England versus Russia

England hooligans

It seems that it wasn’t just on a football pitch that the pair were in competition out on the streets of Marseille nob heads from the nation of Russia and country of England both before and after the match were involved in violent clashes. I can’t speak ill of Russia, or Russians, I’ve never been to Russia or met any Russians but I can, rightly, make claim that England as a very large population of nob heads.

Unfortunately these nob heads aren’t happy being nobs morning, noon and night here in England they have to export their particular brand of nob head behaviour whenever they go abroad and an English person, like me for example, is forced to feel shame because some of my fellow Englanders are unable to behave politely and represent the best of England. Behaving, acting responsible, presenting to the rest of the world a well mannered, well behaved, decent collection of individuals just isn’t their style they have to drink far too much alcohol, it’s a common theme in England that you can’t be happy, can’t be having fun, can’t be seen to be enjoying yourself without being drunk, they have to be racist bigots and they have to have a fight with someone, anyone.

It’s nob heads like those causing violence and shouting stupid racist chants that made me for the best part of this century feel hate for the English but it’s a hate I’ve decided, in my old age, to let go of. In life to feel hate, to have moments of anger is to embrace negativity though it’s possible to develop hate for someone, or a group of someone’s, if you examine why you feel hate it’s possible, because I’ve managed it, to extinguish that hate by realising it’s irrational behaviour and not anything actually real. Hate is stupid and it only makes the person feeling hate also feel unhappy and why would anyone, in their right mind, wish to feel unhappy? Abandon hate it’s not real anyway it’s just an idea and a word that we as easily manipulated humans are indoctrinated into believing is a real human emotion.

Before the England V Russia Euro 2016 contest I had nipped into my nearby city of Nottingham to enjoy a few beers with friends, chill out for a few hours and enjoy geeky/nerdy conversations involving TV shows, movies and comic books. Arriving in Nottingham before 12 noon I was surprised at the heavy police presence I figured it couldn’t be for the football and eventually discovered that a group of Nottingham football hooligans had organised a protest against Islam, though I suspect the football hooligans have very little or no knowledge of the religion of Islam and were in actual fact ignoramuses hoping to cause a lot of trouble and disruption to local trade. A counter protest by a group of anti-fascists had confronted these football hooligans and though there was a heavy police presence with officers pulled in from other towns and cities the protest, and money spent on policing it, was all for naught only a dozen or so football hooligans actually turned up to protest and the police went home early happy it was such an embarrassing attempt by hooligans to express their racist, perhaps inbred, brainwashed ignorant beliefs.

My friends and I were bemused by the entire incident and just before 19:00 I left Nottingham to return home in time for the football and what an enjoyable game it was. England played really well and should have had the game in the bag before the end of the first half unfortunately a lack of luck and calm in front of Russia’s goal meant that the England team, and by extension us fans, had to settle for a disappointing one goal a piece draw.

Rather than be negative about the game I instead found it all greatly pleasing and feel as though the next game against Wales should be a cracking breath taking game of British footie action, it should play out like a Premier League game with Wales happy to play more defensively and hit England on the break and England with no choice but to go for all out attack. Though technically English myself my nationality is British, England is not a nation of course, and so as a Briton I’ll be supporting both England and Wales and be thinking why doesn’t Britain have it’s own national team? Why is Britain so divided? Can’t we all just get along and accept we’re British and not English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish isn’t it time we abandoned such tribal ideas of identity and instead embraced national identity? Maybe Britain would be a better place if the people who live here had a national identity and weren’t so divisive and accepting of segregation.

Anyhow, it was a thoroughly entertaining game of football and I’m looking forward to spending a lazy Sunday today watching all three Euro 2016 games and recovering from the five pints of beer I drank Saturday afternoon/early evening.



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