The Land Of The Free


Before I start I’ve just gotta say as a comic book geek/nerd I love Cap and as a movie geek/nerd I LOVE (the idea) of America. FUCK YEAH!

I know the words, Land of the Free, are just words in a song but it’s also an idea, a belief, and though ideas and beliefs are just made up nonsense, and in some cases sense, ideas and beliefs can be powerful things. They can change or break the world.

I assume, and it is just an assumption, that most, if not all, Americans believe that they are free but freedom is both an illusion and a delusion no one’s truly free we’re all slaves to something a lover, our children, our families immediate and extended, we’re slaves to a wage or a benefit system, we’re slaves to a social structure and traditional culture, we’re slaves to religions and ideologies, we’re slaves to our biology’s.

So no one is truly free but it’s a nice idea.

In the United States of America there have been some people who in the wake of yet another mass shooting have condemned the victims because they were gay and that being gay doesn’t fit in with their religious beliefs it seems kinda primitive to be making such comments it’s the 21st century for fuck’s sake let’s abandon all this silly, and in some cases barbaric, adherence to religious belief and embrace the future without using God and Jesus as excuses to express our own selfish hateful ideas.

Mayhaps the reason some heterosexuals are so hateful towards homosexuals is because heterosexuals are so fucking miserable and homosexuals are so fucking gay. I like the definition of the word gay as carefree and happy, it’s something some, if not most, heterosexuals certainly aren’t so jealous are they of happy people that they’ve got to feel hatred towards them.

It is true that miserable people hate happy people in the same way smokers hate non-smokers and alcoholics hate those who mostly spend their days sober.

Hate (again it’s just a word and an idea but boy is it fucking powerful) consumes lots of people, it eats them up inside and the hateful confront the world from a position of anger and unreasonable rage.

But anyhow this idea of Land of the Free, if proud Americans hold on dearly to this credo then they’ve surely got to accept everyone’s free, in America at least, to live the way they please. Everyone’s free to be Christian or Muslim or Jewish or God forbid an Atheist. Everyone’s free to be heterosexual (and fucking miserable) or homosexual (and fucking gay). Everyone’s free to express an opinion that others might find really abhorrent, for instance Donald Trump being a complete dick or some crazy Christian claiming it’s God’s will that fifty members of the LGBT community were brutally killed, though I’m not sure how anyone who believes in God can then also know God’s will, but hey ho. Everyone’s free not to like what everyone else has to say. Everyone’s free to be a racist. Everyone’s free to own and carry a firearm. Everyone’s free to disagree with everything I’ve just said, well wrote, but because I’m not an American I don’t believe in the Land of the Free all those people thinking they’re free to criticise me, go fuck yourselves.

I kid of course, and I’m free to do so.


5 thoughts on “The Land Of The Free

  1. Oh that last part is harsh but again I accept. I hope you don’t blast me, but the country as a whole is not as you describe in terms of bigotry and such. It is really some pockets, types, and a few radicals. Trump is ridiculous to be sure Ned would be a shitty representative. I am no Pollyanna trust me, but I have hope.

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