Apocalypse… Now!

During a night shift I can’t help but think I’m living in a post apocalyptic world. In the wee hours of the morning the world around me is almost completely silent there are no people, I’m all alone, there’s no television, there’s never anything on I’m spending my night shift drawing a horror comic book. The world appears, from my vantage point, dead.

Some people have a problem with being on their own, of a world fully silent, I’m the opposite I have a problem being surrounded by people and of a world that just won’t shut the fuck up. I love being me so much I’m at my most happiest when I’m all alone the world dead silent if I could I’d live my life at night and sleep during the daylight hours all the time but I can’t and I have to accept that’s just the way it is.

With night surrounding me, penetrating my very soul, influencing my thought processes I consider a post apocalyptic world I imagine a post apocalyptic Britain if I was an American I’d imagine a devastated United States populated by survivalist types, apparently such types are popular over in the United States. Heavily armed, paranoid, delusional, Christian, racist rednecks a zombie apocalypse a pleasing world for them gone is the Federal government, gone are all those unpleasant non-white, non-Christians and all that’s left are rednecks and millions of the undead. Heaven.



Here in the U.K. I don’t think we have heavily armed, paranoid, delusional, Christian, racist rednecks but why don’t we? There are a few reasons:

1 We don’t have access to weapons. The U.K. is a friendly weaponless place us Brits aren’t allowed firearms, tasers, pepper spray, batons, knuckle dusters, combat knives anything really, anything that’s a tool used for injury or death we’re not allowed. Seems sensible.


2 We don’t seem to be as paranoid as Americans. We’re not brainwashed into thinking we’re going to be invaded, even though England was regularly invaded in historic times. We don’t seem to think that the government and the military are going to turn against us and impose some kind of tyrannical dictatorship. We seem quite sane in regards to how we view being British and our position in the world.

3 We are delusional. British delusions are mainly formed from the notion that we once were great, GREAT, not realising that the great in Great Britain is meant as a geographical measure and not a measure of Britain being greater than any other nation.


4 We’re largely a secular nation. Thank God! That wasn’t always the case, someone really smart once said: ‘England has two books, The Bible and Shakespeare. England made Shakespeare, but The Bible made England.’

5 We don’t have racist rednecks the closest we have are people from housing estates, the Chavs, Council housed and violent, they’re Britain’s answer to America’s rednecks. Our racists in Britain largely seem to be English, they make attempt at being respectable but they’re just thugs. I don’t like racists. I never will.


Considering that in the U.S.A. racist rednecks will most likely prosper post apocalypse I didn’t consider Britain’s racist Chav population to do the same but I did begin to question whether it’s possible to create an apocalypse scenario that managed to kill off all the racist rednecks and racist Chavs in one fell swoop. It’s something I want. I couldn’t think of an apocalypse that would do so but with Englishmen running riot in France I did hit upon a different idea.

What If…

… The Racists Turned Rabid?

I imagined a supernatural event of some magnitude that only affected Anglo-Saxons and only those Anglo-Saxons who were bigoted bastards so all the racists and homophobes. Suddenly, with alarming speed, Anglo-Saxons worldwide turned on non-Anglos and began beating, fucking and eating them. Kinda like the comic book series Crossed but with only bigots affected. I imagined how wonderful it would be to survive in a post apocalyptic world, think The Walking Dead, but without the prospect of being raped and murdered by your fellow survivors but then I figured other peoples, African and Asian, have their own versions of the Anglo-Saxon bigot wouldn’t they rape and murder?

Fortunately here in England the percentage of non-Anglos is very small so chances are most rapists and murderers are Anglo-Saxon and would be out viciously, and without cause, raping and murdering anyways.

I’ve already begun to turn my idea into a story, created a main character followed his movements and expressed his ideas pre-apocalypse and then BOOM he’s trapped in what seems like a crazy fucking B-movie bigoted Anglo-Saxons suddenly losing their shit and going full on cannibal, just chomping their way through England. I’m not sure if it’s an idea already conceived of before and I don’t care it’s an original idea from where I’m sitting and I like it.

Imagine the tale monstrous Anglo-Saxon bigots rampaging throughout every land where such people make their home and opposed by all non-white Anglo-Saxons and those Anglo-Saxons who don’t adhere to ideas of a bigoted nature.

Sounds a ton of fun, a ton of fun with huge doses of violence and outrageous gore someone should make it into a television series. I’d watch it.


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