Europe versus America


Earlier this morning I was reading an edited version of an article written by Hugo Young for the Guardian newspaper it was from 1999 and concerned England and its place in Europe. I found it a fascinating piece of writing and for some reason it reminded me of an idea I once had and that idea was this: instead of the U.K. being a member state of the E.U. Britain should be the 51st state of America.

I’m going to make a generalised assumption about those people who wish to Vote Leave I’m going to assume they’re all small minded petty Englanders who firmly believe England’s the greatest nation on the planet, the English the greatest people in the universe and if they ‘Take Back Control’ then England will return to a mythical state of greatness. Yes I know the nation is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but that’s a mouthful and merely a political illusion make no mistakes the United Kingdom isn’t united.

The same Vote Leave brigade, the so called Brexiteers, wouldn’t want Britain to be the 51st state of the United States they’re determined to be isolationist, determined to look inwards instead of outwards, determined to be small minded and petty, from my perspective (my opinions are built upon perspective and perceptions I’m not influenced by other people) those wishing to Vote Leave are bigots there’s no two ways about it the Vote Leave campaign is built upon a lie and that lie is immigration into Britain, England especially, is ruining the Land it’s not it might be adding a different flavour to the ruin but Britons, the English especially, have been working very hard for decades to ruin it themselves.

To Vote Leave is to support those who wish massive immediate ruin upon Britain, they’re the same people who want to see our political union fail and for England to go it alone no longer weighed down (in their imaginations) by Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. To Vote Leave is to support violent thuggery it’s to defend the actions of England football fans abroad who shout and sing racist chants, who antagonise local people in beautiful European towns, who happily engage in several days of violence with French police and locals and then cry into their spilt beer when the Russians appear. To Vote Leave is to support the English Defence League, the British National Party, Britain First and UKip and all other small-minded factions of bigots and arseholes. To Vote Leave is to be fooled into thinking nations matter anymore when it’s obvious (to me) that the future belongs to huge corporations and global conglomerates. To Vote Leave is to support a mythical England that never ever existed instead of embracing reality and the future, a reality and a future in which everyone everywhere instead of being English or Russian or American or Muslim or Christian is instead an Earthling and that future needs to be built here and now by us. To Vote Leave is dangerous and by being an exclusive nation Britons are imitating North Korea, South Africa under apartheid and Nazi Germany hardly fills a reasonable person with hope does it?

If the U.K. can’t be an E.U. member then let’s ask the next U.S. President (Donald Trump I would imagine based upon the process of Republican President following Democrat President) if we the United Kingdom can become that elusive 51st state. Our current political leaders would then become senators and governors we could keep the Royal Family, quite popular in the States I believe, even though I consider them out-dated. Every Briton would have an American passport and the freedom of movement between the states could be of benefit to all, I’d probably pack up and move to San Francisco and that would be nice. Naturally due to Britain’s, well England’s, problems with thugs and alcohol embracing America’s gun laws would be foolish we’d have to be the one U.S. state that as a complete ban on firearms. I imagine Britain at the weekend with binge drinking and random brutal violence bad enough now add guns, lots of guns, to that lethal toxic cocktail and there would be pub and nightclub massacres every weekend.

My hometown, Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, would resemble Dodge City I’d watch from my windows the English racing up and down the town centre gunning down Eastern Europeans and in turn being gunned down by other English. There’s a lot of hate in my hometown its natives HATE people from Eastern Europe and I imagine most denizens of the town are Vote Leave rather than Vote Remain. The HATE doesn’t end there English people in Mansfield have a long list of people they hate, I’ve heard many English people voice hatred towards Americans, the French, Germans, Russians, Argentinians, Japanese and Chinese and that’s not everyone they hate. English people in Mansfield hate people in Chesterfield, a town in a neighbouring county, they hate people from neighbouring towns and villages Sutton and Kirkby in Ashfield, Mansfield Woodhouse, Warsop and within the confines of the town’s borders they hate each other that hate determined by the estate you’re from or live upon.

It’s all very crazy, it’s all very stupid and it’s a grim and really nasty culture so make us the 51st state if we can’t be Europeans we’ll be Americans but don’t give us guns we’d shoot each other but most likely we’d shoot ourselves I know I would give me a gun (I’ve only seen firearms when I’ve been to the United States) and I’d end up shooting my own head off trying to figure out how the damn thing works.

Holds gun up to eyes, ‘the bullets come out of which end?’ BANG!


2 thoughts on “Europe versus America

  1. Well the US is generally a nice place as I’m sure Britain is (never been) but we should beware of the grass is greener thinking. It is better to admire the lovely bushes and flowers in each other’s garden, take snippets of the best, and grow the up for our own in localized soil. Our national characters are unique and we should all work to make them the best humanity has to offer. Cooperation in a union has never been easy, but the US has managed it fairly well. Pockets of regional character have their causes and pet peeves. Looking at the news from abroad I cannot imagine how it looks but America is working through its issue.

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