Preacher One Point Two


Though I disliked immensely the first episode I gave the show another go. When a new TV show hits, a show that seems interesting to me, I watch five or six episodes before I decide it’s not worth watching. So first episode of Preacher all kinds of poor but the second is much, much better.

I’m surprised so many characters are being introduced so early I would have thought the series would build towards the introduction of new characters and it would all make some kind of sense, maybe introducing them all so early will make sense, I’ll find out if I last past episode six.

This episode opens with a Western setting, I do like a good Western, I’d like a new TV show set in the Wild West, Jonah Hex maybe? A badass horrible character gunning down bad guys to collect their bounties or maybe a series based upon Red Dead Redemption, there could be an Undead spin-off featuring new characters in the same Western location but set in an alternate universe. It’s an idea probably not a good one.

Jesse Custer is still playing a man of the Lord preaching that God loves everyone, although based on the evidence, here on Earth, God actually hates, or is indifferent, to everyone. I can believe in the existence of a Supreme Deity if all the religious folk weren’t always banging on and on about God’s love for us, if God was presented by those of faith as capricious in nature, malicious, possibly evil and insane I could believe but I can’t believe in a loving God it seems, to me, like nonsense.

It appears from this episode, and maybe onwards, that the series as found it’s direction, the first episode being a mess, this actually as pace, purpose, reason characters actually seem to have character instead of merely being flat personalities devoid of motivation. Even Cassidy, massively annoying in the first episode, seems charming and an easy fella to get along with, enjoy a beer or ten with.

Preacher Jesse Custer, imbued with a power alike that of God Himself, encounters a man who desires sexual congress with a little girl. Now we’re ready to condemn, burn alive, child molesters their desires and sexual drives marking them as the worst people in existence but, and there’s always a but, people are a very complex, and disturbed, animal. Our impulses and especially our sexual desires can be all kinds of weird, irrational and downright evil, if of course there’s such a thing as evil beyond an idea and a word. Though life is simple humans just aren’t nature and nurture twist and turn us cause us to perceive reality in ways that don’t make much sense. Chemical reactions in our brains can change us from a loving, decent person into a raging homicidal maniac it seems appropriate to blame people for their actions but sometimes people act out of character and some people have thoughts and feelings that society has deemed wrong but wrong or right people just aren’t always in control of themselves.

Not that I’m justifying the desires of child molesters burning is too good for ‘em.

People are strange, it’s just the way we’re made.

Back on topic.

In this series Jesse Custer’s powers cause him to be able to compel people to do his bidding and he also seems to be able to compel all living things to do what he wants, naturally this early in the series he’s unaware of his powers but in the comic book Custer was unable to affect anyone who didn’t understand English and I don’t remember the character ever being able to compel non-humanoid lifeforms to do what he selfishly demands of them. It’s a nice change to the story what’s the point having the Word of God as a power if it only affects English language speaking peoples? I would imagine the Word would transcend all language limitations.

Realising, via trial and error, that he possesses the Word of God, or some supernatural force, Jesse Custer sets out to do some good in the world first by removing sexual desire from a potential child molester and then by giving a family hope where none existed previously.

It was compelling drama with a little violence and some truly twisted individuals it seems, based on this episode, I might enjoy the series.




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