sacrificing annual leave, and I’ll spend the day with friends, I don’t spend enough time with but that’s life, and I’ll watch the game in the evening full of excitement, positive feelings, happy cheer and beer.





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