£350 Million Quid A Week Save Our NHS


The Brexiteers claim that Britain hands over twenty billion quid to the EU every year and if Vote Leave wins next Thursday that twenty billion quid could be used to save a precious British institution.

But, and there are always buts, what if this happens instead:

Vote Leave wins next week and the process begins to leave the EU freeing up twenty billion quid but the British debt crisis is greater than one trillion quid and the annual deficit runs at about one hundred billion quid.

Wouldn’t a British government, especially one that’s introduced massive cut-backs and austerity measures as a means to control the debt and cut the deficit just use that twenty billion quid as a means to reduce that annual debt of about one hundred billion?

I don’t know anything about the British economy, or how a nation can have a debt of over one trillion quid and a deficit of one hundred billion quid and not be completely broke but it does seem likely that twenty billion quid just vanishes, poof, into thin air rather than be free to use in the UK.


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