Identity Crisis Part Two


Whether or not my own crisis is of identity or existential, or more likely non-existent, caused me to seek solace, and inspiration, from a series of DC comics events starting with the aptly titled Identity Crisis.

I am of an age to be having some kind of nervous breakdown, mid-life crisis, existential crisis, crisis of identity/confidence. Some kind of anomie or Jean Paul Sartre inspired No Exit, or perhaps more relevant oh fuck Brexit. Nothing positive having yet popped out of Brexit everything’s negative though I knew Britain would Vote Leave I figured nothing would change but change has come thick and fast and maybe therein lies my crisis, I don’t like change.

Which leads quite well into the DC comic book event Identity Crisis written by Brad Meltzer with pencils by Rags Morales the series opens in Opal City, the DCU itself as for a long time suffered from it’s own identity crisis from the Golden Age heroes ushered into a world known as Earth 2 up to Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s marvellous Crisis On Infinite Earths. Crisis and change has been (almost) a constant throughout the time I’ve embraced such a wondrous fictional universe. Opal City of course doesn’t exist in the real world in the DCU it is the home of Starman and was made a new home by the Elongated Man who starts this story alongside an obscure, barely used, superhero Firehawk.

The story begins with Elongated Man talking to the people reading the story, ‘Dr Fate once told me life is a mystery. But it isn’t. Everyone knows how it ends. It’s just a question of time. In a novel, it’s different. There, you start worrying about the main characters safety almost immediately. Of course, it’s a false worry. Nothing bad really ever happens to the main character in a novel. But if the story opens with a minor character or two–‘

I agree with Dr Fate life is a mystery, sure we know how it ends but we don’t know what happens next or if there is a next, we don’t know exactly how it all begins, sure we know the process but none of us remember how we came to be, what the world was like before we ended up thrown into it, we’re not given a life handbook or hints and tips of how to live life properly. We don’t even get taught how to abide by the many rules of society and civilisation we generally figure these things out for ourselves or live an immoral life like a sociopath.

Firehawk and Elongated Man are waiting to intercept an arms deal, it’s one of those dodgy back alley arms deals favoured of these kinds of stories two regular Joes criminals, but NOT super criminals, might be selling a super weapon an Amazo, a super powerful android that mimics the powers of the Justice League of America.

Scene shifts away from Opal City to another fictional, but better known, place in this made up universe Smallville in Kansas home to Martha and Jonathan Kent adopted parents of the alien super man Kal-El, happily, joyously this alien raised as a human interacts with his adopted parents and my heart aches for the Kent’s. When I was a little kid Superman’s adopted parents were already dead but after Crisis On Infinite Earths Clark Kent’s parents played a big part in his new adventures, they lived and they were marvellous but New 52 put an end to all that history, all that love so to read Identity Crisis and see the Kent’s so full of life, even though it’s only a fictional two dimensional life it still touches my heart and I miss them, I really do.

While enjoying his time with the only parents he’s ever known Superman receives a distress call from the Justice League of America and it’s something so bad, so terrible it worries the Man of Steel and he requests of his Pa that he lock the doors.

From my point of view, and I’m pretending I’m reading this story for the very first time, it’s a surprising moment the Man of Tomorrow genuinely scared. What could scare Superman?

Scene shifts again to Gotham another well-known fictional city in the DCU. Nightwing, former Robin sidekick of Batman, visits the grave of his murdered parents he’s joined by his former lover the alien Starfire and while a great sadness descends over the pair Oracle, Barbara Gordon the former Batgirl, interrupts Nightwing’s moment of sorrow with some news bad enough to cause both Nightwing and Starfire to cry out in shock.

In Star City two Green Arrow’s, father and son, along with Wildcat have their fun interrupted by the bad news that’s slowly trickling through the superhero community.

Back with Elongated Man and Firehawk, and the timeline isn’t linear we’re jumping back and forth slightly for the purpose of cranking up our emotions and we are offered beautiful moments from Elongated Man, Ralph Dibny, as he recollects his first meeting with his wife Sue and expresses the reasons why he loves her so. Ralph and Sue Dibny were, when they made appearances, the beating heart of the DCU they were everything that was good and honest, they were wonderful fun characters that made me smile whenever I saw them interacting with each other and with other characters but what happens next is going to break my heart.

It always does.

Someone, some bastard, murders Sue Dibny and sets her body on fire when Elongated Man discovers her burnt corpse his anguish transcends the limits of the comic book page his wife, someone we long term DC fans have perhaps known for the best part of our lives has been brutally murdered. Life, or so it seems, will never be the same again. Especially when Sue had good news for her husband she was pregnant when she was murdered.

Obviously as soon as the series is read everything continues as normal and Sue Dibny’s death means nothing, I’ve got chores to do, meals to prepare, sleep to blissfully fall into and enjoy, but I figure it will be full of doom and gloom because someone has just killed Sue Dibny.

But before the series is read the story moves ever on presenting a reader with the effect Sue Dibny’s death as on Robin, Tim Drake, and his father and in Ivy Town The Atom and his now ex-wife Jean Loring.

Four hours after Sue Dibny’s death Green Arrow reveals that her death would have previously caused chaos but since the death of Superman, he got better, the superhero community had contingency plans for the death of one of their own and though The Batman, the world’s greatest, though his skills are mostly neglected, detective has examined the crime scene Green Arrow brings in his own team of experts to search for clues, Mister Miracle, The Atom, The Metal Men, The Ray and even Animal Man.

And then there’s this:


In my opinion THE most powerful image in superhero comic book history. I’m not going to write about this scene because I have, in the past, devoted a blog post to the scene and because it’s too powerful a scene it speaks for itself.

Identity Crisis isn’t just about the crisis involving the superheroes secret identities becoming revealed to their arch-enemies it’s also a crisis of conscience Hawkman, Zatanna, The Atom, Black Canary, Green Arrow and Elongated Man have a shared secret they’re part of a conspiracy, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and The Flash (Barry Allen) were also part of this conspiracy but they’re both dead, or at least they were during Identity Crisis.

But what is this conspiracy? Only time, and the turning of a comic book page, will tell.

This first issue of this startling story ends with an angry Ralph Dibny demanding of his fellow conspirators that they help him find the super criminal Doctor Light for some, unknown at this point, reason Ralph blames Doctor Light for Sue’s horrible fate.


