Vote Leave: What Happens To The Vote Leavers?

Brit for Brit

Contrary to some of the majority, those who have decided upon Brexit, the Vote Leave WAS racist and xenophobic they can deny it all they want but the truth is IT WAS! But what happens now?

Immigrants aren’t going to be sent packing, they’re not going to be forced to leave Britain also immigration into the U.K. is still going to be far too high for the racist xenophobes who have caused Brexit.

So what happens next?

I’m going to imagine for a moment that I’m a racist, a bigot, a person filled with hatred for anyone not like me white and British, white and English to be even more specific. Now I’ve just helped cause Brexit and I did so because I hate Eastern Europeans in my hometown of Mansfield, I hate that they have a job, I hate that they’re hard working, I hate that their homes are nicer than mine, I want them gone because they make me feel small and I don’t like to feel small.

But the cause I voted for Leave now admits that immigration won’t be dealt with any time soon, if at all, so I’m left even more angry than I was before Brexit. What the fuck was the point of my vote if immigrants aren’t going to be kicked out of Britain? What the fuck was the point of my vote if immigrants are going to continue to flood into Britain?

I can’t be angry with the EU anymore because we’re out, we are Brexit, who can I aim my anger at? Do I, and my equally angry family and friends target individual immigrants and cause them intimidation and violence? I could but that’s not going to solve the problem I have with immigrants I can’t fight them all. Do I aim my anger at those in government, the Brexit government? But how do I do that? Protest and riot in London?

Back to being me.

Those racist xenophobes so angry at foreigners have now got to decide what they do next, what they do if immigrants aren’t sent packing in their millions, what do they do if immigration isn’t tackled by the Brexit government?

Brexit might just have been round one and this battle isn’t yet over, as a person who backed Vote Remain I’m out of the war, I lost, but those who backed Vote Leave haven’t won anything not yet not until all the immigrants are sent home and more are prevented from arriving on British shores and from my own perspective I just can’t see either of those things ever happening.


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