Preacher One Point Four


I’ve finally managed to watch the damned episode what with working eight night shifts on the bounce, watching Euro 2016 and designing a comic book I’ve been too busy to play TV catch-up.

Until now.

The latest episode begins in similar fashion to a great deal of horror tales scantily clad young woman trying to escape an evil man/monster only in the case of Preacher it seems like this horror tale is actually a bit of (weird) paint balling fun until something horror like unfolds. I do question why women feed the wants/needs of men, why they massage men’s ego’s and demean themselves. This world is a battlefield from the moment you’re born to the time of your death, we’re at war with ourselves, each other, everything else and reality itself.

Jesse Custer struggles with his faith, I would imagine most, if not, all preachers have moments where they struggle with their faith after all no one can definitively know there is a God or that what they’re doing is meaningful. It must be extremely difficult to spend one’s life devoted to a cause like the worship of God when no one can be sure the Almighty exists. Faith must only take someone so far we’re an inquisitive, supposedly intelligent, animal species that asks questions of everything and nothing. Especially if you’re a man of God who was whipped as a child by his own father who was a man of God, wouldn’t a put upon whipped child question the very existence of God and Jesus? Imagine a kid beaten by their father who served God, preached God’s love and God’s mercy, wouldn’t that kid think hold on where’s God’s love and mercy when I need it? Am I unworthy? Am I The Devil?

The main thing that leaped out to me from this episode was that the actor playing Cassidy looks exactly like the comic book character. The similarity is uncanny. I found it startling and it wasn’t something I’d noticed, or paid any attention to, before.

In television shows, and movies, drug use is usually shown to be cool you’d be stupid not to be an addict everyone’s having fun and if you’re a bloke you’re gonna get blown and fucked by amazing sexy chicks but outside of my window I observe drug addicts roaming my hometown and they look like they woke up at the bottom of a rubbish heap, would be prepared to rape and kill for their next fix and the sexy chicks aren’t the least bit sexy not unless you’re the type to find zombie chicks sexy. It’s that odd difference between fiction and reality one is supposed to be the mirror of the other but that’s not the least bit true, not any more. When it’s a fantasy theme it don’t matter none physical laws can be defied, inappropriate lifestyles and behaviour made to seem cool and fun but shouldn’t some behaviours, like drug addiction, be portrayed honestly? It can’t all be fucking sexy chicks and having a right good laugh otherwise those addicts who pass by my windows wouldn’t look like death.

The overriding thing I derive from this TV show is that without the character of Tulip O’Hare and the actress expertly portraying her this series would have no drive, no passion and no heart it’s her characters specific narrative that keeps the show interesting, to me, and ticking over without her, and perhaps with a different actress, the show would be aimless and without purpose. I like strong female characters, I like badass female characters, I like female characters who don’t take shit from anyone, especially not male characters.

The world, I imagine, is a hard harsh place for females especially in the shit eating places like Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia but regardless of those kind of fucked up barbaric places it’s no Heaven on Earth here in Britain for females when they’re not being objectified or criticised for their looks or fashion sense then they’re being beaten, raped and murdered. Thank God I’m a man. Women have been historically and are traditionally treated worst than dogs by men and so it’s nice to have a female character in our fictions who can kick a man in the balls.


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