Movie Madness: July


I love movies but I’m not a fan of modern movies I find them poorly written and badly paced. Also I’m no fan of the lack of imagination that exists (especially in Hollywood) and all the money that’s wasted on movies these days with all the crazy technology available to movie makers why are most of the big blockbusters prequels, sequels, reboots and re-imaginings? Why not as filmmakers and storytellers be inspired by other movies, by books and comic books and TV shows and then make something original instead of just churning out such unimaginative turds? I do realise the answer to my own question movies using the title of something that already exists allows movie studios to present to an audience something they’re already familiar with or have heard of, for example new Star Trek movies aren’t Star Trek but by using the name it’s comforting to a cinema audience they’re aware of the pop culture phenomenon already though they might not have watched a Star Trek TV series or movie before.

I’m probably in a minority when I claim modern movies are poo but I don’t care life (well my life) isn’t a popularity contest, in fact I’m happier being unpopular than being popular, being popular wouldn’t sit well with me, it would probably make me sick. I’m the type of geek/nerd that when I discover other non-geek/nerds watch, and like, the stuff I watch and like suddenly I don’t like it anymore case in point Arrow, The Flash, Game of Thrones. Although, and let’s be honest, Arrow and The Flash had one good season each and then descended into romantic soap opera nonsense instead of offering hard hitting dark desperate crime fighting, in the case of Arrow, super heroics and in the case of The Flash bright happy future science fiction super heroics. Game of Thrones has been for me a big pile of boring except for moments of magic when the White Walkers have reared their ugly heads. It’s fantasy Jim, but boy is it fucking boring concerning itself with real world politics, machinations, power plays instead of dragons and undead nightmares. I want fantasy, proper geek/nerd fantasy, quests and magic, dungeons and, well you know, dragons. So yeah I watch Game of Thrones but I mostly don’t enjoy it once it’s over and done with I won’t watch it again or re-read the books. It’s fantasy for people who don’t watch fantasy. The same with Arrow and The Flash it’s Green Arrow and The Flash for people who have never read Green Arrow or The Flash, I stopped watching Arrow two seasons ago and I didn’t bother with the second season of The Flash, people in love triangles, characters breaking their heart due to unrequited love, family members assumed dead suddenly popping out of the woodwork, people with something important to say deciding not to say it’s far too girlie for my liking I like my superheroes without the romantic drama.

Hmm, that sounds sexist, fuck it, I probably am.

I was inspired to write this post, and perhaps monthly movie posts, by buying and browsing the latest issue of the movie magazine Empire, for years I used to have a subscription to Empire first by post and then delivered to my iPad but for the past year or so I’ve not read an issue of Empire and I wasn’t impressed, AT ALL, by the latest issue.

Movies are a fascinating entertainment medium surely someone could forge an interesting movie magazine that examined different movies, especially genre movies, and offered fans interesting insights and opinions. I would like an explanation as to why movies, especially big blockbusters, are more than two hours long these days and in-depth look into why Hollywood doesn’t like writers.

I’m not that person to write anything insightful or interesting, I’m a fucking idiot, I’d sooner find read a magazine or blog that offered me these insights and analyses. An Aintitcool that instead of bumming crap movies investigated why these movies are crap.

During the writing of this, at work, I watched Shaun of the Dead, directed by Edgar Wright who has, in the past, claimed to have an interest in remaking the AWESOME British monster movie Gorgo, but so far that remake hasn’t materialised. Now when I read or watch stories I want to be able to relate to some of the characters and be offered life lessons, the lesson in Shaun of the Dead is this:

Love and cherish your family and/or friends because when they’re gone that’s it the end.

Shaun of the Dead is my favourite zombie movie and I do watch a lot of zombie movies and I like a good post apocalypse tale. The reason why Shaun of the Dead is my favourite zombie movie is because the characters are a pretty decent bunch and it’s set in Britain, I like movies set in my homeland and yet I’m not a fan of modern British movies or TV shows, except for Doctor Who. Also it’s possibly, in my opinion, the most honest British film capturing almost perfectly the nuances of everyday British life, other British movies tend to be of extremes impossible for me to relate to because they seem hellbent on focussing on criminal life or kitchen sink dramas that are meaningless to my meagre existence. I could wax lyrical about Shaun of the Dead and why it’s one of my favourite movies blog post after blog post, thousands and thousands of words devoted to the movie but I won’t because that might be even more boring to you the reader than these words are.

I’ve also, at work, watched a bunch of other movies this July and here’s a list of movies viewed:

1 Taxi Driver

2 Lincoln

3 Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

4 Krull

5 Wanted

6 Aliens

7 Aliens 3

8 The Pact

9 Blade

10 Blade 2

11 The Wolverine

12 Van Helsing

13 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

14 RED

15 Odd Thomas

16 Shaun of the Dead

17 The Squad

18 For Your Eyes Only

19 Octopussy

20 Renegades

21 A View To A Kill

22 Rec3: Genesis

23 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

24 Die Hard 2

25 Star Trek

26 Star Trek Into Darkness

27 Galaxy Quest

I don’t usually get the time, hmm, let me rephrase, I don’t usually MAKE the time to watch movies at home, I hardly ever switch my TV on when I’m at home and if I do it’s to binge watch a TV boxset rather than to watch a movie but at work I’m happy to watch movies and I do get the chance to do so when I’m on a night shift. I usually like to watch horror movies and before Britain decided to Brexit I’d buy a pile of horror movies on DVD from my local HMV kick back at work and watch them but since Brexit Britain became a nation ruining reality I’ve started to be less frivolous with my meagre earnings believing that food and utility prices will rise and so no new, and old, horror movies for little old me.

I do enjoy a good, and sometimes a bad, horror movie.

The rumour is the classic horror movie and best slasher Halloween is to be remade once again but this time with creative input from legendary film maker John Carpenter, creator of the original movie, and a return of Michael Myers to a force of (super)nature rather than a run of the mill serial killer asshole.

