Brexit This Melon Farmers!


I’m voting to remain as part of the EU just for the simple reason I have a damn good life, it’s almost perfect if of course there’s such a thing as perfection, so I have no need for change, no reason to take back control. HA! I find that Vote Leave slogan high-larious. ‘Take Back Control’ who is taking back control? The average minimum wage slave? The benefit scroungers? Those who support the English Defence League? The British National Party? Britain First? UKip? Fuck those kinds of people, and don’t allow them to have any control, Britain would end up looking like Nazi Germany there would be death camps, named labour camps, for Jews, Muslims, dark skinned people, gypsies and once they’ve all been exterminated the obese and overweight, ginger haired people, anyone looking like they’re a bit foreign would be next.

‘Take Back Control’ I’ve never had control over Britain I’m a peon, a peasant, a nobody people like me shouldn’t have control over a nation and its comings and goings and good job to I’m an idealistic fucking idiot if I had control I’d be campaigning to put an end to Britain’s involvement in bombing and invading foreign lands, I’d be wanting to scrap Third World debt, I’d be demanding that Britain be great by mass re-education and social restructure, I’d want, if I had any control, to get away from this idea that success and worthiness is determined by wealth and fame, I’d want people to realise success and worthiness is actually determined by being productive and useful and that most wealth is mere fiction it only exists as numbers not as actual physical hold in your hands paper, or soon to be plastic, money. I’d want to let young people know fame fades and is nothing to aspire to, Britain needs scientists and engineers and architects and builders and trades people, national prosperity is built on hard working people doing demanding jobs Britain doesn’t need more X-Factor winners or mindless vulgar reality TV stars.

‘Take Back Control’ the only people who have ever had any control over Britain will always have control over Britain regardless of it being a member of a larger state. The Brexiters are amusing, I’m no smart person, I don’t think I’ve ever used my brain beyond it’s basic functions but those Brexiters seem to me to have shit for brains.

‘Take Back Control’ of what? The borders? So basically it’s a bunch of racist white people wanting rid of anyone foreign because their belief is foreigners ruin, or have ruined, Britain, fucking twats, Britain was ruined long before it became a member of the EU.

‘Take Back Control’ whoever as control I’ve never met, I’ll never meet and neither will you.


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