Britain’s Wonderful National Health Service


Below is something I stole from another website it’s an American woman living in Britain expressing how much she values the NHS an institution everyone in Britain should be deeply proud of and terrified of losing. Anyhow here it is:

‘A massive advantage of living here is the National Health Service. If an American could understand it, they would be amazed by its magnificence.

In this past week I have seen an ENT consultant surgeon and have had surgery scheduled in a few weeks’ time. There was no direct cost to me.

Tonight my GP (family doctor) rang at 8pm to check in on another health issue. She is chasing a consultant to authorise a new medication and will ring me back next week. This did not cost me a penny.

So, three doctors and one medical procedure without a form to fill in or a bill to pay. Pretty damn impressive stuff –yes, I know it is in our taxes but the system works well. It is ‘from birth to grave’ care all woven together into one service — ambulance to GP to hospital to nursing care. There are all kinds of synergies created by such a system. It is to be deeply respected, emulated, and not feared.’


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