There’s some talk, maybe, in Hollywood of rebooting the X-Men movie franchise, why? I don’t have a fucking clue. The X movies are for me average, though I do really like Days of Future Past, I haven’t watched Apocalypse, and the reason they’re average is because the characters are weak, they’re weak in the comic books that’s why only Wolverine has been able to hold his own as a solo series. Superhero comic books have never, not really, been well written not as well written as a popular novel and the reason behind that is because the characters are owned by a corporation and writers are limited to what types of story they can tell and the other reason is writers in comic books tend to be really poor and not have much of a grasp of how to write compelling complex stories and interesting flawed characters. Superheroes tend to be too perfect when really they’re all bastards with a huge amount of neuroses and psychoses, rarely touched upon by writers because superhero comic books are for kids not intelligent, and semi-intelligent, adults.

I speak from a base of knowledge I am by my very own definition a massive comic book geek, especially a DC and Marvel geek, my brain is full of superhero tales and I’m obsessed, I guess, with Superman. I’m not claiming anything that isn’t true, I do find most superhero comic books to be very poorly written, but I still enjoy them regardless of the lack of compelling plots and narratives.

My favourite movie genre is probably the horror genre it’s the least appreciated of movie genres the movies are usually cheap, poorly written, badly acted and directed but they can be very entertaining and usually the monster or bad guy is more appreciated by horror fans than their victims or the hero are which can be a bit disconcerting and takes some getting used to. The only hero emerging from the horror movie genre is Ashley Williams of the Evil Dead movie, and TV, series and he’s a buffoon, happily so, the rest of the iconic horror characters are indeed the monster or killer and this has always been so from Universal’s Dracula and Frankenstein movies to the 20th century icons Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger.

Here ends July’s movie madness, a few words shared about movies, mostly moaning, hey I’m British it’s all we do.


Star Trek Can Save Brexit Britain


I was contemplating the effects, all negative or so it seems, of Britain’s so called Brexit from the European Union while contemplating these negative effects I tried to figure out if anyone, I wasn’t particular about who, had a plan for post-Brexit Britain but unfortunately no one seems to have a plan.

Disappointed by the lack of common sense, intelligence, creativity and imagination here in post-Brexit Britain I was on the verge of signing off the Internet and returning to my happy task of digitally colouring, using Photoshop Elements, the thumbnails to my future webcomic when, and like a bolt out of the blue, inspiration hit me post-Brexit Britain SHOULD emulate Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. The United Federation of Planets could be post-Brexit Britain’s golden future.

Here’s a few ways post-Brexit Britain using Star Trek as inspiration can be Great Britain:

ANTI-WAR: Wouldn’t it be nice to be British and know our nation wouldn’t involve itself in wars. After the Chilcot Report it’s obvious we can’t trust politicians or senior members of the military to make the right preparations or plans for a sustained military conflict so let’s be a nation that promotes an Anti-War sentiment, let’s be pacifists it’s something we’ve not yet tried surely it can’t be worst than the alternative invading and bombing foreign nations, mainly Islamic states, murdering women and children, leaving whole countries in a worst state than they were before invasion.

We could still have a military but one based upon defence instead of attack. And let’s be honest where has war got us? The two big wars of the 20th century left Britain less powerful, less wealthy, less influential globally, broken and bankrupt. Anti-War seems like a better alternative even though some people, perhaps a lot, consider Anti-War sentiment to be cowardly, but what’s wrong with being cowardly? I am a proud coward I wouldn’t wish to be involved in any kind of fighting or conflict I’m the kind of person who runs away from fights or anticipates confrontation out on the mean streets of Britain and crosses on to the opposite side of the road. Being cowardly, anti-violence, anti-war, is really nice I live a peaceful quiet life and so could everyone in Britain if we had a culture of Anti-War instead of War Worship.

IDEALISTIC AND OPTIMISTIC: Britain pre-Brexit was a pretty pessimistic place everything’s always doom and gloom, endless moaning about everything from the weather to immigrants. The EU Referendum was based on pessimism from Remain and Leave it was a depressing affair and I was glad when it was over, though I wasn’t at all glad about the result. We could do with a big dollop of optimism starting at the top, government tends to be overtly, and covertly, depressing especially those grumbletonian Tories always looking backwards through rose tinted glasses at an imagined perfect (for them) past. Optimism would be a hard sell, probably harder to sell than being Anti-War but we should give it a go we’ve got nothing to lose and a new Britain to build.

Though I’m not very optimistic myself, I am after all British, I am very idealistic, as this post obviously shows. We live in a society forged on the precepts of idealism our beliefs and values shape society if we here in Britain believed bigger and had positive values then we could change our society forever. The so called Four Pillars of the Green Party could be Britain’s starting point to build a better society.

CLASSLESS: Unfortunately Britain is NOT and perhaps never will be classless. We have a self important family dominating Britain a family that epitomises ‘white privilege’ and while the British hold onto primitive notions of kings and queens Britain can never progressively move forward.

We NEED, nay demand or so the recent EU Referendum seemed to say, a society that’s based on the idea that we are all the same, regardless of where we are born, we need to live in a Britain that treats everyone the same, again regardless of where we are born, we need a completely classless society devoid of elitism.

We need a country that cares for and about the most vulnerable members of that society a society that distributes wealth evenly and fairly or abandons the silly concept of wealth entirely.

CASHLESS: I want a cashless society it seems so futuristic instead of this dog eat dog society I presently live in I want to live somewhere free of money, free of the pursuit of wealth. We’re all slaves to money it makes our world go round and round and round and round, we’re fooled into thinking it’s THE most important thing in life and it consumes much of our day whether we’re at work or at home placing seemingly endless bets in a hope to get rich quick or buying more and more crap we don’t need forcing our personal debt crisis to rise at an exponential rate.

Debt I understand, due to my own personal greed, my desire to have shiny new things, I accumulated enough debt to make my life one of misery once I’d managed my way out of debt I was much happier and now I live a debt free life always focussing on staying away from credit cards and personal loans. These days if there’s something shiny I want I go without or save the money before buying the shiny.

But imagine a society without cash one in which we all worked together for the benefit of all instead of the benefit of the few. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, never before, in my life at least, has that been more true.

UNIVERSAL LIBERTY, EQUALITY, JUSTICE, PEACE AND COOPERATION: I live in the land of the free, no not America, but Britain it’s one of many lands of the free but that freedom is limited it’s limited by personal desires and it’s limited by restrictions imposed by those who ruin us, whoops I meant rule us, me and my inability to use my native language properly. Sigh!

