Hmm, I Wish I’d Voted Leave


I’d be a winner instead of a loser today, sigh, perennial loser I never ever win anything. Double sigh!

Once out of the EU not one Briton anywhere in the world can blame the EU for Britain’s problems it will be the Brits to blame so that’s a positive outcome of Brexit owning up to one’s own problems.

Here’s what I want from the soon to be Vote Leave government:

The £350 million pounds promised to the NHS, schools and housing EVERY WEEK I want to see spent on those important things to all Britons.

But hold on, Nigel Farage claimed this morning on live TV that the £350 million pounds a week was a mistake. Doesn’t that money actually exist? Was that Vote Leave claim a lie? I don’t know. No one seems to know.

Britain should now, or soon, be in charge of its borders. So we can roll back immigration, limit the amount of foreigners entering. I don’t personally care if immigrants chose to live here, good for them Britain’s a pretty sweet place to live but now Vote Leave wants them out, or at least not entering to begin with.

Britain can control immigration having now decided on Brexit. But can it? Britain already had control of immigration from outside the EU but didn’t.

We’ll be free to trade with the rest of the world but will the rest of the world want to trade with us? Does that free trade mean Britain will buy more stuff from non-EU nations? Does Britain manufacture a huge amount of goods the rest of the world wants?

We can make our own laws. I won’t have a say in those laws so it’s the British elites who will decide those laws and that doesn’t necessarily mean those laws will benefit most Britons.

So that’s it. Let’s see what happens next. Strange times. Unsettling times. Maybe, just maybe, everything will either remain the same or things will improve.


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