Jack Kirby Gave Me Life, Stan Lee Put Words In My Mouth


In a recent blog post I claimed that I could have been a fictional creation drawn by Ditko with words by Lee, this claim had to do with my earliest memory being one of reading pocket book comic books featuring the adventures of Ditko’s Spider-Man. But the truth is as a wee nipper, and an overly large man child, Jack Kirby was/is my favourite comic book creator therefore if I could decide who created me I’d want it to have been ‘The King’.

Wouldn’t that be awesome to discover you’re fictional, a character inside a comic book, a Marvel comic book drawn by Jack Kirby, it might not be such an awesome idea to you, or anyone who hasn’t a love for the Marvel Universe and Jack Kirby’s work specifically, but it is an awesome idea to me.

If reality is a simulation (some people far smarter than I believe) rather than it be The Matrix I want it to be a comic book a four colour spectacular, a book-length bombshell.

Currently reality seems a lot like Fantastic Four volume one issue twenty-one ‘The Hate-Monger’. Over in France English football fans, my kith and kin, have been fighting almost every day with locals, the police and other fans, probably with each other also. In the United States of America an evil man laid to waste dozens of people in the nations worst mass shooting EVER, though I figure the number will eventually, sooner rather than later, be beaten. Here in England a mother of two young children, a politician, a representative of the people, was gunned down, stabbed and kicked until death by what some newspapers claim was a crazy loner but who I believe was a right-wing advocate a supporter of extremist ideologies a member (maybe) of a terrorist organisation Britain First. Not all terrorist organisations are Islamic and foreign some are Christian and home grown.

Groups like Britain First (and in the U.K. there are, or have been, many The National Front, the British National Party, the English Defence League, UKip and Britain First, to name but a few) right wing fascist extremists that advocate and cause violence up and down the length and breadth of Britain, but England mainly, men and women who suffer, or so it seems to me, from severe mental health issues.

Groups like Britain First are the most dangerous types of menace! They preach class hatred, race hatred, religious hatred! Creeps like Britain First are free to say what they want, a sickness of democracy, but if anyone opposed to them gave them a richly deserved whumping the police authorities would slap them in pokey! How about that?

I suppose people shouldn’t worry, but it’s hard not to based on recent events, Britain First will (well, might) get what’s coming to them sooner or later! Bigots always do!

Unfortunately here in England I might be in the minority, I certainly am in my hometown, most people I imagine support groups like Britain First it’s the reason why I spend very few little time with people from my hometown. They’re the types to voice words similar to these:

‘Long live Britain First! They’ll clean up this country for us!’

‘Down with all foreigners! Down with everybody who disagrees with us! Hail to Britain First!’

‘Those who are not with us are against us! They must be destroyed!’

‘We must drive all the foreigners back where they came from! We must show no mercy to those we hate!’

‘Britain First are right! Kick the foreigners out!’

The above words have been stolen from Fantastic Four twenty-one and then adapted to make a point, the words were written by Stan Lee and published in 1963 and they really seem relevant right here and now. I guess words of hate never change that’s what makes them so powerful to people who are full of hate.

I’ll be honest I find it difficult, at times, not to feel a great deal of hate, recently I tried to be a proud Englander, to support the England football team in Euro 2016 but I was just telling myself a lie that revealed itself during England’s game with Wales, I felt nothing for England’s goals or victory but I have felt shame during this tournament.

I’m ashamed of Englishmen running riot through the streets of French towns, I’ve felt disgust at all the shouted bigoted slogans and I’ve felt nothing but disinterest in being English.

I can’t be proud of being English because there’s far too much, from my perspective, to be ashamed of.

In issue twenty-one of Fantastic Four the Hate-Monger is eventually defeated by the FF, with help from Nick Fury, and it’s discovered that the Hate-Monger is really Adolf Hitler.



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