Here in Britain we have the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights that are the cornerstones of our personal liberty, we don’t acknowledge or appreciate either as people but they were created to grant us rights we previously didn’t enjoy. Liberty in my view is the idea that you can live you’re life in the manner you see fit without me imposing my views on you and the same holds true for me I’ll live my life the way I see fit without you imposing your views upon me. We should be free to do whatever we want, as long as we’re not harming anyone else or preventing anyone else doing what they want, this of course could mean an end to organised religions but let’s be honest that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Everyone’s born equal, EVERYONE, it’s only after we’re born that things go a little weird beliefs are bombarded upon us, we’re constantly shouted and screamed at, reprimanded for shitting on the floor, some of us are smacked and badly beaten and the idea is bred into us that we’re superior, or inferior, to others the able bodied superior to the disabled of body (and mind), male superior to female, white superior to black, Christian superior to Muslim. Inequality isn’t our birth right, any of us, but we sure as hell are taught it quickly. Adults are superior, and know better, than children and then we hit adulthood and realise every adult we met as a kid was talking out of their fucking butts.

Boy, justice, this one’s a tough ‘un. First we have to accept we’re all the same, all equal, all have the same rights, and same fucking mental issues, and we should all be treated equally, treat others as you wish to be treated yourself not by how you are treated if everyone followed that little idea we’d live in a world that is just. Justice is unrealistic because of how far do you take it? If someone rapes and kills your child do you rape and kill theirs? Would that be justice? Best to try and sort the other Star Trek ideas out before tackling this.

Being peaceful for me isn’t just about avoiding violence it’s also about enjoying moments of quietness and trying to make them last as long as possible. The world we live in today is so fucking loud, if it’s not traffic endlessly interrupting my peace then it’s idiots playing music on their smart phones far too loudly, for fuck’s sake buy some ear, or head, phones and shut the fuck up. I don’t want to listen to your shit girly bollocks music.

From Wikipedia I stole this: Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace often involves compromise, and therefore is initiated with thoughtful listening and communication to enhance and create mutual understanding.

Sounds beautiful.

The Vote Leave EU Referendum basically stuck two fingers up at the idea of cooperation and is one of the reasons I’m still super pissed off about the result. I believe (oh shit I do have beliefs, FUCK!) we should think of ourselves as Earthlings before we think of ourselves as human or more basic still British, or English, or whatever nationality people wish to believe they are, the EU Referendum made Britain smaller instead of greater, made us look inwards and backwards instead of looking out and into the future. The result feels to me like a step backwards when it should be a step forward it’s weird, to me, that a vote to remain was more forward thinking and progressive than a vote for change. Britain allowed those who don’t want change but want a return to Britain for the British to dictate it’s future and that’s not a Britain I want to live in. I’d sooner be dead.

MILITARY AND SCIENCE: In Star Trek the military and science kinda go hand in hand sure there are specific science teams removed from what seems like a very militaristic Star Fleet but the most war-like of all Star Fleet officers, James Tiberius Kirk, as a sound grasp of the sciences.

Wouldn’t the military constrained by and influenced by scientists make for a more aspirational version of the military? Imagine brains and brawn working for the betterment of Britain, looking at ways to protect Britain from it’s enemies, real and imagined, while also being a defence force instead of a mad rabid attack dog. Instead of spending money on guns and bombs and wasting time, effort and people on unjust wars science and the military could be aiming for the stars we could be sending a mainly pacifist fleet of starships out into the deepest darkest depths of space on a never-ending mission to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilisations, to go boldly go where no Earthling has gone before. And instead of killing them or raping them we could approach potential alien forms with peace offering brotherhood but we can’t do that without binding the military with science.

PRIME DIRECTIVE: No interference with the social development of another planet. We Britons could do with a dose of the Prime Directive. Instead of interfering, normally by dropping bombs, in the affairs of other nations we, Britain, should sort out the problems our own society suffers from. And there are a lot of ’em.

UTOPIAN: I imagine a Britain in which the Prime Minister is an Indian female with bisexual interests and her cabinet is fifty/fifty male and female filled out with people from all walks of life, from all ethnicities and with every sexual interest imaginable instead of a cabinet mostly full of white male paedophiles.

Wouldn’t that be something?

I heard my new, and unelected HA!, Prime Minister make claim she’s aiming to make Britain great again, it’s the same shit Trump’s selling Americans, neither Britain or America has ever been great to believe otherwise then you’re either A) a fucking Muppet or B) a moron.

But we could aim to be great and that means adopting egalitarian principles and striving to build a society that is in harmony with nature and also people with each other that’s what a government should be promoting harmony, not wealth, not greed, not spouting hate and lies but building harmony. Utopia is somewhere we could all live but we’ve got to be willing to give up far too many things that mean far too much to us and for now a Star Trek style utopia is but a pipe dream. Or a lengthy blog post.

The Times They Seem A Little Crazy


Events at the moment seem crazy but they do so only because we’re experiencing them. For a little, and brief, perspective here’s a few thoughts 1 Just because ISIS, or Daesh, whatever, claim responsibility for murder, mass and individual, doesn’t make it true. If you stubbed your toe they’d probably claim responsibility. 2 One hundred years ago men from France, Germany and Britain were dying in their thousands their lives thrown away in a bloody world war. 3 Britain this century alone has in some capacity been involved in five wars, or military actions, all five of those conflicts were against Islamic states. I don’t believe in nonsense like ‘You Get What You Deserve’ and the incredibly stupid ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ but Britain’s military actions have consequences and if events occur here in Britain like they have in France we can hardly make the claim that we are innocent.

Sci-Fi Movie Madness

I like spending the night fully awake and to keep my mind occupied and to stop myself drifting off into the blissful world of sleep I need constant entertainment tonight’s entertainment needs are met by John Carter, Super 8 and Terminator Genisys. I’ve watched all three movies before John Carter and Super 8 half a dozen times.

Terminator Genisys: This movie is rated 12 here in the U.K. but the original Terminator movie was rated 18 and I’m of the opinion all Terminator movies should be rated thus instead of trying to be family friendly. I understand why most movies these days are family friendly it’s all about bums on seats, making big bucks instead of just turning a profit. Money really does make the (human) world go round.

