Vote Leave versus Vote Remain


We’re nearly there. It’s getting closer all the endless debate and outrageous lies will suddenly come to an end. Thank the stars. Not that Leave or Remain affects my awesome life, Remain means my awesome life remains the same, Leave means my awesome life might remain the same but with the added bonus of material to use to tell a ton of tall tales via this blog. I suppose a Leave vote could lead to massive negative effects on Britain negative effects I’ll use as a means to write blog posts if of course I’ve still got electricity Vote Leave could mean an end to electricity and a return to the Stone Age and won’t all Britain’s cavemen be thoroughly happy? Humans like me with our opposable thumbs will probably be hunted down and eaten alive. Fuck and bugger VOTE REMAIN!

I watched moments from the televised EU Referendum Debate and though I made my mind up on the day the Referendum was announced to Vote Remain I watched with interest the last minute arguments of both groups and it seemed to me a no-brainer Vote Remain is the only way.

Vote Leave haven’t a clue on how the British economy is going to survive Brexit campaigners keep making the point that Britain buys a lot of crap from Europe but no one, as far as I’m aware, says Europe buys a lot of crap from us. It seems like the economic talk is a one way street we buy stuff we need/want from Europe without offering Europe anything in return it’s not the EU that needs Britain but Britain that NEEDS the EU, contrary to Vote Leave’s argument. The EU could effortlessly negotiate trade agreements with other nations to cover the loss of revenue from Britain if we Britons decided not to buy crap from Europe but Britain cannot attract nations outside of Europe to buy crap we make because we don’t make enough crap. Rather than being a powerful manufacturing nation Britain is a service industry no one wants to buy that.

Vote Leave believes we don’t need immigrants but boy do we. I have first hand experience of this a decade, or less, ago I worked at a factory a factory that required new influx of staff for about a year job adverts were placed in local job centres and newspapers but the positions couldn’t be filled no one British wanted the jobs so eventually people from Eastern Europe filled those positions. This culture of British natives not wanting to fill available employment positions was/is prevalent throughout this island nation and not unique to one specific region. Immigrants do the jobs native Britons don’t want, won’t do. It’s the reality of modern day Britain. If after Brexit European immigrants leave en masse all the bigots and racists might be happy but that happiness won’t last (obviously bigots and racists can never be truly happy because they’re so full of hate) the British economy will collapse having huge effects on every man, woman and child in Britain and the only way to save Britain will be mass immigration to Britain. See how crazy Vote Leave is?

A win for Vote Leave won’t mean any of the things they’ve been campaigning for will actually be implemented because campaigners and supporters live in cloud cuckoo land. A win for Vote Remain means nothing changes life remains pretty good everyone rejoice and be happy you live in Britain not Syria.

A win for Vote Remain means Britain is still a member state of the EU but the Vote Leavers don’t want to be part of the EU so will they leave Britain? En masse becoming immigrants. Will Vote Leavers just fuck off? If they’re thinking of fucking off I think Mars is nice this time of year and once they’re gone there’s no coming back from Mars. Believe.

For me the entire EU Referendum has been like geek/nerd arguments for example in Game of Thrones hands up who supported House Stark (Vote Remain) and who supported House Lannister (Vote Leave)? Jeez, who would want to support House Lannister (Vote Leave) what a bunch of murdering bastards. Star Wars (Vote Remain) or Star Trek (Vote Leave), the Galactic Empire (Vote Leave) or the Rebellion, Han, Luke, Chewie and Leia (Vote Remain).

There’s even an argument that can be made in regards to real life Churchill (Vote Remain) or Hitler (Vote Leave). You might think that’s a tad extreme but really is it? Vote Leave hates immigrants, Hitler hated immigrants. Vote Leave drones on and on about sovereignty and patriotism, so did Hitler. Vote Leave hates Polish people, Hitler had his military invade Poland. Vote Leave hates Muslims and Jews, Hitler hated Jews, maybe not Muslims though. The parallels between Hitler and Vote Leave are obvious, for anyone with eyes to see.


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