Euro 2016 versus EU Referendum

EU versus Britain

Based upon the three days, so far, of violence some of it perpetrated by England fans and some of it perpetrated upon England fans it seems sensible if the other member states of the EU had a referendum to ban English people from visiting European nations keep us Englanders safely contained within the British Isles. There are so many people, along with the media, scaremongering that if Britain remains in the EU and Turkey joins the EU Britain will be hit by an influx of savages, potential terrorists, and yet, so far, it’s not been Turkish fans celebrating their team playing in Euro 2016 that’s been headline news across the world for three days of violence it’s England fans. Strange isn’t it? The savages involved in three days of violence are white Anglo-Saxons, men who have historically bombed and invaded Muslim nations. Maybe it’s Turkey that should hope Britain leaves the EU just in case Brits decide to emigrate to Turkey.

Though the violence isn’t even a British problem, not yet at least, Irish and Welsh fans seem happy to venture out, have a drink and be well behaved and friendly towards the host nation and visiting fans from all over Europe. Why is it the English fans from Britain that can’t go and have a drink and then behave responsibly? I know not all English people supporting England FC are behaving abhorrently but there seems to be a tribe (if you like) of Englanders who are behaving abhorrently and when not engaging in violence are behaving anti-socially.

It’s a shame as an English person myself that such behaviour follows my fellow Englanders everywhere they go. I remember back in 2004 enjoying New Year’s Eve/Day in New York City, my friends and I drinking far too much and heading back to the hotel drunk as skunks but happily drunk as skunks we engaged pleasantly in conversation with people from NYC and from further afield, New Zealand, nearing our destination we came across the only violent nob head behaviour and it was a fellow Englander throwing punches at two Canadian chaps who were just trying to help him after he, the Englander, had fallen into the road. It was a comical scene, fortunately our fellow Englander was far too drunk to actually hit anyone and was punching away at fresh air, the Canadians were super nice and had never seen a violent drunken Englander before, though drunk ourselves we intervened letting the Canadians know this kind of culture was something common place in England and we spoke to the Englander, who was abusive, and persuaded him to go back to his hotel which he did cursing us and staggering off up the road.

It seems to be a kind of English sickness the scenes I’m witnessing in France, with all the potential violence that could erupt from angry young men, supporters of ISIS, the French police are instead having to worry about a bunch of drunken nob head Englanders. Yes young men from other countries, Russia for example, are as bad if not worst but I can’t condemn people from elsewhere if my fellow countrymen are behaving badly also.

I’ve been of the opinion for a long time now that instead of focussing on and highlighting the problems other nations have to suffer (the United States for example with its mass shooting epidemic) people should instead focus on all the problems their home nations, or in the case of England country, suffers find solutions to those problems improve one’s home nation and then, maybe, concentrate on criticising other nations and citizens after all how can any English person speak critically of European nations, or anywhere else in the world, when English people have been behaving like racist thugs over in France.

It’s a weird culture having spent hard earned cash to go watch their beloved England team instead of being in the news for celebrating the atmosphere of being at a football tournament they’re in the news for shocking scenes of bigotry (No Surrender To The IRA, I don’t think the Irish Republican Army has a football team, There Were Fifty German Bombers In The Air, sang loudly by men far too young to have participated in the Battle of Britain and I assume they’re fucking idiots and thus have very little or no knowledge of events that took place during World War 2) and awful scenes of violence.

This is the first time this century I’ve been a fan of England FC and it’s because of people like the English thugs in France that I’ve been anti-patriotic all my adult life and felt hatred towards my fellow Englanders fortunately I’ve come to terms with all my negativity and I’ve not, so far, returned to hating the English instead I’ve been focussed on positive aspects of English culture and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a hob-nob while watching the news and tut-tutting at my fellow Englanders disgracing themselves and the land they’re supposed to be oh so proud of.


2 thoughts on “Euro 2016 versus EU Referendum

  1. Saddening scenes indeed. Haven’t really seen anything like this since the 1990s. The home office’s strategy of removing passports from people with a history of violence and anti-social behaviour -including members of hooligan gangs who went to tournaments with the sole intention of whopping up violence- appeared to have worked wonders. Makes me wonder if they’ve taken their eye of the ball on this one.

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    1. I hope that with the threat of disqualification the fans, of all nations, don’t engage in anymore of this kind of nonsense that’s blighted the tournament thus far. If there is renewed violence then it’s obvious that those perpetrating it have no interest in football and no love of country.


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