This movie didn’t work for many viewers but I find it no better or worst than any blockbuster movie it looks good there are decent action sequences it’s fun it’s dumb but it just didn’t work for audiences and so, at the moment, the Terminator franchise has been terminated. If it does come back it should be as a series of movie mash-ups Aliens versus Terminator followed by Aliens versus Predator versus Terminator and then Aliens versus Predator versus Terminator versus Robocop and one last movie Aliens versus Predator versus Terminator versus Justice League versus The Avengers. This last movie should be an epic twelve hours long fucked up fist and fire fight.

Hmm, perhaps the Terminator franchise staying dead is actually a better idea than those I have. The only problem I have with this Terminator movie is the time travel, time travel mostly sucks, it works in Back To The Future and Doctor Who but most of the time it’s just really suckass. I’m sure you’ve noticed this also.

Super 8: The recent TV show Stranger Things really, really wanted to be Super 8 but failed. Miserably. This movie captures the flavour of a Spielberg Eighties movie and even the music feels like it’s from an Eighties Spielberg movie. It’s tinged with sadness, with that immense sense of loss we all experience at some stage of our life, but it’s also a fun filled joyful movie. It has the feel, if you were an Eighties kid, of the summer movies we grew up with, of those trips to the pictures with family or friends to watch something outrageously awesome.

I guess, in some ways, our own summers back in the Eighties were like Super 8 but without the alien monster naturally, my summer holidays were full of action and adventure but then I went and grew up, physically if not mentally, and summer holidays became an endless chore, a kitchen sink drama.

This movie is what blockbuster movies could, and perhaps should be like, it’s an absolutely fantastic piece of movie making and ridiculously entertaining if everyone who was involved in the movie business had real love for movies then the movies offered would all be as magical as this.

It’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, it’s Stand By Me, it’s The Monster Squad, it’s Stephen King’s novel It and it’s Jaws and it works, for me at least. The story and film making draws me right into events as they unfold and into the lives of the teenage kids. What’s also great about the movie is there’s no Google, no personal phones, no laptops and tablets, no social media, kids have to entertain themselves by making a home movie, by playing outside, by using their imagination.

It also works because it’s less than two hours long, one of the reasons modern movies fail, for me, is the ridiculous length of time they run without having a lot of story depth.

Super 8 is also a story about letting go something lots of people need to learn, especially at the moment. Yeah I know the terror attacks in Europe are retaliation for Western nations invasion and bombing of Middle Eastern nations interference and murder in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. But still just let it go, all that rage, all that hate, let it go and live in peace and harmony. Ha! Not today.

With the end credits comes the teenagers zombie movie and what great mini movie those crazy kids managed to make.

John Carter of Mars: The why of this movies failure at the box office is something I struggle to understand for the simple reason I think it’s flipping great. It looks great it divulges a great deal of story content with simplicity and pace and it also allows time for a little mystery. It should have been a success and led to further movies in the series.

There’s a comic book series Starlight from Mark Millar it’s his best work, in my opinion, and John Carter feels in some ways like the super terrific Starlight. I’m sure at some stage Starlight will see the light of day as a movie, or perhaps a TV show, Millar’s work seems popular with film makers and with audiences.

The failure of this John Carter movie probably means there won’t be another John Carter movie again and I’m fine with that I have the books but I would like to see more classic science fiction given the modern big budget treatment Flash Gordon with Queen soundtrack, Buck Rogers, Dan Dare, Adam Strange, Legion of Superheroes and an Adam Warlock movie based upon Jim Starlin’s version of the character.

Special effects in modern movies don’t tend to be very special, that’s just an opinion I have, back in the Eighties SFX were special check out The Thing, Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters, Terminator, movies that wowed with their SFX and I get the same feel from John Carter the SFX is special indeed.

When we end up liking something that other people don’t we tend to consider them stupid or insane maybe both, well I say we I mean me, but just because I like something doesn’t mean what I like is any good, the same is true if I say Jaws is the best movie ever made it doesn’t mean that it is just because something is my favourite doesn’t make it the best, though it could be argued favourite and best are just a matter of perspective and perception.

I Love Star Trek

Yeah I know I should probably get out more meet people instead of being a geek/nerd and wasting my life binge watching TV shows and obsessing over movies and comic books but the truth is I don’t like people, I really don’t like people, they’re weird and seem crazy to me and sometimes when I’m spoken to I fail to understand what has been said and this leads to misunderstandings and awkward situations, plus I don’t particularly enjoy speaking I’d sooner communicate with other people via the written word. Though English is my native language I do have a hard time understanding English people, their ways do really seem strange and their version of written English indecipherable to me. Maybe I should try harder but I’m too lazy, well just can’t be bothered, therefore I end up having a great deal of affection for the entertainment that swallows whole all my spare time.

I should have wrote this after watching Star Trek Beyond but it’s the summer holidays here in the U.K. and I don’t go to the pictures during the school holidays I have had a few unpleasant experiences plus I’m no fan of crowds, especially those involving parents and their kids. Parents with their kids are of course people and people are probably my least favourite thing if people make my favourite list at all, hmm, now that I think about it people are number one on my not favourite list. But this is supposed to be about Star Trek, enough of my confessions.

Star Trek, like a lot of other pop culture icons, is something that takes up a lot of my time, thought process wise, Star Trek is something I have a great deal of affection for and find immensely entertaining. Even all the poor and boring episodes. As a science fiction fan I find there’s not a lot of good science fiction out there especially not in TV and movie land and I end up enjoying, loving in some cases, bad science fiction.

Anyways I’m writing this having watched Star Trek TOS season one and JJ Abrams Star Trek and Into Darkness and once again I got to thinking about Star Trek movies and the best and worst of all the movies.

I’ll start with the worst and work down to Wrath of Khan, obviously the best and no reason to pretend otherwise.

Star Trek: Nemesis. Unfortunately TV Star Trek TNG was INCREDIBLY boring. Don’t get me wrong I still watched and enjoyed every episode because it’s science fiction and I’m a geek/nerd. The TNG movies were also kinda boring, and seem cheap when viewed in this day and age. Nemesis has a story that is far too convoluted for the Trek universe it’s written very much like a modern day movie and like modern movies contains far too many contrivances. The cast, the crew of the Enterprise, look tired and hoping for the entire tale to be quickly over.

Star Trek: Insurrection. Again the TNG crew are really boring in a really boring story that could have actually been really interesting members of Starfleet conspiring with an ally to rob a civilisation of a valuable resource it’s almost like the real world only less interesting regardless of the faster than light starships and laser pistols. Due perhaps to a lack of budget and poor action choreography the action scenes when they happen look no better than action scenes from the TNG series.

