It’s The End Of The World As We Know It


Earlier today I was pondering the end of the world, at first my pondering involved something awesomely catastrophic ending our small world, the only place we will call home, but after a while my pondering led me to a less climatic ending to humanity. I spent a few hours, while playing football, contemplating the end of civilisation as we know it and what kind of people would survive.

I figure those survivalist types in the United States who are prepared for the end of the world might be the only people to survive, and prosper, the rest of us would be mincemeat especially if, like me, you have zero survival skills and have never been camping ever in your life.

Lots of stuff we take for granted would immediately be gone electricity, clean water, baths and showers, ovens and cookers, television, video gaming, gone perhaps never to return. Motor vehicles made redundant forcing survivors to walk everywhere, most people I know don’t, say they can’t walk a distance that would last a mere fifteen minutes. Off to the shop, fifteen minutes walk away, in the car. Off to work, thirty minutes walk away, in the car. Dropping the kids off at school, at the end of the road, in the car. Off to the chip shop in the car, to Pizza Hut in the car, to visit family or friends in the car. It wouldn’t kill people to walk every day but to hear people speak they believe it would, even though it seems being lazy and going everywhere in the car is actually going to kill people either in accidents or by helping lead to poor health.

Then there are the so called luxury items that people claim they can’t live without cigarettes, beer, holidays abroad, their personal phones or computers. For the most part I find modern day technology fucking rubbish mobile (cell) phones, laptops bah! What a waste of money. I could understand people feeling they had a connection to technology that actually served a useful purpose and then claiming they can’t live without, for example teleportation devices, if mobile phones could also teleport a person anywhere in the world almost instantaneously I’d also be addicted to them but as far as I can tell all people do on them is watch stupid fucking videos on the Internet, obsess over social media, drown in a life that’s always connected, 24/7, to family and friends.

Teleportation devices would be the best piece of kit yet. You want to visit Tokyo just type the destination into your phone, that’s smarter than you, and zap you’re in Tokyo. You want to live in London but work in Manhattan, no problem you can be there and back in moments every day and even nip home for lunch. Mobile phones junk, teleportation devices the stuff of dreams.

Yeah so we have these luxuries that we don’t need but claim that we do, we’re bonkers, right?

You and I are absolutely fucking crazy. Nutjobs. Headcases. Space Cadets. If we possessed any sense, intelligence, sanity we wouldn’t be addicted to crap that’s going to eventually end up in a landfill.

My ponderings continued and I began thinking about all the useful people there are in the world, all the people I’d need to help me survive an apocalypse and all the people who are surplus to requirements for instance famous people sure they think they’re IT, people who worship them tell them they’re IT but when they snuff it, kick the bucket, the world keeps on spinning and the Sun, if you live somewhere other than Britain where you can see it, keeps on shining and it turns out all those people who loved themselves far too much with their massive egos and delusions of grandeur were just SHIT. So I wouldn’t need famous people, unless they were famous for being able to survive in harsh conditions, famous for being able to hunt all kinds of wild things, famous for being able to farm, famous for being engineers, or architects, or scientists, or medical professionals, or just famous for being mint at stuff that would be useful if civilisation just came to a sudden end.

It’s one of the reasons I figure the world’s gone insane, the human world at least, people who are brilliant at kicking or throwing a ball can become ridiculously wealthy and adored by millions by doing something a lot of kids just do for fun. People who are pretty but have absolutely no talents, other than looking good, can become humanity’s new gods to be worshipped from afar and cause hysterical out of control behaviour if seen up close and personal.

A doctor or nurse who regularly saves lives can be treated by society like dirt but someone who can sing, not even very well, can be seen to be a role model, someone to aspire to be, it’s as though we, as a species, reward the most useless people on the planet for spending their time doing things that are utter bullshit but treat people who have useful abilities and skills like the lowest forms of life.

Personally I find people who shovel shit for a living, or clean toilets, way more important to this insane world I live within and upon than I do people who appear in TV shows, movies, or sing bad songs really badly but that’s just me some people seem to do useful stuff for a very little reward while others do fuck all and make millions.

It’s a strange world.


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