I enjoy having time away from work, or being stuck on nights. Time off and nights means I have more spare time to spend doing things I enjoy, for example today I’ve wrote a few blog posts, watched the latest episode of Preacher, the Tarantino movie The Hateful 8 and Austria versus Hungary in Euro 2016, I’ve also read a bunch of stuff, mainly Jonah Hex comic books but also a little about Plato and then Aristotle’s philosophical musings add to this enough exercise to cause aches and pain and time for a little creative pursuits of mine own and it’s been a very rewarding day and it’s not over yet.

That paragraph was a lot of and’s, and now this.

I’ve been wanting for a few years now to write and illustrate a webcomic but I just don’t seem able to write a decent, coherent, compelling story plus I’m super slow at drawing and poorly disciplined I’ll end up watching three or four movies back to back rather than actually draw thus a webcomic seems like a pipe dream.

These past few days however I have discovered a story I actually like it’s a horror western titled Hell-Dorado in honour of the most excellent Howard Hawks movie and because it features demonic human possessing bastards from Hell.

I’ve always liked to imagine what happens once a story ends. For instance those kinds of movies in which regular folk encounter something out of this world, or supernatural, how do they go on with their lives afterwards? Wouldn’t some survivors suffer some kind of mental, and perhaps physical, trauma?

With this idea in mind my tale of horror and gunfights begins with a small group of Americans in the days of the wild west trapped inside a saloon type establishment and having to defend against possessed evil humans once day dawns the survivors dust themselves down and then go about their business then the main tale kicks in.

Months later those same survivors find themselves in El-Dorado and the town comes under attack from humans being driven to maniac levels of violence by demons and over the course of two nights they have to try and survive. Again. Fortunately daylight drives the demons out of their meat-suits but come the night the demons return and not necessarily to possess the same people again.

If I manage to actually finish the webcomic, and I’ll be surprised if I do, I have a horror science fiction tale in mind and dozens of other tales to tell all my tales aren’t the least bit original and they’re all somehow rip-offs of existing tales, Hell-Dorado is of course El-Dorado with a little Hateful 8 and a dose of Bone Tomahawk with elements stolen directly from the television series Supernatural.

Here’s a few other ideas that are hardly original I’m developing, slowly, Sherlock Holmes crossed with From Hell, The Day After Tomorrow crossed with The Thing, War of the Worlds crossed with Fantastic 4. In my mind’s eye, or whatever, all my ideas are amazing until it comes time to actually write the damn things then it becomes obvious I’m a fucking idiot.


The above image isn’t one of mine, it’s too good, I stole it for the purpose of this blog post I always like to include an image. This was a promo piece for the awful movie Gallowwalkers, that I have tried to watch but, and perhaps fortunately, the DVD froze about forty-five minutes into the movie but based upon what I did watch the above image is better than the movie.

I’m not sure how Gallowwalkers turned out so bad and it’s badness is one of the reasons I’ve created a horror western of my own.


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