Star Trek: Final Frontier. For me not only a disappointing Trek movie but a Trek movie with a really interesting idea throughout TOS the crew of the Enterprise encountered many strange and supremely powerful, almost godlike, beings so it’s nice to have a similar theme in this story. Though it is kind of a cop-out that the story doesn’t end with the discovery of God if done properly it could have been furiously fascinating to have Kirk and Spock meet God.

Star Trek: Generations. The meeting between Picard and Kirk should have been epic instead it was incredibly dull. We should have had a proper enemy, the Gorn perhaps? How great would it have been to watch an old Kirk battling, bare torso, with a Gorn? Answer: very great.

Star Trek: First Contact. The TNG crew were too boring to carry a movie, they really were and though the Borg could have been an interesting villain, Trek’s answer to Dr Who’s Daleks, they were never used correctly. In my opinion. Plus time travel sucks because the people who write time travel stories don’t understand time travel and it’s many varied complications.

Star Trek Into Darkness. I know most Trekkies would claim this movie as the worst Trek movie and I understand why it relies on Trek history without actually having built any with this cast and Enterprise crew. But it’s a good looking movie with some excellent action sequences and it’s these factors that make it, for me, better than the movies ranked worst than it on this list. Benedict Cumberhatch is no Ricardo Montalban there’s no threat from Benedict’s Khan no gravitas, plus there’s no use of classic literature my favourite moment in Wrath of Khan is the Moby Dick, Captain Ahab, quote by Khan after his defeat by Kirk. Also Kirk’s sacrifice is in no way as emotional as Spock’s, the death of Spock makes me weep like a little baby every time I see it plus Kirk’s death is another cop-out it doesn’t even lead to a search for Kirk movie plot he dies and resurrects within minutes. Also, and I know I’m moaning, but NuTrek hasn’t been about… ‘five year mission to go where no one has gone before’ thus it lacks an element that made TOS so awesome, to go where no one (or no man) has gone before only to find humans on every planet they visit, cracks me up all the time.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I have some love for this movie. I like the design and I have fond memories of Trek returning after not watching episodes of the series for a few years it was nice to have the Enterprise and her crew back and it was nice to see the story being reminiscent of the TOS episode The Changeling and I also liked the idea that one of the Voyager probes could merge with an alien device and return to Earth only to threaten it.

Star Trek: The Search For Spock. Is a big bag of barmy. Spock transferred his essence to Bones, what the fuck? And David, Kirk’s son, ends up dead after only just getting to know his father. It’s too much, it’s like watching a British soap opera, I have a son I never knew I had he hates me then learns to love me oh no now he’s dead. And woe.

Star Trek. Or NuTrek. It’s not really Star Trek, it doesn’t feel like Trek it doesn’t look like Trek, some of the time, instead of a Trek movie for us the loyal, and possibly deeply disturbed fans, we instead got a Trek movie for the idiot masses, I know fucking sigh! But that’s where the money is, unfortunately, it’s why everything I loved, still love, as a geek/nerd has been stolen from me by the mainstream and made into something barely recognisable. But hey you’ve got to make do with what you’ve got and so Trek becomes an action movie instead of a science fiction movie. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s also all kinds of dumb and the interior of the Enterprise, what the fucking fuck, I want the Enterprise back Q damn you. Shakes fist randomly in the air.

Star Trek: The Voyage Home. It’s crap but it’s fun crap. Having been reunited with a now at the right age Spock, but without all the emotional faculties of original Spock, the crew of the Enterprise, the characters that matter at least, end up in 1980’s America and hilarity ensues. This movie should have led into a new TV series, Kirk and his well known crew trapped in the 20th century for a good five seasons not really having outrageous science fiction adventures but instead being fish out of water trying to relate to us crazy 20th century humans, okay we’re 21st century humans these days and even crazier, has anyone else from the 20th century noticed that?

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. Probably THE best story of any Trek movie a perfect Trek movie. Everyone’s older, less wise remarkably, and it’s THE last proper Star Trek movie, well Star Trek anything, the TOS crew far too old to make another story work, and what a shame people have to grow old I wanted TOS movies to last as long as I was alive. Maybe one day technology will advance to a point where we can have new adventures of the TOS crew their images digitally captured and events in between the last episode of the series and the Motion Picture can be realised. But that’s not today. Fortunately we have this end of series AWESOME movie the crew leaving the Enterprise behind on a bang and not on a disappointing whimper. This movie features one of my favourite moments from any movie the moment Kirk responds like this:




Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Not only a great Trek movie, the best, but a great movie.  It’s got everything I love about Trek, the Kobayashi Maru, Klingons, Chekov, the return of a forgotten enemy and Khan is the best enemy Trek’s ever had, it’s got the Vulcan nerve pinch, the mind meld, ‘the needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few or the one’, and my favourite quote from all Trek movies ‘to the last, I will grapple with thee… from Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee!’

Yeah I love Star Trek it’s one of my favourite things in the entire world and though I’m no Trekkie, unfortunately, I still have such love for the TV shows, animated series, novels, comic books and movies but not the video games because I’m no gamer, I suck at playing games. Fortunately I also love Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Dr Who, Battlestar Galactica and everything science fiction-y no matter how good or how bad because I’m a geek/nerd the good stuff warms the cockles of my heart and the bad stuff gives me the excuse to moan.

Preacher One Point Nine

Old Glory

This episode opens with the American flag, it’s my favourite national flag in my old flat (they’re called apartments these days for some bizarre reason) I had an American flag, the Stars and Stripes, poised perfectly on a wall in my living room, yeah I am British/English but I don’t see how that matters. The flag did upset people I once worked with, I used to work with people who had obvious, to me now, mental health issues, it was an odd situation I took a photo of myself posed in front of the perfectly poised American flag set the photo as my Facebook profile and the following day went to work as normal. On my first break of the day I was accosted by a female employee, of the American company we all worked for, she interrupted a conversation I was in the middle of to express her anger at my posing in front of my perfectly poised American flag in the privacy of my own home.

