Ten Things I Love About Britain


I’m not one of those terribly patriotic types, I’m not nationalistic or tribal in any way but I do have a love for my nation, this love doesn’t mean I hate people from other nations or immigrants deciding they’d like to live here, as far as I’m concerned if people choose to live here they should have as much right as someone who has been lucky enough to be born here, perhaps it’s those who choose that have more of a right.

I decided to make a list, and perhaps commentary, about ten things I love about Britain and share on this here blog of mine.

1 The Countryside. For me living in Britain is like living in Hobbiton. The Hobbit and then the Lord of the Rings highlighted for me what living in Britain should be like we the British should be Hobbits, perhaps not in size but in all other ways. Britain is blessed with truly remarkable countryside that some disrespectful Britons then ruin and spoil with litter. Bastards!

2 A Cup of Tea. Apparently coffee is more widely drank than tea I find that abhorrent. Tea it’s so quintessentially British, there’s nowt like arriving home from work kicking off your footwear popping on the kettle eventually settling down with a cup, or more often mug, of tea and a Hob Nob or Custard Cream maybe, like me, a Cookie or six.

3 English, and then British, History. I love all that early stuff featuring endless, or so it seemed, invasions and constant changes, upheaval, political shenanigans, in fighting and breeding. English History IS Game of Thrones, but without the White Walkers and their undead army unfortunately. I’m enjoying Peter Ackroyd’s book series The History of England and I eagerly await the release of volume four.

4 The National Health Service. It’s THE best thing about Britain, a great thing that every Briton should be fiercely proud of. Recently a young Briton I work with made the claim that the NHS should be scrapped and Britain should have an American style Health Service I almost hit him with a frying pan.

5 Strawberries and Cream. A warm summers day sat outside eating strawberries and cream seems like the zenith of civilised behaviour.

6 Unpredictable Weather. I remember some summers past I’d been to work it was bloody hot in the morning and throughout the early afternoon I was dressed appropriately for such warm temperatures on my way home, on foot, the weather suddenly changed from clear blue skies to heavy grey and before I could reach the sanctuary of home the heavens opened and I drowned. AWESOME!

7 Doctor Who. There’s nothing, well other than Sherlock Holmes, more British than Doctor Who we’ve not managed to create in the lands of television and film much in the way of iconic characters but Doctor Who is, for me, something the British should be deeply proud of and love as much as I do.

8 The Pub, Beers, Friends. Sitting inside, because the weathers crap, a public house and enjoying a few beers, and maybe live football, with your friends is hard to beat especially if you’ve found a pub that suits your purposes and an atmosphere that’s as good, if not better, than being at home.

9 Match of the Day. Speaking of the footie for me there’s nothing else like waking early on a Sunday morning getting an exercise routine and a few chores out of the way and then settling down with breakfast in time for the repeat of Match of the Day. I miss Match of the Day when the football season comes to an end and feel lost on a Sunday morning without it.

10 British Movies. We don’t make many that appeal to me but there’s enough in the back catalogue for me to love and enjoy. The Italian Job, Zulu, Quadrophenia, the James Bond series, The Man In The White Suit, Hammer Horror, The Long Good Friday, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Monty Python, Brazil, Get Carter, Withnail and I, Naked, A Matter of Life and Death, Kes, Krull, Hawk the Slayer and Flash Gordon.


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