The Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain

England versus Wales in Euro 2016 footie action is one of those rare games that fills me with so much excitement and anticipation that I couldn’t sleep, seriously I couldn’t, I finished a night shift arrived home just before 08:00 hit the bed setting my alarm for 12 noon but because of my excitement and anticipation I must have woke and checked the time about a dozen times paranoid I’d miss a second of the build up and the actual game.

As a Briton it’s a game that it doesn’t matter to me which team wins, though I’m an Anglo-Saxon, well who believes he’s an Anglo-Saxon (can I be sure of my origins? After all I can’t remember being born, my earliest memory is one of suffering from an illness and being given a big pile of Spider-Man pocket comic books, I could be Irish, Scottish or Welsh, I could be from the planet Krypton robbed of my super powers by gold kryptonite, I could be fictional created by Steve Ditko with words by Stan Lee).

Surely national identification, if we’re going to embrace tribalism, is determined by place of birth if I was born in England then I’m English but because England’s not a recognised nation with an anthem and a seat at the United Nation I must therefore be British and not White British, I hate that further identification based upon ghostly or darkly shade of skin, I’m just British. In America (THE nation that has most influenced my life thanks to its glorious pop culture) identification becomes even more complex African-American, Asian-American maybe even Anglo-American? Why not just American? Why embrace disunity? I suppose ideas of race are far too complex for my small (almost non-existent) brain.

Today’s all British footie fixture will hopefully be a great game news worthy for the right reasons and not hijacked by a bunch of violent English bigoted cunts. You know if you’re English and a violent bigoted cunt don’t leave England you’re just an embarrassment to those of us who aren’t.


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