Now this particular woman, I don’t remember her name I don’t remember anyone I used to work with it has been pointed out to me recently that I don’t pay attention to other people and I’ve considered this, A LOT, and it explains my entire life. Anyhow, this British woman had angry words aimed at me for posing in front of my perfectly poised American flag, this woman wasn’t on my Facebook friends list so I questioned how she knew about my photo and apparently another woman, faceless and nameless, who also wasn’t on my Facebook friends list had seen my profile online and then busted a gut to tell people, who I had zero interest in, that I was posed in front of my perfectly poised American flag. I was accused of being an anti-patriot and I’ll admit I proudly am, FUCK BRITAIN and especially FUCK ENGLAND!

Though I found the entire incident INSANE, because it was, I remained happily calm the British woman claimed my photo, that she hadn’t seen but had only heard about, offended her because her son died serving his country in the Falklands conflict, what this had to do with me and the photo of myself posed in front of my perfectly poised American flag is way beyond me. Reminded of the incident I’m still at a loss why my business was the interest of anyone else, I don’t take an interest in other people’s business because it’s none of my concern and what I do, or don’t do, in my life is of no concern to anyone else as far as I’m concerned. Heh!

I managed to put an end to this, insane and ridiculous confrontation, by telling the woman if my very existence upset her then it would be best if she never spoke to me again, and from that moment forward I never acknowledged her existence again.

These days I’ve been, very happily, a non-employee for six years of the American company I once worked at for ten years and in those six happy years I haven’t had an argument or one bad day, well except for the day I woke up to find seventeen million bigoted morons had voted Britain out of the EU, no one has tried to make my business their business and I haven’t experienced any of the weirdness and craziness I used to experience on an almost daily basis.

Reminded of this bizarre moment at a workplace I once was employed at suddenly reminds me of dozens of bizarre incidents and I’m starting to question my memories, are these moments real? Did these events actually occur? Because they are so bizarre they shouldn’t be real. It seems, from this future vantage point, working for this particular American company was like living in Jesse Custer’s Annville, only without the supernatural elements and murder.

But I digress. Back to the show.

The episode starts back in America’s Wild West in the shit eating town of Ratwater the Saint of Killers, still a mortal man at this point in his story sets out to murder every man, woman and child in the town, revenge for his beating in a previous episode that led to the death of his wife and daughter. The Saint of Killers manages to murderise his way through a saloon full of people, well scum, without reloading his pistols, hey it’s TV land and like movie land guns can fire an infinite amount of bullets without reloading.

With the slaughter at an end the town of Ratwater becomes consumed by a storm, though I suspect the Saint of Killers is really in Hell reliving over and over the death of his family and his murder of an entire town of men, women and children.

Back in present day Custer is sat in the back of the Sheriff’s car the Sheriff wants to know where his son, Arseface, is at Custer confesses he sent Arseface to Hell and the Sheriff threatens Jesse Custer with a fate worst than Hell at this point Jesse makes his escape from the moving car of the Sheriff and out into the cold dark of night.

The Angels, DeBlanc and Fiore, book a trip to Hell while Tulip leaves Emily to try and help Cassidy, Tulip claiming not to care about the plight of Jesse Custer makes to kill a man in Albuquerque while Custer seeks refuge with down and outs and plots the downfall of God.

It’s quite an arrogant plan Custer is planning if we existed in a reality designed by a Creator God who are we, any of us, to question his or her creation? To question God in anyway at all? What arrogance we humans have to believe we have any right to criticise a supreme, superior, being.

The Angels, though making plans to go to Hell, really want to go back to Heaven but they can’t their phone missing stolen by the so called good Christian and preacher Jesse Custer, yet another in a long list of criminal misdemeanours. But Custer’s not the only so called good Christian guilty of criminal behaviour Emily lures town mayor, and occasional fuck buddy, into the clutches of Cassidy consigning the mayor to a horrible death at the teeth of the evil son of a bitch Irish vampire.

This episode is full of the craziest shit you can imagine Sheriff Root forced into strangling to death the Angel woman defeated by DeBlanc, Fiore and Custer her limbless body left in a motel bath at first Sheriff Root seems devastated as he chokes the life out of the Angelic being but after the deed is done he seems to have taken some sort of joy out of the deed, perhaps foretelling future events. Will Root become an evil serial killer son of a gun?

Custer and Cassidy get their bromance back on and all is good with the world until the end of the series when Cassidy betrays Custer and Custer hunts him down to kill, but really, save him, but that’s for the future a long way down the line if the series lasts that long.

Custer admits to Tulip, via a phone call, that he misses and loves her but Tulip’s a tad busy planning her brutal murderous revenge on the heinous individual who betrayed her and Jesse. Personally I tend to think that criminals in both fiction and reality get what they deserve if they end up horribly murdered or succumb to some horrible disease it’s just a shame more of the wastes of human skin don’t drop off the face of the world.

For sure the Saint of Killers is trapped in Hell reliving the death of his family and the revenge he took over and over again. What would you do if someone, or someone’s, took away everything you loved? Would you kill an entire town of people? Especially if those people deserved murdering? It would be a thing to do, wouldn’t it? Rather than just get on with your life and feel sad every now and again. Of course murder in fiction can lead to an eternity in Hell but here and now in the real world murder, if you can get away with it, leads to not one bad thing.

Into the Hell of the Saint of Killers arrives DeBlanc and Fiore with a proposition for the murderous son of a bitch they promise to get him out of Hell if he in return will kill Jesse Custer. The episode arrives at it’s inevitable conclusion with Custer and Cassidy digging up the corpse of Fiore or DeBlanc, they need Angel hands to operate the God phone, and this digging gives them an opportunity to bury the mayor of Annville.

So far, and we’re, nearly at the end of the first season, there’s not one redeemable character in the Preacher TV show everyone’s a fucking cunt, sure some of the characters might be likeable but they’re all criminals and can you really like a criminal?

Star Trek versus Aliens


From time to time, well quite a lot really, I hear the sound that the motion trackers make in the James Cameron movie Aliens the cause of this might be due to sleep deprivation but I do spend a lot of time thinking about the Alien movies. Last night finishing off season one of Star Trek the original series I was wondering how the crew of the Enterprise would cope with the monsters from the Alien movie series and I imagined a lot of Redshirts would bite the big one.

The scenario would work in a Star Trek story, Captain Kirk and crew are sent to an Earth colony that’s suddenly gone dark and find the colonists cocooned waiting to give birth to monstrous xenomorphs it could be the next big movie blockbuster idea mash-up. There’s already been Aliens versus Predator so why not Star Trek versus Aliens? Get Simon Pegg to write it.

