Favourite Movies


I don’t have a single favourite movie I have a series of movies that in my opinion are just amazing for example Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I can remember watching the movie for the first time and it blew my mind though I’ve been a fan of kung-fu/wuxia movies since the 1970’s I’d never imagined such a movie could be so good, so tragic and so beautiful. It’s technically, in my opinion, perfect and the characters are so human it breaks my heart just watching their inner turmoil played out in a series of facial expressions, meaningful glances, outrage and in the end hopelessness.

Other movies on my favourites list are:

Jaws; The Thing; Raiders of the Lost Ark; Blade Runner; Superman: The Movie; Enter the Dragon; Planet of the Apes (original); Big Trouble In Little China; Seven Samurai; Rear Window; The Searchers; The Day The Earth Stood Still (original); Rio Bravo; Casablanca; It’s A Wonderful Life; The Adventures of Robin Hood; Where Eagles Dare; Battle Royale; Akira; Spirited Away; Ghost In The Shell; Hardboiled; A Better Tomorrow; A Better Tomorrow 2; The Killer; The Barefoot Kid; Drunken Master 2; Con Air; Evil Dead 2; Army of Darkness; Fargo; The Big Lebowski; Miller’s Crossing; O Brother Where Art Thou; Kill Bill; The Matrix; The Lord of the Rings Trilogy; Lone Wolf and Cub (the best series of movies EVER); There Will Be Blood; Oldboy (original); A Bittersweet Life; The Chaser; I Saw The Devil; Spiderman 2; Dirty Harry; The Raid; 13 Assassins; A Life Aquatic; Fantastic Mr Fox; Dredd; Scott Pilgrim versus The World; Shaun of the Dead; Kelly’s Heroes; Conan The Barbarian and finally The Magnificent Seven.

I do love the movies, I could spend all day every day lost in the worlds and characters good movies have to offer.


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