Howl At The Moon, Bark Like A Dog!


I’m currently on a mission to watch as many werewolf movies as is humanly possible without turning into a werewolf myself. So far I’m only two movies into this epic task, though there are a lot of werewolf movies available to a fan of the sub-genre of horror there aren’t a lot that are actually good unlike say zombie or vampire movies.

The problem with werewolf movies, and horror movies in general, is that they’re usually low budget affairs horror considered foolish and perhaps aimed at teenagers and adults who exhibit weird behaviour, you know outside of the so called mainstream. One of the problems is of course caused by the people who make horror movies most movies of this genre are poorly written with abysmal no one cares about them characters and with werewolf movies showing the monsters can at times be laughable.

Without a big enough budget the werewolf special effects will suffer in addition low budget also means poor acting and even non-existent acting I’m sure like me every fan of horror movies has felt themselves disappointed by a movie that had a great premise but was let down by being cheap, having awful acting and having been directed by a monkey.

Most of the movies I will be enduring over the next few weeks I have watched before but not re-watched again or for a good few years but some of the werewolf movies are completely new not new as in movies released this year but new as in never before seen by myself.

Naturally I’ll be sharing my views of each werewolf movie here on my blog site and hopefully my reviews will be coherent enough to be read as they will be written during night shifts at my place of employ and due to my lack of sleep I can sometimes start freaking out and hallucinating I swear one night shift, nine and a half hours spent all alone, I was freaking out due to lack of sleep so much I hallucinated someone in my place of employ with me, someone, or something, watching me I’d only see them through the corner of my eye, or hear a noise in another room investigate and find myself terribly alone it was an odd experience of course there was no one there and the noises only existed in my sleep deprived mind. I enjoyed the experience because it revealed how a person can assume a state of mental aberration via sleep deprivation and how that state can lead to experiences that could be considered to be of a paranormal nature.


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