Re-watching Star Trek the original series I came to the conclusion that if Star Wars is Tolkien in space then Star Trek is Shakespeare.

Thanks For All The Cheese


I’ve got to say melted cheese is AWESOME!

I say this because I was happily tucking into my breakfast upon my arrival home from work and this mornings breakfast was a cheese toastie so I was chewing away thinking to myself ‘ain’t cheese great’ as I enjoyed every mouthful and my two cheese toasties became one and then none I wished for another cheese toast, fortunately because the loaf I bought was smaller than the regulation size I’d already prepared another two cheese toasties. It’s moments like this that make me appreciate my life, there’s only good things in it and not really any bad. I’m one of those fortunate sods who sails happily through life without cause for concern or drama.

Weirdo? Yep I certainly am that but from my perspective it’s the people who have concerns and dramas who are weird. I’m often thinking to myself, while interacting with other people, weirdos. Fortunately my interaction with other people is kept at a pleasant minimum.

I can truthfully admit I like melted cheese more than I like people, cheese, especially when it’s melted in a toastie or on pizza just makes moment after moment so much better than normal but people, so I’ve observed, just make each moment almost unbearable. I don’t know what’s wrong with people but I do have a few ideas along the lines of people being sociopaths, nut jobs, drama queens, arrogant egotists, stupid crazy fools and bigoted ignoramuses. But cheese, especially melted, is just AWESOME!

I’m not sure if anyone can present a cogent argument proving that people are better than cheese, especially melted cheese, because I just don’t see how anyone can claim people are AWESOME! Melted cheese just is, people just aren’t and so cheese, especially when it’s melted is just better than people. I think that’s something a scientist would say is a theory and we non-scientists would claim is a fact.

If you think about it rationally, like Mr Spock apply logic, then cheese, especially the delicious melted variety, is so much better than people, individuals and a mass collective, cheese has never started and fought a war, cheese doesn’t rape children, Donald Trump isn’t cheese he’s people, well maybe. When Jesus Christ (yes I know he’s a fictional creation but let’s be honest who isn’t?) said the meek will inherit the Earth he was speaking Aramaic and the Aramaic word meek actually means cheese in English, so cheese, especially when it’s delightfully melted, will one day inherit the Earth, though at the rate people are fucking it up there won’t be much left to inherit.

Kung-Fu SuperNerd 3


Above is page five of my thumbnails for my maybe realised one day webcomic it’s a page that features an occasional Saturday of socialising and revelling in my own life.

Panel one features Jeremiah Brand, I might change his last name to Bone, sitting with his two pals in The Crafty Crow, a real ale public house in Nottingham. It has been said that a person of my age range, mid-forties, should be able to count their friends on one hand and this is certainly true of me and thus it’s true of poor old Jeremiah who is in some ways based upon me. The differences with Jeremiah is that he possesses kung-fu super powers but rather than being a superhero or force for good in his world he just lives a geeky/nerdy life his world being very much like our world and if I possessed kung-fu super powers I wouldn’t dress up in my pyjamas and fight crime or try to do any good in this world I’d just be an hard as nails, kick you in the head, comic book geek/nerd.

Conversation in this first panel involves discussion of a few recent movies Deadpool and Batman versus Superman. Personally speaking I found Deadpool to be meh, but then I’ve never liked the character. Batman versus Superman exceeded my expectations and was just a crazy movie full of over the top superhero nonsense. I really liked it.

In panel two the geeks/nerds have relocated to a BBQ restaurant, The Reds, it’s the place my friends and I eat when we’re enjoying a day out in Nottingham. The food is great, I’ve never had cause for complaint and that’s why we use The Reds on every social gathering, we have over the years used several other eating establishments but these days we favour The Reds. Though we might try out Rubs Smokehouse on our next gathering as the place does some really odd combinations of food. For example:

The Donut & Waffle Burger Love Child

Southern Fried Chicken, a dirty brisket & jacobs ladder cheeseburger, sixteen hour slow cooked hickory pork, served on a waffle topped with a Krispy Kreme iced donut, add a gherkin (purchase not necessary) and a candy floss garnish. Served with some plain fries. (as you wouldn’t want to over do it now would you ?)


Panel three sees the three geeks/nerds relocate to The Castle, a public house located opposite Nottingham castle an area popular with tourists who have come to soak up the myth of Robin Hood.

In the final panel the geeks/nerds have decided to have a few beers inside the Hog’s Head, though I suspect the name of this particular public house as changed but I know it has the Hog’s Head and I can’t be bothered to discover it’s true name. They’ve decided to have a drink in this public house, an establishment they rarely drink in these days, because Jeremiah wants to watch the football, Euro 2016 action.


In the page above, page six, the end of the episode if this was a TV series Jeremiah’s left his friends to go get the bus back home. It’s still early about 19:00 because Jeremiah is based upon myself he like me doesn’t linger in public houses until late in the evening/night it’s not worth it for two reasons 1 like me Jeremiah can’t drink a lot of alcohol four pints is more than enough and 2 he doesn’t want to get a later bus back to his hometown because later busses are usually more busy and full of drunken cunts. Making his way to the bus station in panel one Jeremiah has a typical Little Englander scream insults at him, it’s an odd moment and Jeremiah believes the Little Englander might have mental health issues but it’s actually the beginning of an apocalyptic type event.

Panel two follows on from this theme police officers restraining yet another bald headed screaming foul mouthed Little Englander. Jeremiah’s bemused by all this and suspicious the world is getting suddenly stranger.

Panel three Jeremiah crashes out on the back seat of the bus to Mansfield, he feels drained, exhausted, a little bit drunk, though only having consumed four pints, and eager to get home so he can relax and enjoy an early night in bed.

Unfortunately in panel four Jeremiah’s plans are ruined by the apocalypse. A mad insane raging woman leaps at Jeremiah intent on scratching his eyes out, a normal night out for some here in England.

Thus would end, on a cliffhanger, the first episode of a TV show but this being a webcomic, well thumbnails for a potential webcomic, I’ve ended the first part with potential for violence and horror. Endings are important and in this kind of tale I would like, if it was a television series, for every episode to end on a cliffhanger hoping that people would be intrigued enough to watch the next episode, or in the case of a webcomic read the next instalment.