Night Owl

… weird large eyes!’

I LOVE the night a lot more than I like the day. If I could I’d live the rest of my life at night and sleep during the day, I kinda could mostly if my place of employ would make me a fulltime night worker but I’m doomed, cursed, to have to endure the daylight.

The dark is when I, and the world, feels properly alive it’s a brief return to the way things used to be before scaredy cat humans built the world to suit their own selfish wants rather than maintaining a lifestyle of adaptation and evolution. Survival of the fittest? Not anymore the human race is a pathetic weak willed buffoon.

Daily day time life is mundanely the same almost every day I wake at 04:00 enjoy a few brief moments of quiet before the rest of the world wakes. Cars and motorbikes and trucks and vans and buses loudly kill the quiet with their ceaseless engines and screeching tyres. Downtrodden, heart broken, soulless humans drag themselves to work and to school, young people shout and holler, music from their phones is a nonsensical drone of rhythm and tone if only they would invest in earphones. Before noon the world around me is mostly occupied by the elderly, decent sorts, quiet and respectful but after noon the benefit cheats, the single mothers and their screaming bastards, the drug addicts and petty criminals wander the world infecting it with their brutal loudness and insane delusions. Between 15:00 and 18:00 it’s the school runs and workers speedily fleeing their places of employment.

Come the night, come the witching hours, the world returns to peaceful quiet, humans locking themselves in their self imposed prisons, hiding fearfully from the real world, a world of bloody tooth and claw. It’s a world attractive to me due its lack of humans, due to its lack of bullshit drama, due its lack of lies and exaggerations, due its lack of arrogance and ignorance, due its lack of bragging and shallow expressions of idiocy and nincompoopery, random bloke: ‘shit did you see her arse, legs, tits?’ Me: ‘I know right, I’ve never seen legs, an arse or tits before. Who would have thought females would be possessive of such things? Not I. Good spot.’

The night ‘tis a thing of beauty, the day is just full of cunts!


3 thoughts on “‘I AM THE NIGHT OWL, FEAR MY…

    1. Sometimes. When there are events like Orlando, and children fleeing war zones drowning at sea because no government is prepared to save them. Sometimes it’s hard not to despair but then it’s always been like this maybe one day humanity will be humane but not this day.


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